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Damn it! Another Map!

Now I"ll have to fill this sucker in.  Its very square, almost too much.

Day 23 - Blog hop challenge

First song that comes to mind that reminds you of D&D, and why? Well here's a difficult one! I'm going to have to go with something by AC/DC , I know not very D&D at all, but I"m guessing around the time that I go into D&D, was around the same time as I was heavy into AC/DC, this was of course just before grunge hit, which then would have been Nirvana all the time.  A specific song, not really likely.  But here's one for yah!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Caverns Of Ugard - 2 Page Dungeon (LL & B/X Compatible)

The Caverns Of Ugard

OGL Please share use and have fun with! Compatible with LL & B/X

The name Ugard is notorious with pain and fear!  Thru-out the surrounding lands Ugard and his minions threaten, bully and extort money and lives.  The evil Minotaur is holed up in some caverns not far into the wilderness.  A 500 GP's reward has been offered for his horns, 650 GP's for him taken alive and brought to justice. 

1.  Large Open Cavern
A large open cavern with stalagmites and stalactites  litter the interior of the floor & ceiling, there is a small worn down path thru the centre of the cavern, to the south east is an exit.   (there is nothing in the room) 

2.  Jail & Latrine 
This room wreaks of urine & sweat.  In the northern portion of the room is a crude jail made of sticks wedged into holes in the ground.  There is a female human chained to the wall.  A beaten wood table sits to one corner, with 3 goblin guards playing a bone dice game.  On the east wall are 2 latrines dug into the floor. 

3 Goblins - AC 6 HD1 Attack 1D6 XP5
3 EP's , 1 key for chains of human 
Therella Wyvernjack (Prisoner) - was taken because her father hadn't paid his gambling debts to Ugard

3.  Pet Room 
The door to this room is locked.  This room appears to be a make shift holding cell for wolfs.  There are half eaten deer carcasses, the floor is covered in blood.  Oh the South side of the room is another door with a grate for feeding.  There are 2 Wolfs in the room that look hungry! (On the other side of the door is a pit trap 1D6 damage, allow a save vs rod)

2 Wolfs - AC 7 HD 2+2 Damage 1D6 XP 35

4.  Deep Lake
A huge sprawling cavern opens up, in the centre is a dark lake.  At one time there was a stone bridge across the lake, but it has since crumbled.  There appears to be passages to the west & south, however you cannot get to them without crossing the water.  (the lake is 20 feet deep at the centre)  

 (The lake is filled with piranha's, the south side of the cavern is home to a giant spider, the webbing covers the south exit) 

12 Piranha's AC 8, 1 HP each, Damage 1D4, 5 XP 

Giant Spider AC 6, HD 3, Damage 2D6, poison XP 80.  
(62 CP's, 35 GP's, Potion of heroism, Cursed Scroll) 

*Saving throw VS Wands or risk getting caught in web for 1D4 rounds 

5.  Goblin Prayer Room
This is room is utterly dark, in the centre is a strange idol on a pillar that emanates a dark green light.  It is carved of a black stone, in the shape of a goblin with 2 protruding teeth.  There are 4 goblins in this room praying. 

The idol has a permanent Dispel Good & Dispel Magic spells on it.  It is worth 400 GP's if it can be rested from its location.  Due to the evilness in this room, there is also permanent darkness other than the green hue from the idol, no spells or torches will work.  PC's will have to fight blindly at a -3 to attack rolls
4 Goblins - AC 6 HD1 Attack 1D6 XP5

6.  Dwarfen Mining Cave 
This room is a bustle of activity, about 15 Dwarfs are working steadily chipping away at the rock on the walls.  

15 Dwarfs AC 6 HD 3 Damage 1D6, XP 45

*The dwarfs recently suffered an attack by the goblins & Ugard, they lost some of their companions in the skirmish, and a fabled pickaxe "Gallargeh The Stone Cleaver" (+2 against stone giants).  They are willing to pay 150 GP's for its safe return.  2 Dwarfs will take up the fight provided they are paid 35 GP's per man

7.  Dwarfen Barracks
This room is a makeshift barracks for the Dwarfen Clan, there are beds, crates, a large fire pit in the centre of the room.  There are 8 Dwarfs sleeping, and eating about in the room.   The room is decorating in tapestries depicting the lives and stories of the Clan.  

