Tuesday, November 14, 2023

The Troubled Well - Blueholme Adventure

This adventure is for 1st - 3rd level characters for Blueholme.  It may end up being part of an expanded set of adventures.  Your comments are welcome.


Strange noises have been coming from the old well.  The local townsfolk have been worried about the water supply.  A rash of farm animals have gone missing, which may be connected.  Hugo the local magistrate wants someone to explore the well and report back with their findings. 

All the underground area below the well is natural caverns, with rocky outcroppings and stlagtites.  A slow moving river runs through most of the dungeon.  Some of the rooms have been carved out by a seasoned miners hand, squaring up walls and flooring.  The map is 10 foot squares.  The ceilings are jagged and the heights vary.  


The well is 60 feet deep.  A rickety basket holds an old corded rope for bringing up the water bucket.  The air from the well smells distinctly noxious, breathing it in makes you cough. 

    • Using the provided rope:  There is a 3-6 chance that the rope will break per PC using it.  Roll 1d6 to see how many feet they fall.  1d6 dmg per 10 feet. 

    • Using torches:  Any torch light in the well or at the bottom will cause a minor explosion of gas.  Anyone in the area of the well shaft, or bottom will receive 1d6 damage on a failed save vs breath.

    • Bottom of well:  The bottom of the well is about 4 feet deep with water, which flows to the east.  


The room is being excavated by large whirring machines that run by themselves.  There are belts, pulleys, levers all over the place.  The north wall has a large hole in it.  In the centre of the room is a pile of rubble that shines in any torchlight.  There are exits to the east and south.  The water flows thru this room, and is six feet deep in the middle.  

    • The excavating machines are magical, they can be stopped by dispel magic or by manually dismantling them.

    • There are a series of 6 tripwires spread out the room, above the water line.  While searching the room there is a 3-6 chance per round of setting one off, unless the PCs are being extremely careful.  Adjust to 1-6.  If any of the tripwires are set off a group of goblins will come to investigate.  

    • 4 Goblins, AC 6, HD 1d6, Att: Dagger, DMG 1d6, DEX 11, MV 15.  The goblins carry 10 SPs between them.  They won’t spill who is in charge of the machines, even if they face certain death.  


This natural cave is filled with rotting carcasses of woodland animals.  A web hangs from the ceiling.  The floor is bone dry.  You can hear nature sounds coming from the west passage.  

    • The west passage leads to the outside, on the outskirts of town. 

    • Giant Spider:  There is a giant spider resting down the west passage.  The passage is filled with webs.  If the PCs spend more than 2 rounds investigating the room, the spider will enter to check on its prized food. 

    • Giant Spider:   AC 6, HD 2+2, Att: Bite*, DMG 1d6, DEX 13, MV 25.  *On a successful bite the spider will secret a vast acting paralyzing venom.  Save vs paralysis.

    • Treasure:  Amongst the remains is the carcass of a human wizard, he carries 3 first level scrolls, 30 GPs in a pouch and a magical staff. 


A ramshackle room containing a cell made of rusting iron bars, a few small cots and an oaken barrel being used as a table.  A few suits of leather armour hang from hooks in the ceiling.  

    • The room contains 6 Goblins, a tied up Gnome prisoner. 

    • The gnome is named “Xveev” claims to have been press ganged into helping the Goblins and a surly dwarf into opening an underground tomb.  He was the one who invented the machines, and keeps them running.  He says that his family is being held hostage deepr in the caves.  (He is lying, he is the mastermind of this operation. The reason he stays in the cell is because he prefers to have a guard near him at all times.) 

    • The goblins will be cautious, but attack if they feel threatened.  They have been told not to give anything away about the Gnome.  

    • 6 Goblins, AC 6, HD 1d6, Att: Dagger, DMG 1d6, DEX 11, MV 15.  

    • Xveev The Gnome, AC 9, HD 1d6, Att:  Dagger, DMG 1d6, DEX 14, MV 25.  The gnome has the following scrolls stashed in his pants.  Magic Missile, Charm person.  He has a key for room G.  It is brass and has a small rune etched into the side of it.  


Rubble and dust fill this room.  The sounds of pick axes striking stone emanate from within.  

    • There are two Gnomes tied up on a poll in the middle of the room.  They appear to be malnourished.  (Save VS Spell.  This is an illusion). 

    • There are two goblins and a dwarf working on clearing an area to the south.  This maybe the door to a long forgotten tomb.   

    • The dwarf wears a metallic collar.  This is a magical device that acts as a permanent charm person spell.  He is exhausted and moving slowly.  It looks as if he’s been working without sleep for days on end.  The collar can be pulled off with a feat of strength, this will cause the dwarf to take 1d3 of damage automatically.  Dispel magic will render the collar inert.  The dwarf has no recollection of how he got here and what he was doing.  

    • 2 Goblins, AC 6, HD 1d6, Att: Dagger, DMG 1d6, DEX 11, MV 15.  

