Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Re-running modules

How often have you re-ran an adventure? 

I've re-run a few, but with the plethora of awesome adventures out there it's hard to consider re-running something.  I have been getting the itch to play again, and will likely setup some kinda game soon.  The game on Wednesday afternoon will likely be a re-run of Isle of Dread for me (using Old School Essentials this time around).  As well once the pandemic subsides a bit, I have a few buddies who want to play Fifth Edition.  I can think of no better starting adventure than the starter set! Of course a home written adventure might be better.... 

When I initially ran Phanldelver (or whoever you spell that), we didn't get too far into the adventure.  They basically had deleted the Red brands and then the group went kaputz.  Something similar happened with Isle of dread.  Whilst reading phanldelver, I realized that there is months of adventure within that book.  

The other thing I realized was home much prep I had done for Isle of dread the first time around.  Hence the reason why I'd like to go back and try it again.

Which modules have you ran more than once? How did they change?