Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Why the heck are there nooses everywhere??? (Monday Night Miserable Bastards)

I walked out of the grotto, carrying only my underwear.  My mail, shield and mace had completely melted away from the acid spewed by the demon.  I shook off my worries, and looked around.  Kojack the dwarf smiled at me as he brushed the dust off.   Funder and Rathgar must have headed back to hounds head ahead of us?  I didn't see them when we left.  Of course I was pretty beat up and tired.

As it was I barely made it back to town.

The dwarf was quite excited about some of our finds, most of the way back to hounds head he kept suggesting "we should really go to scorn and sell this stuff, I bet we can get some decent silver for it".

I was casually listening, my damn ear was still ringing from the battle.  Did he say Scorn? I guess I'll have to face the facts and at some point tell my cohorts about my past.  Not now though... I'll just carry on.

When we arrived back into Hounds Head, we met an adventuring party (who were decently equiped) they even had a wizard wearing a purple robe!

We briefly talked with them, and then headed over the mage/alchemist guy (I can't honestly remember his name, but he really dug arcane stuff, so it was our best bet).  Kojack managed to sell off a bunch of Viz (I think we made 600 Silver pieces).  I was stoked, as I need some armour in the worse way.  That dwarf he really likes to get a good deal, haggling is probably his 2nd favourite past time (bashing heads is the first).  He accounted for what we owed the other 2 members of the party. 

Speaking of, I still didn't notice them in town, they must have headed to the Inn or something?

Word around town was that a new smith might be moving in!  I guess we've been boosting the local economy a bit.  The thing is I really don't even know what the means, I actually overheard that from the dwarf.  If you asked me to spell economy, I doubt I'd be able to.   It's funny the things you pick up along the way.

We wandered over to the general merchant, and I found a really nice set of Scale mail and a shield.  I asked the trader if there was anyone in town with some artistic ability.  He pointed to his son (who was quite scared and sheepish).  "tag is quite good!". I talked it over with the lad and asked him to paint a white tankard on my shield with a blue outline (in honour of Fundars God - The Great Imbiber).   As far as pay was concerned, I was supposed to wait and see what it looked like, and then make a decision on how much I thought it was worth.  (spoiler alert, I paid the kid well the next day.  he did a bang up job).

The thirst at the back of my throat was starting to become very apparent, so we headed over to the "angry priest inn".   (who comes up with these names? I heard once about a place called the balding minotaur, and of course the extremely popular travellers inn). 

With a few coins in my pocket I decided to see if I could scope out a hireling torch bearer type.  I wound up with a wizard (or so he has led me to believe).  His name is ACTUNG, and he's a apprentice in the guild of arcane lore.  Seems like a stand up dude so far.  He drank the beer I gave him.

I honestly have no idea how we attract these wack adoodles, but we met this bloodletter guy named Traveria who was also going to scorn.  I guess safety in numbers right?

We promptly left town with this guy in tow.  I forgot to mention I recovered 2 regular maces from the grotto (well the dwarf did).  On the way along the trail we saw this huge dust cloud, bunch of super armoured knight types, a flag of "the spears of sarath" flying down the trail heading towards us.  I made like a cheque and bounced!  I ran into the forest, hoping they wouldn't notice me. 

Along the route we started discussing my past a little bit.  I left some things out, but I did mention that I had run ins with those guys and I was a bit worried that they may notice who I was.  The dwarf kindly suggested that he could "break yer nose!".  As well, I didn't realize it till now, but most of my face has pits from the acid burns. 


So my nose is broken now. 

Good news is, between the burns, the broken nose, and the tankard skin image, I should easily slip by these guys from now on.

We made camp for the night with another group of adventurers who were heading to hounds head.  In the morning we stumbled upon a dead body hanging from a noose, blood was still failing from the ground.   Nearby was a very eerie site.  A field surrounded with trees, all had noose tied to them, and all of the noose had been cut.....

Fuck that room. 

I made up my mind to see if I can find Gwen and touch base with her.  See what the crew has been up to.  Maybe get a little extra money on the side of need be.  Also I think I'll see if I can track down a decent brewmeister for our plans in Hounds Head. Hopefully we catch up with those other 2 characters in Scorn.

Check out Tim's website:
and his Patreon:

Monday, June 24, 2019

The 2nd Edition campaign that I should have run 24 years ago

As you well know I'm not a huge fan of Forgotten Realms.  Well specifically I'm annoyed that I'm so far behind with the Canon and have no actual idea what the world is supposed to look like nowadays. 

That being said, I do have a copy of 2nd edition campaign setting, the Dalelands Campaign setting (which I really dig), a copy of menzoberranzan and the first adventure in the sword of the dales set.