    • 1 Dwarf  AC 9, HD 1d6-1, Att:  Pickaxe,  DMG 1d6, DEX 4, MV 10.


The door to this room is locked, and the door is quite sturdy.  

    • The gnome has the key to this room.  It can be broken down by at least 3 characters.  On a roll of 1 – 8 on a d10 they will be successful.  This will make enough noise to arouse a few more goblins to investigate. 

    • If the door is broken down rather than being unlocked, the pressure plate trap on the other side of the door will be operational.  Anyone stepping 10 feet into the room will cause the trap to go off.  Save vs paralysis for half damage.  A large wooden beam will come flying down from the ceiling doing 1d6+2 damage.  

    • Inside the room are 3 dwarves that are related to the dwarf in room E.  They are emaciated. 

    • The dwarves will happily hand over a treasure map that they found in return for safe passage to the surface.  


Xveev the gnome was trying to find a buried stone that could command elementals.  He was intending on bringing this back to his underground village.  His chieftan had commanded that it would help with their war against the dwarves.  In a previous skirmish the dwarves had killed the gnomish high priestess and this was to be used for revenge. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Whimsical guild

 I got a bit of flack for my capn of the guard post.  Basically that there is an inherent setting in the tables.  Of course there is.  A guard could be wearing armour from a bandit, maybe the village is poor.  Or he could be wearing mithril he acquired when he was previously a hero.

Anyway this got me thinking about my inherent setting.  It tends to be swords and sorcery with elements of whimsy and humour.

Which also got me thinking, the judge's guild ready reference sheets are awesome.  What would be cool is to have this sorta crazy world, province, continent, state that's half baked with some general ideas and then a whole bunch of weird whimsical tables to go along with it.  I dunno might be cool.

Those ready refs are hard to beat when you are running a game.  That and the 1e DMG and your flavour of rules and you are basically good to go.

I noticed the other day someone had posted on Reddit this great pdf.

Totally forgot about that.  It's fantastic.  

I started reading beyond the witchlight again and I found a bunch of cool freebies on dtrpg which I'll post in the next few days.

Monday, November 6, 2023

What's up with this village

Seriously though, what is up with this place.

1.  Some citizens pray to a dark unforgiving god in the middle of the night.  No one talks about it.

2.  It's very quaint and they grow nice strawberries in the summer.

3.  There are only children here.

4.  They are at war with another nearby village over a territory dispute.  

5.  There is a fountain in the centre of town filled with what appears to be blood.

6.  They have an elegant museum of antiquities.

7.  There is a similarity named village that gets confused with this one.  This is the one with the warthog races.

8.  There is only one horse in town, his name is Charles and he's well mannered but quite tired.

9.  No booze, no loud noises, no going out after dark, no dancing, no walking in groups of three and no singing!

10.  A nice old lady makes pies for newcomers.  Curiously there are no pets in town.

11.  There's a large burnt area where the town hall/jail used to be.

12.  Every weekend there is a new festival.

13.  The bones of a great monster are now used as the entrance to the town.  A really weird archway.

14.  Some of the town sunk into the river.  Well the graveyard did.

15.  There is not one but three stone towers nearby.

16.  The town centre is filled with stone people and creatures.  They are dusty and moss grows on them.

17.  The houses are built vertically.  There are a lot of ladders.

18.  Nightly there are games of chance in the alley behind the tavern.  These are usually low stakes but lots of fun.

19.  The mayor changes on a semi bi weekly basis, except if it falls on a holiday in which case it's pushed back 3 days.

20.  Most people you meet claim to be a knight.

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Capn of the guard

Here's a Captain of the guard generator.

