Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A few more thoughts on my OSR mindset having ran 5e.

I've often thought that I'd like to write up my own version of rules, atleast a hack.  I think I will probably still do that, atleast for my own peace of mind.  As I've said before those Lab Lord/OSR/B/X rules fit neatly in my head.  After running 5e for the first time I came away with a good feeling about it, but there were a few things still slowly gnawing at my brain.  First things first at some point I am going to run a nice small dungeon crawl (maybe one of mine, maybe something new!  I'd like to try out the Manse On Murder Hill) using some old school rules just for a taste of how that plays out.  In the mean time, here's a few things that have rattled around my head.

First off I gotta build myself my own GM screen, there's a bunch of tables and helfpul things that are missing from the wotc screen.  Things like monster reaction table from the DMG, a simple smaller treasure table possibly, Basic weapon damage.  An explanation of save vs spell for monsters including convoluted formula (see below).  Of course I have a few wonderful tables lying around that I'd like to have handy for just such the occasions.

Although there are a lot of nice things on it.  NPC flaws, that's handy! NPC name, yup I came up with a guy that sounded an awful lot like "Red Cheddar".  Which was funny by itself, but when you combine that with my wife's halflings name "Brie Crackerbarrel" - which are two types of cheese.  It was mind blowingly hilarious.

Second point of order, Shane must learn the basic's of certain rules.  I pretty well got the gist of most things fairly quickly.  There was a bit of table talk, and I had a GM that had previously ran 5e sitting at the table.  So that helped, but being quicker is better.

Obviously I don't need to run everything exactly by the book.  (I mean really who does?)  But things like ie "A monster needs to save against a magic spell".   Apparently in 5e there is some convoluted formula based on spell level and a bunch of other things.  As a happy alternative, b/x - save as Fighter 2nd level.  So I'll have to figure that out.

Third, and this isn't really a 5e thing, but I am going to attempt to start always rolling attack and damage dice in front of the screen.

Fourth, building my own world, running my own adventures.  Published text is fun, but for the way my brain works I really have to know the in's and outs of everything that happens within the module, or else I feel like I let someone down (myself or the players).  That being said I've just got a wonderful bunch of ideas from a ton of different resources latetly. 

Now back to my rules hack, The players are used to the bit more super powered heroes that are created within 5e.  To make a hack that would have a old school feeling, but with some of the 5e coolness would be a interesting idea to do.  That said even without adding any 5e stuff, things like adding Cantrips (although a bit more low level that ones that are in 5e) would be a nice addition.

I would definatly steal the archetypes, trinkets and handy naming resources that come from the basic free pdf.  Steal is a bad word.  Borrow for my own personal use.

Do away with 6 saving throws. 1 saving throw ala S&W.

Keep the proficiencies & Ascending AC.

Bring back a spell turning table for a Cleric, or devise some evil scheme on how to do that correctly with a d20.

Dumb the monsters back down so they aren't getting pluses across the board.

Why yes math isn't my strong suit why do you ask?

Monday, June 29, 2015

The revised D&D 30 Day Challenge! - Day 5

I am a bit behind on this.  Ah well, its not going to be exactly 30 days.  My favorite dice!  I recently acquired a nice chessex set that are green with white writing.  I haven't really put them thru the paces yet, so I can't say they are my favorite dice.

My favorite dice at this point are clear with white writing.  They were some that I bought a long while ago, I don't believe they are chessex ones, but probably a pick your own bin kinda thing.  The thing I like about them, is that they are really random, which is perfect for DMing, as you get a variety of numbers.  Most players want a 20 that's going to always roll a 20.  Myself though I'd prefer to have the more random ones.  When you are looking up tables and rolling for an outcome, I find its better to have some slightly wonky dice.  But hey that's just me!

That being said, had a relatively funny situation crop up over the weekend.  Any time 2 of my players would roll a crit or really low, they would put those dice away in the "bad dice bag".  Do your players do this?

Another thing I found quite cool was that one of the players had a set of dice that his Dad had used DMing for him when he was a kid.