The adventure that comes with the FR campaign setting "Beneath the Twisted Tower", is a good starting place.  If I remember correctly all manner of evil may or may not be below the twisted tower.  The players are introduced to Shadowdale and the NPCs there.  I believe they are offered some land to build a place.  As well the first adventure in the sword of the dales is similar with the land offered.  Both of which are for starting PCs.  The twisted tower adventure allows the PCs to recuperate a bit and then delve back in, whereas the sword of the dales is more of a railroad wandering in the wilderness adventure. 

The twisted tower includes some drow, which is good as it sets up further adventures with the Drow involved and may give the PCs a bit of hesitation when encountering them. 

It would be relatively easy to start with both premises and then see which bait the PCs take.  

1.  Sword Of The Dales 
2.  Beneath the twisted tower. 
3.  Terrible Trouble At Tragidore (which is a terrible adventure) but with some tweaking it could be placed somewhere in the dales close to Shadowdale.  Quite possibly on the route to the sword of the dales encounters. (More drow!) 
4.  Secret of spiderhaunt (which I'd have to purchase at some point)
5.  The return of randal morn.  (which I'd have to purchase at some point) 
6.  Menzoberranzan*

*After these adventures, the players should be at a high enough level to start the Menzoberranzan adventure.  (5-7 i think)...

Some info on the sword of the dales trilogy 
The Sword of the Dales, an icon of the Dalelands symbolizing the unity and strength of the people, has reappeared! Created by Shraevyn the weapons-mage hundreds of years ago, the lost Sword had become nothing more than a fantastic children's tale - until now. 

A group of warriors led by Randal Morn, rightful ruler of Daggerdale, rushed to the Sword's resting place to recover it, but dark forces awaited them, and Randal and his men fell to an ambush. Only one man escaped, yet he brought with him the hope that Randal Morn yet lives. Resolved to rescue his leader, that lone survivor turned to the great Elminster of Shadowdale for aid. 

But Elminster is gone, off plane-hopping while the fate of Daggerbale hangs in the balance. Hence, it is up to Lhaeo, scribe to the old mage, to find a group of heroes who have mettle enough to face down the menace which claimed Randal Morn and his hearty followers... 

This is the first of three adventures that grant player characters the opportunity to determine the fate of Daggerdale. The saga continues with "The Secret of Spiderhaunt" and concludes with "The Return of Randal Morn."

Part 2 - Secret of spiderhaunt 
Part 3 - The return of randal morn

The sword of the dales technically doesn't need to be played all the way thru, or even played for that matter.  However with the wealth of information I have on the Dales it would be preferable. 

The above adventures would probably keep me going for a few years at this rate! 


I'd like to keep playing thru Isle of dread for awhile.  As we only play every few weeks, this will take some time to get to.  I've been sitting on all of these books since I was 16.  I'm slowly starting to get a hankering to play some 2nd edition.  At some point then I would probably put them up for sale after I finish running those adventures. 

Anyways, a few thoughts on a campaign idea that's been rolling around my head for ooooooh about 24 years. 

Part of the reason this came to me is that I found that all of my players detest spiders.  So what better way to freak them out then to send them to the city of spiders! hahahah.  Oh and I have a copy of a random dragonlance adventure that I've never played (DLA2 Dragonlance Dragon Knight ).  I should really pop that one up on ebay, I doubt I'll ever run it. 

Why not convert it?

I could easily convert these adventures to whitebox or possibly 5e, however I never did get a chance to really push 2nd edition.  More often than not there was a lot of start and play a bit, then slack off, then start again etc.   I think it would be super interesting to put 2nd ed thru its paces (just the 3 core books, no splats, no skills & powers)

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Mapping tutorials

Sometimes I go on a deep google dive and find some interesting stuff. That stuff then ends up sitting as open links, because I'd like to post about it, but forget to do it.

I'm still having trouble getting inkscape to load properly on my mac, however I'm fairly comfy with gimp and hand drawing stuff.

Without further ado, here's some good mapping tutorials and techniques.

Link to pdf tutorial hex map extension for inkscape

Friday, June 21, 2019

Free map friday - Underworld

These maps by Shane Ward (3 Toadstools Publishing) are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License. Inquiries about permissions beyond the scope of this license should be made by contacting Shane Ward

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Thoughts from Skord as he lays his head upon a pillow

Unlike Funder, I do not have anyone to write this to.  Instead I let the memories of the day wash over me as I try to get some much needed rest.  The morning started off easy enough, we had just finished killing a bunch of ugly ghasts the night before.  We got up in the morning, and stretched out the aches and pains from the battle.  I was still in fairly bad shape, but it seems the consensus was to press on and check out this "canter's grotto".

