Wednesday, February 27, 2013

D6 Fantasy Project

I had been kicking around the idea of creating a D6 based fantasy game, well it's become a reality.  I have mashed OD&D with AFF (Advanced Fighting Fantasy).  I'm currently working on the rule set, its light rules basically.  After playing D&D with my wife, a lot of the extra rules just got in the way of fun, so I decided to go back to what I started on which was AFF originally.  I have a wonderful collection of board games like "dragonstrike" , "heroes quest" and "dragon quest" of which I'm hoping to find the map layouts for these.  That way I can take some existing adventures and put them on a board.  Dragonstrike in particular came with 4 boards I believe, a Cave, Dungeon, Outside and a Castle!

The next plan is to go thru all of my miniatures that came with the games and create a Bestiary.  the nice folks over at have a HUGE list of all the AFF monsters, so I'm slowly digging thru that.

My only problem so far is finding some decent free images I can use to spice up the game book.  I have no real plans of selling it at this point, but yah never know so I'd rather have free use images.  Obviously if its for my own purposes I could just grab any old image.  I did find one super nifty pic for the front page, which I ended up using.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Character Profile - Fonkin

I maybe creating far too much for this campaign, but who cares right? Going thru the adventure module for the laughing dragon  a gnomish sage named Fonkin becomes part of the first adventure.  I'm hoping that he may stick around and become the wise person in the town of Debinshire, (much like Elminster). I realized as I started to roll his character up that there is the Gnomish class in AD&D, and I honestly couldn't remember ever creating a character like him.  Possibly because Illusionist, doesn't really seem that bad assed does it? and of course the other character a gnome is allowed to play is a thief, it seems to me that any thief I ever created was a halfling.   I originally had grabbed for the Monstrous manual, and then went, hey I should check the PHB first.

So Fonkin was born.... (I'll put a scan up of his character sheet when I have time).

Debinshire is starting to turn into a humbled version of the Shire and Hobbiton.  The Mayor of the town , Gilabrand The Stout, is a ex thief with ties to a theives guild (of which he owes money too) The Merchant Falcar is a dwarf.  The PC's so far are Half Elf & Dwarf.  I may just stick with the demi human races, and try and leave out Humans for the time being.  Just makes it a little different as a starting point.  Basically a place where Demi Humans can gather, whether they are outcasts, or moved to the town because it was a "free town" per se, or maybe they came because of Gilabrand?

it opens up some interesting possibility's for me.

1st Blog!

I'm no stranger to bloggin, I've done it off and on over the last few years, I think I may still have a live journal account (remember that!).  The purpose of this blog is basically a place where I can write about D&D.

Recently I grabbed my old books and started re-reading them (I have a little collection compared to some)....

Forgotten Realms & Menzoberranzan Campaign Settings
PHB & Dungeon Masters Guide 2nd Edition
A few adventures I purchase over the years
the monstrous manual

The standard stuff basically.

I think much like most gamers I spent a lot of my child hood playing.  As the years passed unfortunately I got away from it, but with my recent discovery of my books and I've started creating adventures again, and charcters and monsters, and well the list goes on and on.

Then I discovered the OSR community on google plus, and man am I sooooooo hooked on that.  Tons of great people with awesome ideas!

 I decided to run a quick hack and slash with my wife a few weeks ago, just to get some of these ideas out of my system, basically a bunch of Kobolds ran sacked a merchant and she had to go and get his shipment back.  After the adventure I made her go back to a town called "debinshire", of course that just popped into my head.

thankfully I ran across a few adventure modules at , the most important one is called "Tales from the Laughing Dragon" the setting is basically perfect for the Old School stuff I have planned.  I've spent the last few weeks re-working it to include Debinshire, and instead of The Laughing Dragon Inn I've replaced it with the "The 3 Toadstools"... hence the name.

The other module I downloaded was Morgansfort, which I may also work into the campaign as time goes on.   You can find both downloads right here

As I was going thru the modules I was making notes on the monsters and settings, what I was going to change etc.  Ran into a little bump, apparently basic fantasy is based on D&D 3rd edition I believe, so a lot of the monsters have a AC of 17 etc, I'm sitting there going, "She's going to slaughter these bastards".  So after a few revisions from the monstrous manual, I'm good to go for the next game.   I've also decided to not flesh out the map for the campaign, I used to always do that, create this whole world and start setting adventures in it.  But this time I decided to just leave it basically open, I have the town, the woods and the lake from the Laughing Dragon module, and that's it.  I've changed the names, and parts of the setting etc.  gotta love the OGL! (open game license).

Another thing I'd really like to incorporate into the setting is Port Blacksand, from the Advanced fighting fantasy books, here's a link to the map of the city 
I'll detail more about the adventure setting and things I've come up with as time goes on.

Side note

Whilst checking out the OSR community I've stumbled onto some really cool things and people! A few little notes.

Retro Clones - these seem to be all the rage and extremely nifty! It seems that we are all collecting these games and modules, just for the sake of having them? I'm sure we are getting a few ideas etc.

I found Labyrinth Lord and fell in love with it! and the new "dungeon crawl classics" which I talked to my local RPG shop about, I"m hoping they find a copy for me.

One post I was reading really struck a chord with me, "I didn't realize this until now, but we were basically playing regular basic D&D but with the 2nd Edition Books"... I've also realized that is what I was doing.  I've lately been considering picking up the Gygax books, I know there's a bunch kicking around the city, just getting back to the real old school! I love that.