I have a set of (or almost a full set) of the original dice that came with the basic set.  Of course like an idiot I attempted to paint them when I was a kid, and it turned out horribly badly.  I am going to try and use some paint remover/thiner and see if I can't get them back into shape at some point.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

BBQ/Birthday/D&D 5e

Yesterday was a LOT of fun!  I had four awesome players show up, and we ran thru a good bit of the starter adventure for 5e.  Thankfully the players remembered to talk notes, because there is so much going on.  The nice thing about running the game was that it was all basically our first time, myself running it and the players.  One player had ran the game as a DM before but hadn't played so that was cool as well.  We spent a bit of time checking things out in the PHB, the good news was that it didn't de-rail anything.  Eventually if we continue to play I'll have to read the PHB atleast or buy it.  So that I"m on the same page.  Whenever we finish the starter set adventure, I think we will move directly to a new world that i create.  Because....

MY awesome players bought me the DMG! Wooooo!  This looks like a fun read.  I love all the world building stuff in the book.

Back to the session, I almost had a few TPK's but thankfully a few quick thinking ideas by the players, specifically the rogue managed to turn the tide.  The game is deadlier that I first  thought.  When reading the rules for the first time I was thinking damn these PC's are going to be tough!  But a few instances, I almost killed them in one roll.  Actually that first goblin encounter was almost deadly, pack it up go home hahaha.

One funny bit was that the PC's split that party.


Two PC's stayed at the nice Inn, in town having a few drinks

The other two went to investigate the Rebrands at the Sleeping Giant tavern.  As one of the players was a thief, and had previously been a fence in neverwinter.  He figured he might be able to gather some information on the bridgands.  Well the encounter happened and they pissed em off.  A fight ensued and both PC's started to high tail it back to where the other PC's were.  One got hit with a flying sword and fell unconscious making saving throws, prior to that however he managed to break thru not one but two windows of local farm houses.  (thank you DMG chase rules).

Unfortunately it was raining pretty good out there yesterday so we were not able to play on the deck as I had previously hoped for.  Considering we only really get like 3 months of summer.

My friend Adam, brought his charcoal smoker and managed to make what is called a "bacon explosion" its bacon wrapped sausage with bacon on the inside and bbq sauce.  basically yum!

He also made ABT's which are jalapeno's stuffed with cream cheese and sausage super good!  Here are the pics, before and after. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Hiding Monsters

Seriously those monsters aren't just always standing around, or playing cards.  Maybe they got a hot tip that some fresh meat is headed there way.

1.  Spring loaded floor - Mucho surprise! Much like the loaded floors at theatres when the performers pop out of nowhere, here's a perfect surprise.

2.  Ye old fake bookcase

3.  Behind the curtains - sure the PC's might see there feet.

4.  In the barrel - perfect place for a goblin to hang out in.

5.  Invisible!  - Sure why not, its been done, do it again.

6.  Teleport - Suprise the PC's by appearing out of thin air.

7.  The ceiling - totally obvious by how many times do you look up?

8.  Hiding inside the pit trap.  - Maybe the goblin is hanging halfway down the pit trap waiting to jump on an already wounded PC.

9.  Under the bed - There's a reason little kids are afraid.

10.   Disguise - maybe the monsters are dressed up to resemble something else, possibly a random merchant or a band of dwarven miners. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I know this is not an entirely new concept

I've decided to create my own DM's guide.  Atleast in my spare time (which has been rather non-existent lately).   This idea formed in my head after reading and commenting on this blog post

I intend to use the B/X reaction roll running 5e.  There are also a plethora of awesome tables out there that would be perfect to throw in as well.  Basic Fantasy has a ton of great tables, this blog is awesome

Along with some tables from my 2e guide, I also plan to create a few lists of NPC names using generators. 

Microlite has a super stripped down essential rules that has a great set of traps with DC's.   That'll go in there.

Yup this was a random post....