In my fitless sleep I decided that my mace needed a name, the only thing I could come up with was "spear".  Which was mostly to confuse the locals.  And the fact that I probably need a spear.  More on that later.

After we had a bit of breakfast, we noticed that a trail near us was completely covered in spiderwebs (some even hanging from the trees above us).  After a bit of thinking and conversation, we pressed on thru the webs.  I should note that the stuff is quite sticky and I spent the next half hour trying to relive myself of it.

As we got closer to the grotto, we smelled overwhelming incense.

The grotto was located in a grassy gnoll.  Cautiously we crept up and looked around.  I suggested that we check for alternate entrances, as I had heard stories of trapped and fake doorways in the past.  Kojack went to take a look at the door, and found that it was trapped with large pots filled with greenish liquid.  None of us had the stomach to try it.

We pressed on into the grotto.  Funder thankfully scouted ahead checking on things.  The first few minutes into the dungeon he did not find any thing significant.  And then! He noticed a group of what I can only describe as Imps.  What have we got ourselves into?

The decision was made to attempt to capture one, and then we quickly escaped the dungeon.  Hoping to interrogate the little bastard, we made it outside.  However a few of the imps companions followed us.  A large fight ensued.  May I say thank god for my cohorts, especially the cleric who healed me. I should also note that he was suspiciously absent when we fought the ghasts?

Alas, I will figure that out at some point.

We murdered the imps, and I came to the conclusion that there parts maybe worth something to an alchemist or magic user.  The other thing we realized was that the Imps were the ones creating the webs, as they had webbing coming from their undersides.

We ventured back into the dungeon turning south, Kojack listened at the door and heard some argument happening, between what he believed was two people.

We decided to go ahead and bum rush the door, breaking in we caught the two in surprise.  One of which was a fairly overweight character named Huberto, which I believe I may have met before.

I jumped on a table in the room scattering papers (we found out afterwards that they were blueprints for an evil temple).  Swinging my mace named spear I attacked the guard wearing plate mail.  I missed, and swore at the great imbibber for not helping me out in my time of need.  My faith is failing me.

In the heat of the battle I remember that Huberto was from Scorn and he was a textile merchant.

The cleric was giving him quite a good smacking, and the others helped me out trying to take out hte guard.  There was some brief discussion about attempting to interrogate these two, but they sucummbed to their wounds prior to us making a decision.  That little halfling i have to give him credit, he dove under a table and held a torch up to the crotch of the guard.

All of a sudden we heard a large noise coming down the hall.  We quickly barred the door with the table.  Once again the halfling surprised me, he was able to lift a table that was probably his same weight?   The wonders of the great imbibber!

The table only held for so long, the door in splinters, the head of a demon stuck thru.  Terror.

By this point I was bleeding profusely, rathgar thankfully healed me again.  My mace did not seem to do much damage to it.  I made a mental note to silver it with my remaining monies.  Food will have to wait.

We fought the demon as best we could, at some point we managed to get out of the room and lead the demon into it.  The halfling tossed me his sling with some silver stones and I attempted to fire some at it. 

The party was attempting to escape, yet the cleric and the curious dwarf kept at the demon trying to take it down.  The courage of the dwarf knows no limits.  I believe he is courageous, although I question his intellect on occasion.

The halfing cried out to his God and held up a silver tankard, charging the demon he bonked it over the head multiple times and then swiftly ran away.  The demon died in a huge rush of greenish liquid.  Unfortunately I was standing in the door way when the wave of acidic crap flowed out of the body.

My shield, plate mail melted away, and worse yet, my mace named spear melted into a puddle of goo.

We made a hasty escape, the rest of the party banged up but alive.  At least they still have armour, I am hesitant even to walk back to town in underwear.

Unfortunately the two people we fought were also drowned in the acid, all of their armour and any clues were lost.

I may try and find some kind of menial job so that I can buy some new armour.  I haven't decided yet.  I know the party managed to find some silver pieces.....

It seems that I am stuck with this lot in life, I cannot go back to scorn as I'm a wanted man, I have no money for armour or weapons, I will have to wait to find a hireling to help me.

I did forget to mention, I said a prayer for Kaylim, the dwarves torch bearer.  He died a courageous death.

Alas, it is now time to sleep.

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Monday night miserable bastards - session 3

Obviously notes from the session, I will write a official thoughts of "skord" tomorrow.

