Friday, May 22, 2020

The preoccupied mind

It's 12:42 am, it's not even really that late. 

(So the new blogger gui is weird right? right).   

I've just realized in the last few months that I get very fixated on a thing, and then it becomes basically my world.  It's weird.  This is probably sort of an RPG post, sort of a rambling post. 

I'm apparently suffering from insomnia this evening, and have decided to kill it with a beer and some blogging.  My current fixation has been on deciding on a truck.  Buying a used truck is friggin hard, there's so many options, some newer models with more KMs 

*(Canadian speak for kilometres) 

some vice versa, older less miles.  I actually sort of found one that I dug, then found out that there was one thing I neglected to contemplated into the shane formula and that was a back seat for doggos. 

(it's likely that we will always get portable dogs like Lily the pug cross, but one never knows.  My wife seems to think that a boxer is a wonderful idea and I'm inclined to agree). 

I'm also deciding on a stratocaster, that is however a story for another day.  Long story short, I always want to do the right thing, write the right thing! make the right decision.  Of course this is not actually feasible or doable.  People make mistakes 

(someone said that, I have no idea who, but its true)

A few weeks ago I got really into Ray Otus's Gygax 75 challenge, and then real life caught up with me.  Here's where I went wrong.  


Do not fucking do that.  Seriously, please roll a d20, put your left hand up and repeat after me 


k what did you roll? inquiring minds. 

I did week 1, and that was reasonably easy, and week 2 was alright.  Then I started working on the dungeon.  The whole point of this is exercise is to NOT overthink and just go with it.  I have 3 pages of a dungeon that is located in a witches hut.  The entrance to the actual dungeon is inside a drawer of a nightstand.  

I decided that was a dumb idea

and wrote a forest adventure.  

(I will likely complete the forest adventure, but in more of a broadstroke). 

The other point of the challenge is to get to get to the end and then run it for your friends.  Then tweak it.  Which is what I intend to do. 

As I stated there is likely a chance that I won't post anymore actual content from the challenge online until I atleast run it.  

In the meantime, here's the strat