8 Dwarfs AC 6 HD 3 Damage 1D6, XP 45

8.  Secret Treasure Room
*There is a secret room in the west wall, a small lever behind a tapestry.  Inside the room is a locked trapped chest containing 1000 GP's, 200 SP's and 2 Gems worth 50 GP's each

9.  Ugard's Room
This room is decorated in the heads of recent victims, staked into polls all around the outskirts of the room.  Ugard sits upon a makeshift throne of bones, while 3 goblins tend to him and one does his best to entertain him by dancing.  

Ugard The Minotaur AC 6 HD 6, 2 Attacks 1d6/1d6 XP 820 
*Ugard has a key to room 10, the door is locked

4 Goblins - AC 6 HD1 Attack 1D6 XP5

10.  Treasure Room
The door is locked to this room (and trapped, if the PC's use the key the trap is disabled, if not 1D6 damage) This room is piled high with coins.  

20 CP's 300 SP's, 1 Potion Of Healing, 1D6 Gems (worth 15 GP's each) 
Fabled pickaxe "Gallargeh The Stone Cleaver" (+2 against stone giants).
Chainmail + 1
Dagger + 1

11.  Goblin Barracks
This room is filled with beds and tables, there are 10 goblins in the room.  It appears to be their living space. 

10 Goblins - AC 6 HD1 Attack 1D6 XP5

12.  Goblin Armory
There are 2 Goblins on guard here.  The room is filled with crude weapons and armor.  

2 Goblins - AC 6 HD1 Attack 1D6 XP5

*If the PC's come this way first, one goblin will try and raise an alarm, bringing half of the goblins from room #11.   There are 12 Daggers, 5 Swords, and 6 Leather Armor in this room piled high in one corner and hung on the walls.  They are worth half of what the going rate is, as they are badly made by goblins. 


Map Hash Pattern for Gimp Created By Morgajel

Day 22 - Blog Hop Challenge

First D&D Novel you ever read? - I was fortunate enough to receive a HUGE bag of Dragonlance novels a couple of years ago, I burned thru them! After which I got a copy of the first 3 Drizzt novels by R.A. Salvatore, loved em! I got them at a book market in support of the Children's hospital.  I also grabbed 2 of the last 4 Drizzt novels there, and just latetly got copies of the set of 3 "Icewind Dale" books, which I quite enjoyed.  Of course I've always read fantasy novels, a lot of Terry Brooks back in the day, etc.

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Day 21 - Blog hop challenge

First time you ever sold any of your D&D books? Got nothing for this question, never sold one book, ever.

Here are a couple of funny D&D cartoons I found to tie you over till tomorrow.
See more here -

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Day 20 - Blog Hop Challenge

First non D&D rpg you ever played?  The first RPG I ever played wasn't D&D, but Advanced Fighting Fantasy, which was a take off from the original series of Fighting Fantasy game novels (similar to choose your own adventure, but with dice).  There is a new version of the RPG which is very good, you can find it here -

There is also a google + community which I created and then passed on to another fellow gamer.

You can download the quickstart PDF right here FOR FREE! -

As a side note to this blog, the one game that I've been considering getting into is Mutant Future! I had a look thru the rest of the questions for the blog hop challenge, and there is no mention of games that you'd like to play in the future, so I figured I'd just add that to this question.  I've been playing a LOT of Fallout 3 lately, and doing a lot of reading on the latest version of D20 Gamma World, as well as Mutant Future.  I think I'm going to go ahead and print off Mutant Future to take home a read thru shortly.  (I need to get an ipad ugh)  After taking a look at they have quite a lot of handy little programs for creating maps & adventures etc.

Anyways, I have a few scenario's jumbling around my head, including a destroyed city crawl, a little fallout and hunger games thrown in for good measure.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Holmes Damage Rules

I'm sure we've had this discussion before, but I'd like to know your thoughts on it.  As far as I know the rules for Blueholme & the original Holmes rules state that all damage is 1D6 (or in some cases half a D6).  I believe this is all based on role playing so the PC's and monster are all very similar and rather than min/maxing you can decide that your PC will only use a sling or some weapon that normally would only do little damage.

So, what's the thoughts on this? Do you like it? Obviously there was a reason for the change when B/X came out.

Have you played this way?

Personally I didn't realize until after playing one game of Blueholme that I was supposed to only being using D6's for damage.  The next time we played I switched it, and quite enjoyed it.  I suppose the only issue is that you really don't need to buy a polyhedral set, all you need is a d20 & a d6 to play (and DM you need some percentile dice for treasure etc).

Day 16, 17, 18, 19 - Blog Hop Challenge

Might as well do a whole wack of these.

