Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Some B/X Love....

To reiterate the previous blog, after reading up on B/X I really do want to pick it up, 

It's only like $10 for both of them on  

Even though I'm totally in love with Basic Fantasy's and its mechanic, which is apparently similar to B/X, well a mashup of B/X and D&D 3.  I checked ebay and the local store for B/X as it would be nice to have a hard copy rather than a pdf, but there's not much out there.  I'm guessing I'll be spending the money on the pdf shortly.
Here is a bit more b/x love -

In other news, I'm wondering about the following idea for an adventure and if its seen as for a lack of a better word taboo.  the premise is... 

The players find themselves locked in a dungeon with none of there equipment.  Of course its not far away, and they only really have to get thru a few easy monster's before there back to full strength.  

What are your thoughts? Have you done this before? do you hate this idea?


  1. A search for Basic Dungeons and Dragons on eBay turns up tons of copies, as low as 5 bucks if you just want the rulebook. I'm sure amazon has used copies as well

  2. I've started a couple of adventures with my players captured and gearless, as well as having been a player at the beginning of such an adventure. It can be really fun as it forces the players to be more resourceful.