Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Get shit done mode

Egad I've spent far too much time doing nothing. Seriously nothing. Here I am again doing nothing. Well that's not true, I'm writing a blog that you are now reading. I am also procrastinating. I'm really fucking good at it. There are countless projects that I've referenced on this blog that never got completed. (in some cases not even started).

I just recently watched this video. (Eric Bloat and diogo Nogueira posted it on Facebook. It lead me down an amazing rabbit hole).

+watch the whole thing. 
++watch it again. 

Which lead me to this video.

Finished not perfect! 

Fuck I wish I'd seen that years ago. Both videos hit me like a metric ton of lard! 

1. I've always been very creative
(with thats comes...)
2.  Being a fucking procrastinator.
3.  I've always compared my work to others. 
4.  It's a not about the product at this point for me, it's about getting started and finishing! 

What I need to do is put my tablet down, block the world out and have fun. 

But first I need a plan on getting it done. I've been excellent at giving advice to friends, just not great at following it myself. 

Non gaming friend who is an author "i really need to finish my book." 
Me:  what time does your wife goto bed. 
Friend: 9
Me:  what time do you goto bed? And what do you do in the meantime? 
Friend : 1am and nothing. 

Two months later he's got it completed. 

So that's what I'll do. As you know, I've been awfully quiet lately. Truth is, I've been busy, slightly bored with rpgs, looking for inspiration, finding the time  between studying, and generally keeping the worlds weight on my shoulders. 

I'm going to get shit done. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Nifty things

Hey all! Sorry I've been basically MIA for awhile.  I suppose this will be the usual catchup/what I'm excited about/ramble post.


First up, the "Last God" series from DC comics looks pretty cool.

Since it was only released in October of last year, I figure I should be able to collect most of them without breaking the bank and feeling like I'm always behind.  By that I mean the issue with a lot of comic collecting is never really being able to collect the entire series because its been ongoing for so long. 

DC is also releasing a Fifth Edition campaign setting for the Last God which sounds pretty cool honestly!

Here's the blurb

The supplement, which will be published under D&D’s Open-Gaming License, expands on the setting of Cain Annun, as seen in the publisher’s recently launched Black Label series, The Last God. The book, written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and drawn by Riccardo Federici, picks up 30 years after a group of adventurers defeated an undead horde, climbed an impossible mountain, and slew a god to save the world. When the same undead horde shows up again, it becomes clear that their victory may not have been as clear cut as their legend would tell.


The latest issue of Black Pudding has been released, and as usual James West knocks it right outta the park!


Zinequest is in full force and Tim from Gothridge Manor's zine looks awesome and was like 1000% funded!

Hunters in Death: An Old School Hex Crawl, for this year's Zine Quest, is something that's banged around in my head for years. It's inspired by my campaign, mixed with new material. I use old school gaming philosophies, meaning  save vs. death is in play, and bringing home a buttload of silver is the best way to get xp.  

Also check out Dice Roll Zine#3 from our good friend Steve C at Hogtown games

Dice Roll Zine is an old-school RPG zine that's chock-full of gaming goodness, brought to you by Hog Town Games. Dice Roll Zine #3 is written by Steve C of the The Borderlands blog and Dice Roll Zine Podcast and illustrated by some of the best old school-inspired artists around. Dice Roll Zine #3 currently stands at 40 pages, digest-sized, with a black & white interior and cover. The zine will be professionally printed and staple-bound with a card-stock cover.


A whole lotta nothing! I dunno if my muse just up and left? Who knows.  I can tell you this, I've been having a wonderful time every monday night playing D&D with Tim and the crew.  For me that's basically all I want to do right now, just play games.  

I've done a bit of reading here and there, but honestly I dunno if I have anything left in the tank, writing wise? or if I'm just changing a bit.  That's probably it honestly. With my new job I've been spending far too much time playing music (which is a good thing).  I currently have G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome), which is similar to R.A.S. (roleplaying game acquisition syndrome), of which most of us suffer from.  

I did sell off that old les paul that I was going to fix up.  It had too many bad memories. 

That's about all I got for the time being.