Session 3 - June 17/2019

My mace is now named “Spear”
We woke up in the morning, and we found some spiderwebs to the south.
Came upon a grassy gnoll covered in spiderwebs, that smelled of incense
Came to the grotto, entranced was trapped.  Kojack figured it out.
Managed to grab 3 vials of weirdish green liquid at the entrance.
Managed to bag an imp demon thing in a put him in a bag.
We killed some Imps.  Clerics
25 Teeth & Claws From Imps (component for magic missile spell) can sell them.  
There was weird webbing in the asses of the Imps.
Met some dudes in a room, looks like we are starting a fight with them.  They were arguing with each other behind the door.
I need to rename my mace.  It’s a POS.
I was not able to hit anything, I believe that the great imbibber is testing me.
Large guy that we met was a dude named Huberto (from Scorn), he was a textile merchant.
I may have mildly annoyed a demon with my mace, this may be my last day.
Watched Kaylim (kojacks hireling) melted into goo.
I believe humberto died.
In the nick of time, matt called on his god, and got 8 extra hit points.  He wacked the demon with his tankard.
I almost died again, but was brought back to life by the cleric (i owe him so much now).
Matt finally killed the demon.
The demon died, explosion of Acid.
We need to head back to town
All of my equipment is fucked.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Random spellcasting mechanic idea plus weirdo ability check idea.

Somewhat silly idea for spellcasting.

  • The player has no "actual spells from the book"
  • They get as many spells as they are of level (10th level = 10 spells). 
  • They describe the spell and its effects.
  • If the spell does damage its 1d4 per level of caster  (2nd level wizard 2d4 damage)
  • If the spell has a duration it is 1d4 per level in rounds of the caster (1st level is 1d4)
  • If the spells cures it is 1d4 per level of caster. (3rd level 3d4)
  • Any spells that cause damage or have an effect are subject to a saving throw.  (attack rolls are not needed). 

What I like about this idea, especially for new players, I can just say "alright what is it that you want to do?", and then have them describe the spell in detail.  This might also give way to new spells.  I think it might keep a player from randomly looking at their character sheet and wondering "do I have a spell that will help us here?". 

Anyways, just an idea that I might put into practice. 

Ability check idea! 
Alright rather than a DC check or a roll under, I kinda like the idea of a target number for any check.  The math is 17 - your level + modifier = target number.  So a 3rd level character needs to roll over 14 with modifiers to be successful.  Capped at 10 I think, so there's still a chance of failure.  So at level seven you would always have to roll 10 or higher to be successful. 

I actually wouldn't mind doing this same idea for saves and thieving skills.  If any PC other than a thief attempts something, the math might be 19 everytime.  19 - your level + modifier = target number.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The case for PWYW products

Apparently there was some rumblings about how PWYW downgrades the RPG industry.  I currently don't have any sources on that, although it was on twitter.  After a brief search I was unable to find anything.  I have a few messages out there to people, so if I get some data I'll do an edit to this post.

Okay, here's the gist of why I totally love PWYW products, and why most of mine are PWYW.

Once a year I get a cheque for $100 USD, which works out to $132 CAD

I've been considering picking up Sage Of The Shadow Lord as it looks like a lot of fun.
The softcover print is $9.99 USD
Hold on a second though, gotta convert that to CAD, and we gotta add the shipping.  Here's what it costs me to get a reprint of a basic old school D&D module.

Cheapest shipping is $15.14 CAD (3-6 weeks)
The book is $13.28 CAD

So we are at $28.42 CAD for a reprint of a book. 

Alternatively if I was in the states the shipping would be half that and the book is $9.99

Alright my cheque went down to $100 CAD

And I might just grab in search of the unknown while I'm at it.  Unfortunately if I buy 2 things, the shipping doesn't get any cheaper (like amazon).

Now I'm probably going to go out to the local game store as well, because my nephew has been playing D&D with us and he needs a set of dice.  There's another $7.00 CAD that I'll spend.

Oooh a few new minis, a extra set of dice for shane cuz why not, and If I remember correctly they got a pile of old AD&D books that no one wants except me (score!)

So $14 for dice, $8 for a few minis, and a copy of some old tome for $23.00

I am now at $101.84 CAD

So I've got less than $30 leftover.  And I'm hungry, and there's a McDonalds near the game store.

Pay What You Want is NOT hurting the industry at all. 

When I first started publishing some stuff my thought process was the following:
Put out some free stuff
Gain a few followers
Put out some pwyw stuff
Gain a few extra followers
Get them excited about something
Put out an actual book to make money.

The last part hasn't happened.  I'm currently working on something, but the intention is to use the above cheque to not purchase any actual rpg products, but instead pay for some art.

In the end, it'll be the same thing, a 0 dollar income that I'm super happy about.

Because honestly that's not the point and never was for me.  Sure a few extra bucks to buy some RPG books is fucking wonderful (and I love all you guys for purchasing stuff!).  The real satisfaction comes from creating and putting stuff out there, and people get excited about it.  Which then pushes me to do more stuff.

