Wednesday, January 15, 2020

And so begins a mega dungeon

Just finished up my keep on the borderlands game.  I had two players show up this time.  They decided to follow a treasure map to some caves southwest of the Keep.   The map had been found on some dead brigands.  After a bit of travel across country they found the caves and entered.  Within the caves was a T intersection, the players decided to go to the east.  There they came upon a small bedroom with make shift old beds (behind a stone door).  All the while they were moving deeper and deeper underground.  South of the bedroom was a large set of stone stairs that lead down into a cavern.  Within the cavern the PCs found a few miners working away.  After a bit of sneaking around, they figured out the miners were Gnomes.  They introduced themselves and we role played out the scene.  The leader of the gnomes was "Haster", a nice fellow, far from home (2 days).  The PCs made  a deal to help the gnomes back to the village of "Moonglow", which is deep underground.

In return Haster was to tell them how to get to an abandoned dwarven settlement. 

We are currently playing BX, however I'm considering a switch at some point to S&W FMAG, as its just a bit easier for my brain.  Finding stuff in the bx book is a pain in the ass (I know, I know... use OSE!).  Also the roll20 sheets for b/x are not the best...... 

Here's what I am happy about!  1.  Had a really good game.  2.  Moved away from the keep (I just wasn't digging the monster hotel of the caves this time around) and 3.  I basically winged the first part of the megadungeon and loved every minute of it.   What lies beyond the gnomes mines? I have no friggin clue!  I'm going to work that out in the next week. 

PS Sorry I haven't been bloggin much.  Just been super busy.  The holidays came and went, and with that gaming got thrown out the window.  I should hopefully be able to post some play reports over the next few weeks.  Cheers!

Now I'm going to start working on the dwarven ruin!