Just an idea I've been kicking around, something quick and easy to look up.  A few notes on 5e stuff as well. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The revised D&D 30 Day Challenge! - Day 5

Favorite Dice Or Die? Really.  I suppose there are people out there that are superstitious of their dice.  My wife bought me a nice set of green ones that had percentiles, I have yet to try them out, hopefully they are not a TPK type of dice! hahaha.  I'll be using them this weekend running the starter set.  I do have a set of clear dice, that almost always seem to roll high.  However I just borrowed them out to a player and I am unsure as to whether he will impart some mojo into them.   (apparently I'm superstitious as well).

If you need dice, Amazon has a "Pound O Dice" for $40, its actually not to bad of a deal.  As to whether they are good dice I have no idea.

Monday, June 22, 2015

The revised D&D 30 Day Challenge! - Day 4

Favorite game world.  Huh... Well I really like Black Marsh although I haven't played it yet.  I have dug the Forgotten Realms over the years, but its become so entirely huge with tons of stories it becomes slightly difficult to run.  I am slowly building my own world for 5e campaign so that one is going to be fun I think.  I like the ability to have just a few notes about something and slowly build it.  Maybe blow it up, and re build it!

If I had to pick one world though it would be TITAN

You can pick it up here.  

Titan contains everything you need to know, covering the turbulent history of the world, from its creation and early civilisations – through the devastating War of the Wizards – to the present-day wilderness and anarchy where the delicate balance between Good and Chaos could at any moment be overturned...  

The world of Titan, Allansia to the west is the "Land Of Adventure" where a lot of game books took place.  

Saturday, June 20, 2015

3 Toadstools Adventures At Drivethrurpg - FREE RPG Day

(shameless plug).  If you need an adventure to run today you can grab one of these and give it a go!  They are all compatible with Labyrinth Lord, or your favorite Old School Game.  I just downloaded the quick start for Scarlet Heroes, looks pretty cool.  More often than not I'm running games with 2 players, so this is perfect for me.

Click on the below links to get some free modules! Keep the dice a rollin!

The revised D&D 30 Day Challenge! - Day 3

Favorite PC Class! I gotta go with Thief/Rogue on this one.  I quite enjoy doing all kinds of random thieving.  Oh the PC's just made it to a town, huh... Alright I'd like to scoop out a few houses and see if any of them are empty and I can break in.  And of course pickpocketing one guy and placing that on another NPC.  That's always fun!  So yes Thieves are the most fun for me.

TODAY IS FREE RPG DAY! Go and grab something! 

Friday, June 19, 2015

The revised D&D 30 Day Challenge! - Day 2

Favorite PC Race! Huh...

Well I just created a monster, possible PC race.  I'll leave the name out for now, but its a race of fairly evil beatle humanoids that are basically samurais!  I'm still working on the details of them, so that's about all I can say at this point.

As far as a typical race, I really dig tinker gnomes.  They just appeal to my personality.  I am after all a bit of a geek tinkerer to begin with.  Normally however I really dig playing thieves, and if its B/X ie race as a class, then a human thief.  If its race class separate than a typical halfling thief,

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The revised D&D 30 Day Challenge! - Day 1

I've previously done this before, but as time as went on I think a few of these answers will change, and hey why not do it again? I'll have to check back and see if I copy myself.  Besides this is always a fun blogging/writing exercise.

Day 1 - How you got started. 

I've said this before and I'll say it again (its actually in my little biography about me section)
I first came into D&D and RPG's shortly after I was returned to earth by my alien abductors.  During my time on their spaceship I started to play this strange game called "Humans & Hallucinations", apparently it was based on some game from Earth?  From what I gather some of the Aliens from Roswell stuck around and helped to create TSR back in the day.  Fast forward a few years later, I've been returned to Earth and for Christmas one year I got a copy of AD&D 2nd Edition, which was fantastic! I plotted all kinds of crazy adventures, and played with my Brother and Sister.  As we lived in the country, there was not a helluva a lot to do.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Too funny not to read, and a bit of truth

I read this today.