Whenever that cheque arrives, I'll probably go on a spending spree and put all that money back into the industry.


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Miserable Bastards Session 2

Thankfully Funder has also written a journal entry, of which you can read here:

Letter to Elder Mildred, dated the 6th day of the month of the Lion

Oh man, another funny one!  So we were without our cleric last night, but that didn't stop us from doing some adventuring.  We had left off having basically robbed a wagon of moonstones.  The discussion opened up that maybe we should consider building ourselves a small home in the town of hounds head.

I gotta say its super handy to have my character sheet in google drive.  I was making notes the whole session and tracking things.  When I run my next home game, I think I'll fire up the computer to take care of the DMing side of things.

Here's my notes from last night:

Session 2

  • Came into town, and notice that Sir Santor was coming back into town as well, all bandaged up.  He was accompanied by 3 dwarves. 
  • They had a cart with clean ore.
  • Discussed the idea of buying a house in town.  
  • WENT TO THE CRAIGSLIST BOARD.  Small pieces of paper with “lady named anna wants someone to find her husband”.
  • Posted up looking or a “mistress of extraordinary brewcraft for a exquisite  venture”.
  • Went over to a tent city to talk to some builders.  We met a girl dwarf named “arga”.  Kojack tried to pick her up. 
  • Considering a mill and brewery.
  • Possible festival in town.   Ivanoff filled us in that he’s working on it.
  • Talking to Ivanoff about acquiring some land.  (north of the northern bridge). 
  • Having a meeting with ivanoff later to discuss the price on the land. 
  • Heading off to chanters grotto
  • Have become a convert of the great imbiber. 
  • Burn scar of tankard on my fucking neck from the matt’s God. 
  • Killed some forest ghasts. That’s where we left off.  

As you can see it was a fairly epic session. After we noticed Sir Santor coming back into town all bandaged up (to our surprise! we thought he was dead). We decided to follow him into the inn. He sat down and had a brief discussion with Ivanoff (who didn't seem very pleased). We followed up talking to Ivanoff with our possible plans of building a Mill (and a brewery!). He sort of beat around the bush about pricing within the town. Apparently he had given the party some land but it was a bit further away. The idea is we could have a place to hang our hat, and get a brewmesiter to make us some decent ale. The balance of which we could then sell to the local tavern (win win honestly!). We told Ivanoff that we had posted a message on the town board (Hounds Head Craigslist!). We was so happy! Unfortunately we can barely put 2 sentences together between the three of us, so the actual message was missing contact info hahaha.

After that Kojack attempted to talk up a lovely dwarf lady but failed miserably (I believe he needs to grow his beard longer).

He was itching for a fight, so we headed off into the wilderness (at night.... good plan boys).

Since we have no actual military training we floundered around in the dark (that's tongue in cheek as we the actual players that do have military training).

We ran into some weird forest ghasts! Got into a helluva a melee. My character managed to wack one, and then got hit and paralyzed. Then kojack almost went down, his henchman managed to throw some burning oil at it. Matt's halfling named Funder prayed to his God "the great imbiber" and tossed a healing potion down my throat. Because I was partially burned and paralzed the healing potion not only healed me but it ingrained a small tattoo in my skin of a tankard (friggin cool).

Just FYI I am now a convert! I got up and at em after the fight was over.

Oh and we levelled up! Wooo! I somehow managed to re-roll some decent hit points (17 fuck yeah)

Check out Tim's patreon here:

So this is my second time playing with Tim and the guys in roll 20. The last session we didn't have any actual battles, but last night we did. And I gotta say i was flabbergasted by how friggin cool it was! The one and only other time that I used roll 20 it was all text based. This makes me want to run Tomb Of Gardag, and re-create all the rooms in pyromancers.

Might just do that!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Weird Wayfaring - A crowd sourced hexcrawl

Here's the download.

A fun little collaboration with a bunch of good folks over on mewe.


Welcome to the outlands, beyond civilized society.  The civilizations to the south have outlawed magic, and wiped all monsters off the face of the world.  What lives to the north has survived and thrived. This is a weird place. There is a mixture of the exotic, fantasy, mutants and space themes running thru this hexcrawl.  Please enjoy, modify or run it as is for your players. May the Gods have a bit of mercy on their souls.