Do you remember your first edition war? who won? - Never had a fight about this, mostly cuz I've stuck with OSR & like minded people.

First time you heard D&D was some how evil? - I have to say that I love the fact that parents supported me playing this, they never once thought it was evil, and they promoted me to be creative!  One of my cousins first got me into D&D and then later turned fairly religious, he took issue with D&D later on in life, and discussed it with me.  It fell on deaf ears.

First gaming convention you've been to? - I've never went to a con, and I would love to go one day, there is one in Winnipeg, but its fairly expensive to goto.  I have gone to quite a few comic con's however, and they are usually playing RPG's in one corner of the room.  More often than not its magic or warhammer, not a lot of actual D&D goes on.  Usually because I'm only there for a short time, I don't jump into any games although I've always wanted to.  maybe next year.

First gamer who annoyed the hell out of you? - I do like doing this Blog challenges, but most of these questions I can't really answer as I haven't played long enough I suppose.  I have never had a gamer annoy me as of yet.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Resurrection Rules Hack

I found this image - By RobD2003

I was thinking about Resurrection this morning and how there isn't really a lot of rules or prices pertaining to it.  So without further adieu here is a hack!

Resurrection costs 1000 GP's + 100 SP's Tithe to local temple.  Because of the nature of Resurrection, PC's should not be exactly the same as they were in their previous life, therefore roll 1D12 on the following chart.

Loose the following permanently 
Roll 1D12

1    - 1 STR
2    Loose 1 Level
3    - 1 DEX
4    Loose 1D4 HP's permanently
5    - 1 WIS
6    Loose 1 limb (Roll 1D4 - 1 Left Leg, 2 Left Arm, 3 Right Arm, 4 Right Leg)
7    - 1 CON
8    Loss of night vision (Specific to races)
9    - 1 CHA
10  Permanent scaring from Resurrection
11  - 1 INT
12  Change of Alignment (opposite of current Alignment)

Day 15 - Blog hop challenge

What was the first edition of D&D that you didn't enjoy?  Full disclosure, I haven't actually played it, so I really can't say I didn't enjoy it, seems to be quite obvious though, D&D 4.  Since I'm so rooted in the old school and all things old school, and from all of the comments I've read, it's definitely a bloat of a game.  That being said I'd give it a go if given the chance.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

No we don't really need another clone

However, after reading a crap tone of different rules sets, I've come to the obvious conclusion that I need a hack!  In the spirit of all the original "house rules" I'm going to slowly start working on my own version of the world's most famous role playing game.  I'll obviously put up a download of it for free with the OGL, in case anyone else wants it.  First off I'd like to point out that I only play D&D with 2 player's, so starting people off at first level tends to be a TPK.  Here are the things I'm considering,

  • Variable weapon damage
  • One thaco for all classes or alternatively ascending AC, I'm leaning towards original D&D on this.
  • Dexterity initiative or group initiative with modifiers (1D6 highest goes first) 
  • Experience, either after every adventure everyone automatically level's up (ala Dragonsquest/herosquest) or a straight forward leveling system for all classes, level 1 - 2500, level 2 - 5000. 
  • Starting levels would be 2nd level hit dice, (everyone gets 2D6 starting) adding one more d6 per level.  Although the level would be considered level 1
  • Same goes for thieves' skills & magic user spells, and you might think well why don't you just start everyone a little later in life, nah I like this idea. 
  • A set of character traits to be rolled at the start, (very similar to the NPC traits found in keep on the borderlands) strictly for role-playing.  
  • Secondary skills from AD&D, basically this is the PC's back-story, "oh so I used to be a fletcher before I became an adventurer, handy".
  • Skill checks will be based on Difficulty Class, so 13 (easier) 15 (a little harder) 17 (friggin difficult) 
  • Same 6 beloved attributes with +'s & -'s from original D&D, these are added to attack rolls or when necessary skill check rolls.
  • I'll include saving throws & turning undead table (although it will be relative to 2nd level as a starting point). 
  • I'm doing away with Platinum, Electrum, etc pieces and just sticking with Silver & Gold, I've always done this, its just a bunch of extra crap I don't like to deal with. 
  • No race as a class, all races can be all classes, (4 usual classes) 
Obviously the entire point of this is to do away with TPK's as much as possible.  What I'm considering call this is "-3", to acknowledge that fact that its meant for less than 3 players.  So as you can see there is a mix of a bunch of different versions of D&D.  