Help request for the lore-less DM. (D&D stuff)

 So i've recently spent half a hundred dollars on the Princes of the Apocalypse book, and would quite like to get some use out of it before something newer comes out and it gets harder to find players. (It should be mentioned before i get too far into minutia, that all my games are online.)
Anyway, my problem is that i've rapidly grown tired of Forgotten Realms. And i've definitely gotten tired of hearing about how the third son of a dead god decreed that every second toothbrush is magical on the sixth hour of every tenday in which a man named Gerald says the word "booger". That's an exaggeration of course, but probably not as much as you think! Having to do ASoIaF-levels of research every time i want to make up my own hook into a FR adventure is getting old, real quick.

Read the rest here -

Which got me to thinking, what I know about the Forgotten Realms ends at 2nd edition, minus a few books here and there.  Had a good laugh at the above, but it makes you realize unless you swallow the blue pill and buy everything that is out there, its hard to know all the "arcana". 

On GMing...

I was thinking this morning on the way to work about the differences between the "new school of GMing" and the "Old School".  Of which I am going to do a bit more research on (new school), just so I can quantify what exactly the differences are. 

This line of thinking brought me to inspiration & influences, specifically musical inspiration & influences.  When I first started playing guitar, I was a huge Nirvana fan.  Badly playing power chords along with a the cassettes.  As time wore on I became a big blues fan as well.  The mixture has sort of stewed into my current style over the years.  More often than not I can feel these little inspirations & influences crop up in riffs I'm writing. 

While I feel like I'd like to learn a bit more about the new school style of play, I believe my heart will always be firmly implanted in the Old School style, for the following reasons:

Influence & Inspiration:  As I've stated on numerous occasions I grew up playing 2nd edition and the original version of Advanced Fighting Fantasy, both of which in my humble opinion fall into "old school".  Wracking my brain this morning I started to think more about actual GM influence.  More often than not I was almost always the GM.  The few times I played as a player one of my cousins was GMing (1st edition, and AFF), and at one point I played some red box with a friend of mine GMing as well.  So as far as how I play the game its entirely based on that old school camp, because that's what we had! 

As far as inspiration goes, I spend an inordinate amount of time reading old school modules, reading old school blogs, following any movements that happen at the OSR G+ Community, ,

So obviously this also influences how I like to play the game, and I think that's exactly what it comes down to "how you and your players like to play the game". 

I have been a bit concerned? (Not sure if that's the correct word), hesitant! (nope not that word).  Anxious! (there we go)  About my upcoming 5e game.  Partially because I'll be playing with a fellow GM (who's a super cool dude!).  However he's been a GM for a long time playing 3, 4e and pathfinder.  He has assured me however that he's there to help me out, and have fun.  And he's super stoked about being a player again!  

My mind of course wandered to "Jeez I'm planning on running 5e, and I have some players that have an idea of new school, maybe I need to GM like that?". 

Of course that's just silliness, everyone runs the game differently, and mine will definitely have an old school feel to it. 

So in the grand scheme of things, run the games the way you want and what your comfy with.  

Keep the dice a rollin'

Saturday, June 13, 2015

REVIEW - TBG-1: Manse on Murder Hill

Manse on Murder Hill
Product Description 
Low-level adventures are not just for newbies anymore!
This low-level adventure uses the familiar setup of a small village in desperate need of heroes, but with a twist. The players will pierce the veil surrounding the mysterious old house, the peculiar sounds emanating from within and curious entities that now dwell within. Why was this house abandoned in the first place? Are the villagers really as simple as they seem?
Our flagship product features illustrations by Stuart Robertson and David Guyll, cartography by Tim Hartin, interior and exterior maps, a roster of pre-generated player characters and hand-out materials for the players.
This is part one of a planned three part series.
Website -

Everything about this module drips beautiful!  
I am serious.  It's amazing.  The layout, artwork and the writing are top notch.  From now on this is one of the modules I am going to go to when I'm designing my own.  As usual, I am not going to give too many spoilers other than the above product description.  The layout really caught my attention, it has its own feel, although its mostly B&W, the little splashes of the blue make me smile.  It isn't the typical "old school" module look, but it does reference it a bit here and there (2 columns, B&W artwork, etc).  Now onto the actual writing.