Written By: Ivan Sorensen, Shane Ward, Daniel Luce, Scott Malthouse, Vance A, AJ Fritz, Stephen Anderson, Edward Kann, Scott Charlton, Goblin’s Henchman, Graphite Prime, Alistair Langsford, Tito B.A. Michael Kennedy, Matt Jackson, Graphite Prime, James 'Jeshields' Shields, Caleb Collins, Chef En Fueg, Tim Shorts.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Expect more from 3 Toadstools

I finally got a new to me Mac last night.  Inquiring minds its a Apple iMac 21.5" Intel i5 2.5GHz Quad Core, 8GB Ram.  I've been wanting some kinda Mac for years, especially after spending so much time in the recording studio with them.  Whilst all computers are great nowadays, I must admit that playing with this thing inspires creativity, and that is great! Hopefully everything works out, I tend to take a REALLY long time deciding on anything, and more often than not just delay any kinda of purchase.  Part of the reason is that certain things I've bought over the years haven't worked out that well. 

Anyways, on the docket of shit I'm gonna get done: 

  • Layout project called "Mythic Journey's" 
  • Finish the mewe hex.
  • A compilation of 3 toadstools adventures, in 6x9 rewritten for Blueholme and with some better descriptions (yup I'm taking a lot of what Bryce and age of dusk have said to heart and going back to do an edit on things).  Obviously everyone wonderful person who has purchased the previously released pdfs thank you so very much!  This has been in the back of my mind for a long time.  And really it's mostly just for me to have a book on my desk that says "hey I fucking wrote this!".  This has been a ongoing project for me, and hopefully i can get it done! So I can finally sleep well at night haha.
  • With the ability to add music from spotify to anchor casts, I think I'm going to do a blues podcast soon.  My initial thoughts are once a week, and maybe a half hour type show.  After doing a bit of research, you can use spotify tracks, but only host on anchor.  My guess is because of royatly issues with producers you cannot port the tracks over to itunes and the other distribution areas that anchor allows.  Which honestly is totally fine.  It'd just be some fun.  I have far too much slightly useless information in the back of my brain about blues music, and the history of audio recording anyways.  
  • Oh and now I'll be able to actually run a game online and play online without a pile of trouble and a sore back! 
  • I downloaded a version of "Pro Tools First" which is wonderful.  It's 16 tracks (which is honestly perfect.  If you need more than that you need to re think your recording/arrangement IMHO).  One thing that I really enjoyed especially when I had hard day in the studio was to plugin my guitar and jam along with drum tracks or actual songs.   It made me a better player.  So I'll be doing that more often in the evenings.  
  • Convert our dvd & music collection to run on a kodi. 
  • Probably more Gilligan's Isle podcast frequency.
  • Who knows what else will happen! I'm fucking excited I'll tell you that.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Classic Traveller Links

As is typical, I couldn't sleep last night.  I started thinking about Class Traveller, I have the book but haven't ran it yet.  Of course A.D.D. Gamer kicked in while I was tossing and turning.  At one point I thought "Just get up Shane, and go and grab the damn book".

I've been invited to play the game online, but my scheduling didn't work out well at the time.  I generally like having read thru the book a few times before I jump in though.

Quick little overview from here

Characters typically journey between various star systems and engage in activities such as exploration, ground and space battles, and interstellar trading. Characters are defined not by the need to increase native skill and ability but by achievements, discoveries, wealth, titles, and political power.

Key features

Key features derived from literary sources are incorporated into Traveller in all its forms.
  • Human-centric but cosmopolitan: The core rules focus on human characters, but there is ample support for using and playing aliens.
  • Space travel: Interstellar travel is through the use of the faster-than-light (FTL) jump drive, which moves a ship through "jump space" a few light-years at a time. Each jump always takes about one week. Normal-space travel is accomplished through relatively efficient and powerful gravitic drives. Newtonian physics tends to be followed.
  • Limited communication: There is no faster-than-light information transfer – meaning no ansiblesubspace radio or hyper-wave. Communication is limited to the speed of travel. Decisions are made on the local level, rather than by a remote authority.
  • Conflict resolution: Planets fight out internal wars, and commerce is a major driving force of civilization.[citation needed]
  • Sociological: Interstellar society is socially stratified (high, mid, and low passage; SOC (Social Status) is a primary character attribute). Affairs are often managed by independent nobility, who make use of classic titles such as Baron, Duke and Archduke.
  • Diversity within Limits: Career options, ship design, subsector design, and decisions made during character generation limit and frame reality. The definitions create a diverse space (hence library data and anachronistic/ atavistic worlds), within limits.
  • Morals and mortality: People remain people and continue to show courage, wisdom, honesty and justice, along with cowardice, deceit, and criminal behavior.

I decided to go ahead and do some googling to see what I could find, as far as links are concerned.

So that's a ton of great resources hey!