1d8 Appearance

1.  Slovenly, and slow moving.

2.  Distinguished, well groomed and trim. 

3.  Scarred from battles, middle aged, slightly overweight.

4.  Very tall and thin, long flowing hair. 

5.  Short, stout and unkempt. 

6.  Muscle bound.

7.  Average build, permanent helmet hair. 

8.  Sallow, malnourished, greying hair. 

1d8 Favourite Weapon Of Choice

1.  Polearm.

2.  Large two handed axe.

3.  A pair of sharp daggers.

4.  Walking stick. 

5.  Bastard Sword.

6.  Mace. 

7.  Crossbow. 

8.  Club.


1.  Pastiche of leather and chain.

2.  Full plate.

3.  Only robes and a tunic

4.  Full chainmail with local towns flag sewn into coverall tunic.

5.  Rusted chainmail.

6.  Elven chain.

7.  Leather armour stolen from a bandit.

8.  Mithril.

1d4 Intelligence 

1.  Dimwitted. 

2.  Insanely smart. 

3.  Dropped on their head as a child. 

4.  Concussed. 

D20 Personality

1.  Conspiracy theorist. 

2.  Exhibitionist. 

3.  Lawful and just. 

4.  Cruel & twisted. 

5.  Easily swayed. 

6.  Let's other's do their dirty work. 

7.  Suspicious. 

8.  Deeply religious. 

9.  Brave, run's into battle. 

10.  Deep thinker & planner. 

11.  Taciturn and polite. 

12.  Enigma. 

13.  Saddened. 

14.  Frivolous spender. 

15.  Energized and excitable. 

16.  Drug addled. 

17.  Generous. 

18.  Fishing is always on their mind. 

19.  Gambler. 

20.  Frightened. 

D10 Quirks & Bonds 

1.  Deeply afraid of the undead. 

2.  Takes pleasure in beheadings. 

3.  Enjoys bossing people around. 

4.  Wonders if there is a God. 

5.  Has a quest they don't want to undertake. 

6.  Shell shocked from war. 

7.  Has two spouses in two different towns. 

8.  Wants to open a museum. 

9.  Thinks everyone is out to get them and take their job. 

10.  Is always hungry. 

D20 Missions 

1.  Rebuild the town wall.

2.  Hunt the local dragon.

3.  Build a decent tavern. 

4.  Trying to enlist new town guards. 

5.  Looking for the missing tax collector. 

6.  Enlisting new clerics for local church. 

7.  Trying to take down a drug smuggling ring. 

8.  Is in need of new mounts for the guard.  

9.  Owes money to local lord, is considering doing something illegal. 

10.  Feels that everything is okay around here, and is considering going for a drink and relaxing. 

11.  Find out the cause of the terrible crops. 

12.  Spends most of their time fishing in local river away from their duties. 

13.  Local blacksmith requires a new source of Iron.  Looking for suitable mining spot. 

14.  On the trail of a murderer. 

15.   Wants to mount a wyverns head on their wall.

16.  Needs to clear the area to the north of monsters and unsavory types.

17.  Sent a regiment out and they haven't reported back in weeks. 

18.  Was biten by a vampire or werewolf or both.

19.  Trying to organize a jousting tournament.

20.  Searching for a leprechaun that stole his silver pieces.


Friday, November 3, 2023

Venger strikes again, this time with X-Cards!

 It's been awhile since I've caught up with Venger.  You can check out his going's on here:
He just released some Cha'alt X-Cards
Here is the blurb: 

If you love Cha'alt, then here's a mechanic that brings those Cha'altian vibes to the fore!

This describes an entirely new and strange technique for improving your roleplaying game sessions... and making them weird, gross, horrific, hilarious, and exciting.

Use Cha'alt X-Cards with Cha'alt or any other RPG that's about or promotes eldritch, gonzo, science-fantasy, post-apocalypse, humor, sleaze, pop-culture, and grindhouse exploitation.

Want custom-made cards or the Cha'alt hardcovers?  Let me know, hoss!

The best part, they are FREE! 

And speaking of free, if you haven't had a chance to try out Advanced Crimson Dragon Slayer yet, wait exactly are you waiting for? 

Here's the link.  

This is my own heavily house-ruled hack of B/X and 5e, suitable for one-shots, convention games, virtual play, and even face-to-face campaigns.  I'm currently 16-sessions into my Crystals of Chaos campaign set in the eldritch, gonzo, science-fantasy, post-apocalyptic world of Cha'alt.  Check out my session reports on Venger's old school gaming blog for details.

Advanced Crimson Dragon Slayer is the updated version of Crimson Dragon Slayer D20, and going forward, this will see incremental adjustments (hopefully, improvements) here and there over the years.

In fact, there's room for a couple new races, and I've decided to run a contest to see who will come up with the most Cha'altian suggestion... that will be included in the next update, sometime in early November.  So, get your suggestions in by Halloween (not that it has to be horror-themed or anything, but it can be... whatever, yeah - totally up to you).

4 classes, tons of races, ascending AC, spell casting drains hit-points, lots of standard OSR type stuff, and plenty of weird things I threw in to mesh better with Cha'alt.  Plus, a character sheet (3 slightly different versions)!!!

Okay, that's almost all the things.... actually there's one more! 

Alpha Blue d20 (another super fun RPG) 

This is a different kind of Alpha Blue... for starters it's D20; it's also not quite as silly.  Yeah, this version is darker and grittier than the original.  Just as sleazy, though!  Maybe you've played Alpha Blue before, maybe you haven't.  Either way, I'd love to know what you think of this version.
I'm hoping to playtest and get feedback on Alpha Blue D20 before it goes into Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise.  
Okie dokie, that's what I got this morning.  Which isn't too bad considering I've only had a few cups of coffee this morning. 
I'm going to try and do a few more blogs once in awhile.  Highlight some fun stuff, like Venger.  
Maybe the next blog will be about my buddy Tim and what's happening over at Gothridge Manor.  
While you patiently wait, you can check it out here:

Speaking of Tim, I should probably shoot him a message and see what's up, as well see if he's running a game currently.  My guess is likely! 
Alright folks have a good one.