First off, I'll say this, there isn't one thing that +Joe Johnston didn't think of.  There's great rumors (including false ones), everything is labelled well (all maps), there's player handouts, all the monsters & NPC's are stated out.  (Labyrinth Lord Compatible BTW).  There is political intrigue!  

The one thing I quite liked was that the town does not really have much in the way of adventuring gear.  This could be a interesting thing with some newb players that assume you can buy your bastard sword + 9 anywhere.  

There is an air of creepiness within the module (I refer you to the title).  There are shades of Lovecraft within the writing.  A good GM will play up the creepiness of the mansion.  Speaking of which there's some wonderful tables throughout the module that help to do just that. 

Another thing that I quite like (and strive to do as well), is to create adventures that are open ended as far as specific campaign settings are concerned.  Joe does just that.  This adventure can easily be plopped into your existing campaign world with little to no fuss. 

The adventure is labelled for a party of balanced 1st level characters with approx 6 -10 players.  (I'd love to get 10 players - side note).  Of course the author suggests that it is best to read thru the entire adventure first, and change/balance things the way you like.

Oh did I mention there's a few extra monsters? YUP! there's a few extra monsters. 

(don't swear Shane).....

A fucking love this adventure.  I can't wait to run it.  Considering I am going to be playing a little 5e I may go ahead and convert it, its either that or I'm running it as a one off with basic rules from 81. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

20 Scenic Random Marshland Encounters - d20

I am slowly preparing a campaign in which the PC's will wander the wastes of a long forgotten swamp.

1.  A old oak tree grows in the middle of the swamp, Which is basically impossible, obviously the tree is very old and predates the swamp.  It gives off a strange magical aura.  (treant perhaps, maybe the tree has some kind of healing properties, or maybe its just a tree).

2.  While knee deep in muck you see off in the distance four shadowy figures on the horizon.  As they get closer you realize they are not humans, but ghosts.  All are riding pale horses.  They breeze right through you and continue on.

3.  A large animal skeleton lies on a nearby bank, it is an animal that you have never seen before.  (dinosaur).

4.  A rotting body hangs from a rope tied to a tree.  The rope is around the neck of the body.

5.  The water in this section of the swamp is almost clear, compared to the normal grey brownish muck that you have been wadding thru.  You can see assorted fish.  And eyes!  Ghostly images appear just below the surface of the water.  (obvious reference to LOTR).

6.  A broken and busted wagon sits in a large rut, the tracks lead off towards the outskirts of the swamp.  There are large barrels loaded on the wagon.  The inscription of the side of the barrel is as follows.  "Giwndons Dragonfire Ale"

7.  A 14 foot long snake skin lies half in this section of the swamp, it appears to be recently shed.

8.  Fresh mucky footprints lead off to the south, but you can't see anyone for miles.  (Possible invisible person?)

9.  The weather has turned rainy and cold.

10.  A large bonfire glows off in the distance, lighting up the evening. (barbarian raiders perhaps? or something equally concerning.)

11.  Just below the tree line is a steep embankment, at the bottom is a large stone statue.  It is that of a large lizard humanoid.  There is fresh blood on an altar in front of it.

12.  What appears to be a huge cloud is heading straight for you!  The cloud is almost a quarter of a mile wide and is floating 8 feet off the ground.  (swarm of insects, low pressure system that brings hail).

13.  A old rickety bridge sits across a fairly deep patch of swamp.  This seems the best way to get to the other side.  At the head of the bridge on either side are large poles with beheaded Orcs attached to them.

14.  During the evening someone left a note on a tree near your camp.  It read's  "I'll be watching you and make sure that you are safe".   (A local marshland ranger)

15.  You come across the ruins of a small village, there is only 3 buildings left standing.  Well barely left standing.  Moss & lichen grow everywhere.  The area is quite dark as most of the tree's have grown up and around everything.  It is very densely packed with trees & bush.

