Thursday, September 26, 2013

A little "LotDS" Love.

I'm excited for Venger Satanis's OSR/System Agnostic module to come out.  He just posted a intriguing mini adventure, lead up to the actual book.  Check it out here -

"You're walking through town until you come to a doorway.  Going through it, you suddenly find yourself in the forest at night.  Up ahead is a bonfire.  Drawn to it, you walk up to the edge of a camp where cackling winged serpents fly above sinister robed humanoids.  The robed humanoids hold meat cleavers above their heads, bringing them down, cutting into several torsos, legs, arms, and various gore-drenched body parts strewn before them.  The spectacle sickens you.  Before you can turn away from the grisly scene, the dark red visage of a Demon Lord appears in the midnight sky.  He has a smug expression upon his face, arrogantly gesturing at something behind you.  Still unable to move, you feel the sensation of worms - hundreds of them - crawling upon your legs and working their way up.  The Demon disappears as it utters the following disembodied words, "M'zathrinah Vordes'torvik ak qxon fsirie e'visht." 

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  1. Thanks, Shane! Getting the precise formatting right for the printers has delayed the release. I'm hoping early next week will see Liberation of the Demon Slayer conquering those hurdles.

    Hope you like the mini-adventure, "Vord's Familiar".