At some point in the next few days I'm going to crack that book again and have a look.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Monday Night Miserable Bastards - Session 1


I got together with Tim, Matt, Joe and Erik to play some nerd games last night.  7 PM my time, which works out perfectly actually.  It took me a bit to figure out what was going on, as this was my first game with these guys.  They had previously played in the campaign so they had some ideas as to what was going on.

The premise that Tim has come up with is pretty cool.  We are basically out on the borderlands, and there are a few different factions vying for control.  My character "skord" had previously worked with Erik's character "rathgar".  I won't get too much into his background, as the guys may read this.

Speaking of backgrounds, Tim sent me a 6 page background/what's up with the setting pdf.  Which is awesome! I was blown away honestly.

So basically the party was sorta split.  Rathgar was in the tavern in the small town of Hounds Head (like seriously small town, the blacksmith can't even make arrows!)

The other 2 characters had just finished finding the body of a knight in the outskirts.

They eventually made their way back to town.  Where i was introduced.

We decided to talk with the sorta know it all sage of the town who gave us some good ideas.

We stayed in the tavern over night, and woke up to disguises left in our room.

Apparently the cleric Rathgar was met in the night by someone, who gave him a quest.  He gave us the very briefest of explanations and we were off.

Prior to leaving the halfling had a signet ring that he found on the body of a dead knight, he decided to stash it away in the eaves of the tavern roof.   We then headed out of town and caught up with a merchant caravan (one wagon) and two guards.  Some of the party took their time scoping out the situation.

What proceeded was one of the best roleplaying moments I've been involved in.  Cue some monty python playing women antics (complete with high pitched voices).

Basically the funniest distraction ever.  The merchant was so confused with these older women talking to him about all kinds of random things.  The halfling jumped up and basically robbed the caravan of moonstones.  Then got the horse and cart rolling away from the action.   Skord the warrior acted as the meat and restrained one of the guards.

Seriously so funny.  I can't even remember all of what was said, but my throat was sore from laughing so hard.   We left off with the moonstones in tow having escaped the situation without blodshed (which was what we needed to do).  The next plan was to go and check out a grotto covered in spiderwebs.  I cannot fucking wait for Monday (whose every said that before!).  Thanks guys! that was fucking fantastic.

Tim went and did a podcast about monday evening, and it's awesome (good recap!)

I gotta say I learned something from Tim's DMing style (and from listening to Froth's cast).  Sometimes it's the best thing in the world to sit back and just let the players go.  I often worry too much about planning things out.  Just sit back and let it happen! 

As some of you may know, I'm currently working on a Man cave in the basement.  It's a bit of a work in progress at this point, but I should hopefully be down there before the next session.  The last few times I've played on line, I've used my tablet (which works well) however the mic on it is on the back so I basically have to hold it in my lap.  As well (see picture) I've been in this small room with a bunch of crap, sitting in front of a small sewing desk.

As you can see it's not ideal.

I currently have a few ideas for a computer solution.  Just deciding on what the best plan is for me.

I ended up using roll20 on my laptop to see what was going on and for rolling dice, and hangouts for talking.

I got a line on a few computers.  Just figuring stuff out.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Sunday morning OSR hunt

I decided to spend a bit of time this morning over coffee looking at some cool new stuff OSR stuff.

Dice Roll Zine #2: It's currently available in print only here:  I'd hazard to guess it will be available on pdf thru drivethru shortly.  Here is the summary:

Dice Roll Zine is a 40-page, saddle-stitched, digest-sized print zine for old-school RPGs written by Steven A. Cook and illustrated by some of the best retro-inspired artists.

The second issue includes a Sorcerer class for Swords & Wizardry Complete games; 'Roll all the Dice' tables for generating fungi, plants & freaky stuff; The City-State of Kreth, a weird-fantasy city overview with history, factions, unique gear, rumors, adventure seeds, thumbnail descriptions and encounter tables for nine city districts, and more; new spells and magic items for an 'oldhammer' fantasy role-playing game; and various other cool rules options and odd things for your old-school games.  Please Note: Print buyers also get a PDF copy for free. Details are included with your print zine!

You can grab a copy of #1 here.  

1988 Dungeon:  Goblin's Henchmen does it again.  This is a really fun dungeon.  It's PWYW, get it here

This is an 1e AD&D adventure made in 1988. It was one of the first dungeons I ever made when I was a teenager. So, it’s about as Old Skoool as it gets … not in an OSR sense, but in a “I’ve made a dungeon who wants to play” kind of way. If you’re looking for understandable/sensible dungeon ecology, themes, plot, and balanced encounters etc., then you’ve signed up for the wrong adventure! 

The Ghost Fleet - A Edge of Space Supplement
I'm going to go ahead and download Edge Of Space, looks like a fun game.  I was thinking it might be a good one to pull out after a regular session of DND, or when I only have so many players show up.  Ghost Fleet is an adventure for the system. 