16.  This area of the swamp is pockmarked with huge holes.  The holes measure about 8 feet in diameter, and seem to be almost endlessly deep.  (Worms!)

17.  The smell of the swamp is almost overpowering!  Just trying to breath is difficult let alone walk.  (half movement rate)

18.  A large pile of rusted armour and weapons lies in a heap.  The remnants of a long ago fire still scare the ground.

19.  A faint music starts to grow in your ears, on the other side of the moor you can see small lights glittering about 4 feet off the ground.  (pixies)

20.  A rather large boulder sits deep in the swamp, it is cracked completely in half.

Swamp picture

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Necropolis of Nuromen - Mini Review

The Necropolis of Nuromen is a pay what you want adventure/mini campaign setting for Blueholme Prentice Rules (and eventually the Compleat Rules).

Product Description 
The Necropolis of Nuromen is a modular quest designed to let the referee introduce a group of 1st level characters to the thrills of Underworld exploration as they attempt to unravel they secrets of the evil necromancer’s lair and deal with some bandits, too.
To play this adventure you also require the BLUEHOLME™ Prentice Rules or the BLUEHOLME™ Compleat Rules.

*May contain a few spoilers. 

The first retro clone that I found when my OSR craziness started was BLUEHOLME™ Prentice Rules,
I also downloaded the original version of The Necropolis of Nuromen, at the time we ran an adventure from Dragonsfoot, and then moved over to the Necropolis shortly after.  The original version had a solid story line that could easily fit into an adventure campaign, and the actual adventure was great!  I mean a Necromancer and a bunch of undead what more could you want really?   Unfortunately I had a bit of a TPK whilst running Nuromen, which was partially a little improper planning on my part, a few bad rolls by the players and the onset of a bit of booze consumption at the time.  

The new version of the Necropolis fills out the story line much more!  There's a wonderful area map, a few dungeons, and well done castle.  If I am not mistaken I remember seeing pictures of a town that Dreamscape was working on, although it hasn't appeared in this adventure?  So that might be something coming down the line.  

The rumor table is great!  Just enough for me to get the creative juices flowing.

The layout and maps are FANTASTIC!  I do however miss the original BLUEHOLME old school font that was used on the interior (however it makes an appearance on the cover!).  The detail on the maps is outstanding!  Obviously a crazy amount of time was spent making them as perfect as possible.  

The module clocks in at 22 pages including one for the cover, back cover and OGL.  Of course the artwork used within is effective and awesome!  The whole package ties together nicely with the Prentice Rules.  

Although it has taken a bit of time for the newer version of this module to come out, I think that it was the warranted.  It seems that a lot of people (Especially including myself!) write an adventure, barely proof it, playtest it briefly and put it out!  A strong lesson can be learned from Dreamscape  in that spending the time to put something together, putting it out, and then revising it after a lot of playtesting is the absolute best idea!  The next project I work on, I plan to do just that, put the adventure out as open beta and then revise from there. 

It has been a year since we originally ran this adventure and I am thinking with a whole new crop of players it might be a fun one to try again with the new update.  

Thinking out loud.... Although it is in true Holmes spirit, I am almost wondering about the idea of converting this for a 5e game, maybe a one shot? 

This module is a great introductory module to role playing, with a bunch of extra adventure seeds that you can take a run with!  Along with a copy of BLUEHOLME™ Prentice Rules you can easily have a bunch of nights running thru this!  WELL DONE! 

Monday, June 8, 2015

On Character Creation

Managed to finally create a character for my wife/with my wife yesterday.  Halfling Wizard named Bree Crackerbarrel (which is awesome cuz she's a cheese fanatic!).  It took us approx about 1 hour and 45 minutes.  Which is obviously a bit of time, however creating characters lets me learn the rules a bit.  Which means a few of the players in the upcoming game are probably going to be pre gens.  One thing I really dig is the archetypes it really helps to flesh out the character.  We decided after rolling randomly (Sage basic rules) that her character is after a long lost dragon, named Queziote.  Her former master hunted it, but was never able to find the dragon.  She also speaks draconic, (perfect candidate for the cult of the dragon).  It interesting how it all came together.  Of course she was also previously an alchemist, and is very intense about collecting power & knowledge.  That made me realize that she should also be a devout follower of Ogmah.  (or however you spell it, god of knowledge).  All of these realizations came about whilst rolling on the random table.  And last but not least she rolled on the trinket table and got a "receipt for a large deposit from a far flung bank".  Awesome excellent adventure seed. 