Day 14 - blog hop challenge

HOLY BALLS! I'm far behind.  I guess cuz I don't blog on the weekends.  Alright the question is did you meet your significant other playing d&d, or post a random monster.  I'm gonna do both! First off, no I didn't meet her playing D&D, I have however been getting her into it! Slowly but Shirley (who are you calling Shirley?) 2nd, (in protest of valentines day) which was like 5 days ago, I'm posting a random monster!  And here it is, ORCS!

Gawd I love these guys, so useful! They are the bread n butter, or the meat of a lot of D&D/ RPG games, Foot soldiers, minions, what
ever you want to call them, they appear more often than not.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 13 - blog hop challenge

 As I'm a bit behind I figured I'd do another one this morning.  First miniature I used for a D&D game, would probably be the Herosquest mini's, since I already had the game on hand.  I wouldn't doubt that atleast the dwarf from that game was used in a few other peoples games as well.  Very cool, very well made mini's.  Also the orc's with their cleavers are fantastic!

Day 12 - Blog Hop Challenge

First store you bought gaming supplies at does it still exist.  I'm not going to mention the name of the store as I"m fairly pissed off at them still.  They are still open, and have been for awhile.  I went in there a little while ago just to look around and see what was there.  A guy asked me if he could help me, and I said No, I was just looking at this point and hadn't been in the store in a few years.  I wandered around for about 20 mins, not planning on buying anything.  This is me, I like to look first, think about stuff and go back, that's the way I buy things.  Anyways, as I was leaving the guy said to me on my way out "well see you in a couple of years"... tongue in cheek.  fuck him man.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 11 - blog hop challenge

first splatbook you begged your DM to approve.  I can safely say I've never done this! Boy that was a short blog.  If I remember correctly there were players that wanted to play abnormal creatures as characters, which started an intense debate.  (you mean to tell me you put a abnormal brain in this huge body?)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New to me minis!

a friend of mine had some mini's kicking around that he had painted up, I got a message today "Hey could you use some?" FUCK YAH! So I did a little photoshoot when I got home.  As soon as we have a chance I"m taking him out for a steak sandwich ( and seriously I know the best place).  awesome.

DAY 10 - Blog Hop Challenge

First gaming magazine you bought.  The first ones I bought were one copy of each Dragon & Dungeon.  I saw them at the local 7-11 and had a major WTF moment.  Like really there are magazines dedicated to this hobby.  HOLY HELL!!!!  So now I have a bunch of copies at my place, that I go thru often to mine ideas, etc.  One of the local stores here also has a huge lot of used copy's for dirt cheap, which I"m planning on grabbing.  Issue #251 I believe was the first one I grabbed of dragon.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

waiting for my ride, started working on a hex world


As some of you may know I do a weekly podcast about Audio Engineering, Live Sound, etc.  Its called "" and you can find it at -

This has got me to thinking about doing a OSR podcast possibly.  The wonderful folks at Toymakers Television produce a variety of shows, podcasts and youtube videos all about DIY and hacker-ery of hardware & software (yup my word).  For me the entire OSR esthetic is about DIY! and I personally think it fights perfectly with the shows that are currently on their network.

After a brief conversation last night with my co-hort Whisker, doing a D&D type podcast is entirely a do-able idea.  The cool thing is they have a studio setup for live phone in skype calls, and they are working on doing video as well.

Our show (patchbay) is a unscripted conversational podcast, very much in the vein of the TWIT shows,  with Leo Laporte (here's hoping you may have heard some of his stuff).

Not to take anything away from Thaco's Hammer or Roll For Initiative +ROFL Initiative  (as these are both great podcasts), but I feel like there is room for one more podcast.  Something a bit different perhaps.

At this point, I'm currently letting this idea stew in my ye olde brain.  I'd love some thoughts, suggestions, ideas as well.  I'm also looking for a possible co-host.  The real trick with doing podcasting is to have a bit of background doing A/V and be an outgoing person.  I'm guessing this maybe a bit of a finical endeavor at first, but could possible yield beer money eventually.  Much like other niche podcasts, there is a reasonable following for OSR minded people out there, and could be a lot of fun as well!


Day 9 - Blog Hop Challenge

First campaign setting you played in (home brew or published).  First setting I was a player in was probably Mystara, a friend of mine got the red box in the early 90's and we played a few sessions in it.  I believe he may have created his own little city in part of the world, or drew up a map of a city that was on the map.  The first setting I ever ran was Forgotten Realms for Ad&d, the first setting I ran ever was Titan, specifically Allansia in Fighting Fantasy, but I digress this is the D&D Challenge.  I've always liked the Forgotten Realms, and I play to do a bit more with it.  Apparently they are doing some big event called "the sundering" which features quite a lot of the FR Authors, the public, and I believe possibly some modules as well eventually.  If you ask me its kind of a neat idea.

