Saturday, July 15, 2023


Turnbuckle is a bustling village in the shade of luminescent mushrooms.  The citizenry is made up of dark humanoids who moved to the surface years ago.  These include (dark) elves, gnomes, dwarves, darklings, and a few nastier creatures from the underworld.

Don't get me wrong, for the most part the citizens are pleasant and sort of get along.

As previously discussed this is the underworld above ground after an apocalypse, ruled by the iron hand of a death knight.  

Please throw out whatever you believe about the above creatures, they've come along way from their cruel ness.  Some more than others.

Turnbuckle is ruled by a council of 5, most of them being dwarves.  They are generally concerned for the welfare of the community and others.  Great planners, and politico's.

Darklings have a knack for commerce and own quite a bit of property and business. 

Gnomes as they've always been are inventor's, architects, and engineers.

The few dark elves make up the bulk of the workforce.  

Rope bridges and ladders jump from mushroom to mushroom, some homes are built among them.

The three eyed newt is the place for gossip, a glass of wine and a bards song.

Resting your weary head, look no further than the nestled hen, a nice inn on the edge of town.  A small stable sits outside for riding lizards and the like.

The village has a very small crew of volunteer guards, made up mostly of dwarves.  Most are not seasoned.  Thankfully the raids from undead and others are infrequent.

There are a few market stalls were common goods can be found.  Most goods worth more than 25 gp in your equipment list are 15% more and there is a 45% chance there is only one.

The Mulvey brothers (darklings ) own a small trading company and store.  They tend to only be in town for a few weeks at a time.  There is a 25% chance they are available.

The village does not have a blacksmith proper, however a smart person could speak with a gnome for design, and find a dark elf to do the work perhaps.  

Work wise, there's plenty of farming, a small quarry, fishing and the big job of finishing the wall around the village.

Religion is quite varied among the races.  This however a cult of the moon, that worships when the sun goes down (reminder it's only sunlight four hours a day)

They believe that thru sacrifice they can bring on eternal darkness.  

*Please note: darklings are halfings with dark vision.  They have grey hair on their head and feet.  

Of course this is a starting point.  I obviously need to add some politics, NPC names, all the balancing act goodies.

Sunday, July 9, 2023

I'm addicted to pirate games

 I only just realized this after purchasing "Neverland" that I'm addicted to pirates.  My favourite adventure of all time is isle of dread which I've ran a few times.  I grabbed a copy of saltmarsh as well and enjoyed reading it.   I've had multiple 5e characters with the pirate background including a female dread pirate Roberts I created for my wife to play.

I'm thinking there is probably a way to stitch all of the above adventures together!  I also have the basic fantasy Monkey isle which is awesome.

In other random news.  The grognard google chat has decided to run one game a month online.   Basically a one shot.  I had mentioned it had been awhile since I GMd a game, and I wanted to try out Holmes dnd.

I've got a small dungeon ready to go for it.  Just need to add some bits and bobs to the player drive (including the link to zenopus archives reference sheets).

After my game we are all going to take turns running a game.  I'm sure there will be 5e, shadowdark, and other interesting stuff.

I've spent a lot of time writing adventures, factions and other world building stuff while I've been on vacation.  Doing it old school in a notebook.  Which includes drawing maps on lined paper hahha. 

Unfortunately I have to really keep an eye on my schedule lately as we have some family things we are dealing with and it only leaves so much time.  I'm making the most of what I have available.