I starter creating my own PC as well for giggles, what I came up with is a D'artagnan type PC, with obviously an outrageous french accent, a pair of cutlasses, one silly hat with a feather in it and hilarious outlook on life. 

Gothridge Manor - Review Of Temple Of Greed

I had a lot of fun working with +D-oom Products on "Temple Of Greed".   Very cool OSR dungeon based specifically on traps & puzzles.  +Tim Shorts was kind enough to do an awesome review - check it out -

You can grab Temple Of Greed right here

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Factions in the starter set and other musings

Originally I wasn't entirely a fan of the inclusion of the factions into the basic rules.  In my mind groups like the Harpers, Zhentarim are legendary, and lowly first level PC's could only strive to one day be good enough (or evil) to become a part of these groups.  However while reading the starter set I've come to the conclusion that I really like the inclusion of the alliances.  I plan to have some cue cards written up to give the players.  Take them aside when the time is right, and hand them the appropriate one.  In addition I think I will add a appropriate contact within the organization other than the NPC that is handing it to them. Hopefully this can lead to other adventures or possibly trainers when the time is right. 

The starter set seems to give away experience like crazy! That being said, I am starting to see how this version of the game works.  It makes a bit of sense to me.  What my plan is going forward, is that there will be a house rule that states for every 5 levels of expedience you must go and spend a week training with an appropriate trainer, (which I am going to take right out of the 1e DMG something like 1500 GP for the week).  So to become level 6 you must do this.  Next time it will be level 11, etc

Another brief musing, I've decided to leave Venomfang in.  I know some people have left him out, but it could prove interesting. 

The one thing I noticed is that there is a lot of reference to Neverwinter, however despite my crazy amount of google fu, I have yet to find a city map for it.  Thankfully Dyson draws some sexy city maps! Another thought I had was to borrow a city map from the Forgotten Realms setting, there are a ton in there, Immersea could easily be Neverwinter.  

For the sake of argument I think I will run the FR setting for this.   I am still going to continue working on my little campaign setting I briefly discussed here.  As I have a few things rolling around my head for that. 

OH BTW, I finally was able to finish creating a PC for 5e, in fact I managed to create two.  I quite like all the background information that you can add from the basic rules.

After we run thru this version of D&D, I really want to run B/X just for a change, or Mutant Future which I've been wanting to run since I read it.  

So that was a total ADD post.... I blame coffee and the fact that I got up at 6 am.

Grabbing some dice and making my wife roll up a character shortly.  I even got her a mini.  She wants to play a hobbit that is always hungry! Should be entertaining.

After the starter set adventure, there's a older module I am planning on converting, which will lead into a series of adventures from dragon magazine, and then hopefully Temple Of Elemental Evil.

TLDR - Too much 5e crap, read below about cool OSR stuff
OSR! -   The long-awaited Necropolis of Nuromen is finally here! A much-expanded and cleaned-up version of the original Maze of Nuromen, this adventure features additional background, new maps, and an entire follow-on mini-adventure starring the notorious oultaw Lothar the Lawless.
As always, contact Dreamscape Design directly via the website if you have any problems with the PDF, or if you spot any errata.  Downloading this shortly, brief review to come as well. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

A Campaign Takes Shape....

So the campaign is starting to slowly take shape in my head, which is a good thing!

First off, we will run thru the starter set, then onto N1 Cult Of The Reptile God, then onto the "Mere Of The Deadmen" Series, as it appeared in Dragon magazine.   I am just noticing that "Hoard Of The Dragon Queen" also takes place on the Mere.

These links along with the above have gave me a bit of Inspiration!