What is the Sundering?

The Sundering will reshape the Forgotten Realms, involving the whole pantheon of gods, many nations, countless individuals, and the fabric of the cosmos itself. Powerful forces both mortal and divine are set in motion, and will bring an end to the Era of Upheaval. Over the course of this huge story event, players will have the opportunity to help shape the future of Faerûn and make their story legend.

Monday, February 10, 2014

All my dice

See previous post.  This is all of them.  I am missing some however.  I"m guessing some are in the bottom of the closet somewhere

Day 8 - Blog hop challenge

First set of polyhedral dice you owned and do you still have them? HUH! K this is making me think.  I'm trying to figure time line here.  Did I get "dragonstrike" game first or did I get the AD&D books first? I"m thinking I got dragonstrike or dragons quest first, both of which came with a set of polyhedral dice, of course I have most of those still.  These were the original colors, the orange D20, the blue d8's, d12 was yellow.  etc   The other set I have that's quite old is the original set of really light blue ones that came with kotb.  I actually painted over them really horrible, dark green with gold lettering.  I think I may still have a d4 of those.  (Must take picture).  The other sets I have are clear ones (which I like and are very lucky, I always roll 20's! hahahah, which explains the last TPK I had running kotb).  I also have some weirdo dark green ones with red writing that are super hard to read.  and some grey ones with red writing.  And my brand new set i got for xmas which are green with white writing super easy to read.  I'll take pics and add them to this tonight.  lol

<<<< New set from Christmas.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 7 - Blog Hop Challenge

First D&D product you ever bought, do you still have it? - Huh.... another difficult one.  I have a very awesome set of supportive parents that bought me quite a lot of stuff, now that I"m thinking about it, I honestly can't remember if I bought anything when I was a kid.  I think the first thing I ever bought for myself was probably a dragon miniature and a set of dice.  Just going down the list however, this is what I got from who.

AD&D 2nd Edition (3 core books), Dragonlance Adventure, Forgotten Realms Adventure, and setting,   dungeon masters screen.  - parental units

Menzoberranzan Setting - my lovely wife.

Keep on the borderlands - free from my uncle.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 6 - Blog Hop Challenge

First Character death, how did you handle it?  I honestly can't remember if it was my first death, but I remember one death in particular.  I was playing a first level wizard, and I wonderfully rolled a 1 for hit points.  UGH! I managed to squeeze may way thru the beginning of the adventure, which was a sorta mystery.  I had ONE spell, and my wits.  which if I remember correctly my wisdom was pretty low.  I managed to die when I picked up this crystal thingy and basically got blasted with a fire trap of some sort.  If I remember correctly the crystal was on a podium, very Indian Jones, as soon as I picked it up all hell broke loose.  Now that I'm thinking about it, it could have also been a set of stairs that collapsed under me, and I fell.  Whichever the case, it makes me think I should really re-watch raiders of the lost ark for some dungeon ideas! RIP Ranick Frogshaper V1.2


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 5 - Blog Hop Challenge

First PC to go from 1st level to the highest level possible in a given edition.  I"m pretty sure it was a wizard and I surprisingly made it to level 4! hahaha.  As I've stated I really haven't been a PC very often.  I'm guessing his name was Ranick Frogshaper, as that's been a default wizard name of mine for a very long time.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Telchines - Class

Doing a bit more research on Ancient Greek Mythology, and I discovered the Telchines, which I believe will become a class in Goblins Greed Isle.  This line specifically conjures up some interesting ideas in my mind (pardon the pun) 
"They were believed to bring about hailstorms, snow, and rain at will, to assume any shape they pleased,[8] and produced a substance poisonous to living things."

Brief overview 
Minimum requirements: Intelligence: 15 Wisdom: 13 
I'm thinking a standard Experience chart as follows 

1st Level - 2500 XP - HD1 
2nd Level - 5000 XP - HD2 
3rd Level - 10,000 XP - HD3 
4th Level - 22,500 XP - HD4
Quite possibly. 