During the Confederation Wars the Madeiran Union was one of the fiercest and most mysterious sides of the conflict.  Striking from uncharted space at random vectors the Madeirans never seemed to be at a loss for ships, supplies, or men.  Even now nearly thirty years after the founding of the Confederation the Madeiran Union is still talked about with an air once reserved for urban legends.

In the wreckage of the MMS Yu-Ti on a desolate, un-named ice world. The CMSC has discovered the existence of a Madeiran Ghost Fleet deep in the Levigos Nebula near the center of the Rim and behind the lines of Bug space.   Believing that the fleet lay as salvage the CMSC dispatches the Sword of Hathor to survey the Ghost Fleet in hopes that the vessels could help replenish the losses sustained in the war against the Bugs … the problem is this is a Ghost Fleet in more than just name …

Edge of Space is a simple 2d6 beer and pretzels roleplaying by Chubby Monster Games and was created by the (in)famous master of cartography Matt Jackson.  Edge of Space has a simple background to get the players and GM started:  You are Space Marines for allied human systems and must defend against the onslought of alien hordes that wish to drive you and your race to total extinction.  The game is available for $1.00 on and has some support by Genius Loci Games and other publishers.

Gothridge Manor is at it again!: Tim just released this cool looking adventure:
I present to you Three Adventures for the Compleat Adventure. The title is a play off the old Compleat series. I decided to return to my old ways, doing short adventures. Presenting situations to the party to explore, figure out, and possibly defeat. I’ve written three situations for three environments. Design wise the GM has the map on the left page and all the content for the map on the right page. No flipping!
First is the urban environment, Searching Ashen Alley. The party has something stolen. They see the thief head for an alley way and now need to deal with the dangerous of the city. This one is a randomly determined encounter that can introduce the party to the thieves guild. For good or bad.
The second is a traditional dungeon crawl, Tomb of the Berserker King. Nothing says adventure than plundering the tomb of some forgotten king. A nasty little crawl that might cost the characters more than they get in return. 
The third and final installment is a roleplaying situation, The Hanging Tree. I believe these type encounters can develop depth for the characters. It gives the characters a chance to help without ever drawing their weapons. The situation deals with a suicidal boy. The topic could trigger some people so please consider that. 
Matt Jackson has a bunch of great maps over on Patreon:
Really diggin this town map that Matt drew.
 Dhul Crag:  Nine days ride to the south, but still two day's ride from The Wall sits the small village of Dhul Crag. An Outpost in the middle of a dangerous wilderness, this walled cluster of buildings serves as a welcome respite from the horrors of the surrounding Deep Wold, a well-known forest of grim portent. The sturdy oak wall has, so far, been penetrated only once (repairs are are ongoing).

Other cool things that have caught my eye, but haven't had a chance to check them out yet (that's a helluva a title!) 
*The Ubix #2:  In the realms of dream and the hitnerland wilds, The Ubix signals your path to adventure! This is an OSR zine of 4 RPG elements underscored by simple black and white artwork. Within these 14 pages you'll find bloodstained surgeons, hateful vampiric aliens, levitating thrones, and a spell that you may never awake from!
Mice with Legitimate Grievances:  A small dungeon for 1st or 0th level characters. The Mice Folk have had enough. First a man thing came into their home to start playing with dead things (yuck!), and now the man things have damaged their roof with careless farming. So help them: the next man thing they see is going to get bopped on the head with a stick!
The Screaming Swamp:  This is an expansion of my contribution to the Tenkar’s Landing G+ Community collaborative sandbox setting, Eilean Dubh (The Black Isle).  Each contribution to The Black Isle is a single 6 mile hex. There is a lot here in this lone hex. One can easily change to a 12 mile hex, making each sub-hex a mile. Even larger hexes may be used, if you need a massive swamp.  I have added more tables specific to this area and swamps in general. The text has has much more revision, correction, and additions than the version released in The Black Isle.
MOI:  The mewe hex descriptions are basically done, I've got a few more to add to it (and by the sounds of it Scott had a few extra that he was working on).  Managed to cultivate a really interesting d100 table of "shit you find on the ground".  After all that is done, I think I'll crowd source a few small dungeons, possibly using paratime design's maps.  Then it'll get released into the wild.  I do have one epic conundrum, the maps are all licensed under creative commons, which is cool.  I just dunno if I can use the OGL for the mechanics within the product?  I'll mull that over in my head.  As is typical with any of my collabs, this is just for fun, and will be a download available only on this blog.  Should be complete in a week or two.  
Have a Happy Sunday!