Courtesy of wikipedia -
In Greek mythology, the Telchines (Greek: Τελχῖνες Telkhines) were the original inhabitants of the island of Rhodes, and were known in Crete and Cyprus.
Their parents were either Pontus and Gaia, or Tartarus and Nemesis, or else they were born from the blood of castrated Ouranosalong with the Erinyes.[1] In another story there were nine Telchines, children of Thalassa and Pontus; they had flippers instead of hands and dogs' heads and were known as fish children.[2]
They were regarded as excellent metallurgists: various accounts[3][4] state that they were skilled metal workers in brass and iron, and made a trident for Poseidon and a sickle for Cronus, both ceremonial weapons.[5] By some accounts, their children were highly worshiped as gods in the ancient towns of Ialysos (Ἰαλυσός), Kamiros (Κάμειρος) and Lindos (Λίνδος).[citation needed] The Telchines were entrusted by Rhea with the upbringing of Poseidon, which they accomplished with the aid of Capheira (Καφείρα), a daughter ofOceanus.[3] Another version says that Rhea accompanied them to Crete from Rhodes, where nine of the Telchines, known as theCuretes, were selected to bring up Zeus.[6]
The Telchines were associated and sometimes confused with the CyclopesDactyls and Curetes.[7]
They were believed to bring about hailstorms, snow, and rain at will, to assume any shape they pleased,[8] and produced a substance poisonous to living things.
The gods (ZeusPoseidon or Apollo) eventually killed them because they began to use magic for malignant purposes;[9] particularly, they produced a mixture of Stygian water and sulfur, which killed animals and plants[10] (according to Nonnus, they did so as a revenge for being driven out of Rhodes by the Heliadae).[11] Accounts vary on how exactly they were destroyed: by flood,[9] or Zeus's thunderbolt,[12] or Poseidon's trident,[13] or else Apollo assumed the shape of a wolf to kill them.[14] They apparently lost one of thetitanomachias, the battles between the gods and the Titans.

THE TELKHINES (or Telchines) were four mysterious magician-smiths and sea daimonesnative to the islands of Keos and Rhodes. They invented the art of metal-working and were said to have crafted the sickle Kronos used to castrate his father Ouranos and later a magical trident for Poseidon which the god used to lever mountains into the sea and form the islands. Their malignant use of magic later angered Zeus, who cast them beneath the sea or into the very depths of Tartaros. These strange Sea Daimoneswere sometimes described with the heads of dogs and fish-flippers for hands.
The Telkhines play a variety of roles in myth, sometimes they appear almost identical to the Hekatonkheires (Storm-Gods) and Elder Kyklopes (Lightning-Thunder metalworkers), at other times they take on the role of Kouretes and Daktyloi, and later as those Rhodian sons of Poseidon known as the Daimones Proseoous. The names of the two of the three, Damnameneus and Skelmis, are those given to Daktyloi by Hesiod.

RPGing Update

After a brief discussion with my wife, I think we may continue on playing Herosquest, as in her words  "Its a bit more structured than D&D".  Obviously its a bit "my bad", that the last few times we played were unstructured.  Regardless I'm quite happy to be playing anything, and Herosquest is super fun! (the first session took us 3 hours!)

Last night, prior to falling asleep I had a bunch of ideas running around my head for a D&D adventure. The one thing I've taken from some of the adventures I've read/played and written is that there has been a lack of intrigue, traps, puzzles, etc.  Throwing big monster after monster, is fun, but I need a bit more sustenance in an adventure.  I have an interesting idea for a plot, that is slowly moulding in my brain this morning.

The one adventure I wrote - see here, I think I may finish typing up and offer up for free shortly.

Day 4 - Blog Hop Challenge

First dragon or other terrible monster that your Character slew.  Huh... I honestly don't know if I ever threw a dragon at anyone yet.  I remember one time rolling up a high level character just to see if I could kill a Tarrasque.  Obviously this ended badly.  Every-time I do these blog challenges, I start to realize that I haven't played as much D&D/RPG's as I would have liked to.   Although looking thru the list I"m excited about a few of the entries coming up.  I suppose I just realize that lack of experience I have in certain aspects of the game.  It makes me realize that I should really run a bit more high level of an adventure, as normally I'm throwing the usual kobolds & orc's at the PCs.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 3 - Blog Hop Challenge

First dungeon I explored as a player character or DM.

I think the very first session I ran as a DM was probably "The Terrible Trouble At Tragidore".  Which everyone who has every played it knows that it was god awful horrible.  I would hazard to guess that I may have ran a home brew game first, prior to running this, but TTT was the first published adventure I ran.

As a player, I think the first was a homebrew adventure that my cousin ran for me.  I met some Elves, fought a few monsters, and died a awesome death.  I believe I was a lizard man, which is a bit odd for a starting PC.