Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Campaign Hack - Hacking Basic Fantasy Modules to suit your own needs

This title should be "hacking basic fantasy modules to suit MY own needs", however if this appeals to you go ahead and steal it.

I've written often about my love of BFRPG, and a lot of the modules.  This however is my little hack of putting together a few of the modules.  Mostly to suit my own campaign tastes.

First things first - head on over to and take a look at the downloads section.  Better yet you can grab all of the modules on amazon.

The wonderful thing about the basic fantasy website is that you can download the odt files and do exactly what I did, copy and paste to your hearts content to create your own adventure.

Okie dokie first things first.  The whole thing is set in the "Morgansfort" campaign setting.  Check out the map on page 2.

For the home base for the players I plan to use the keep at Morgansfort, as its highly nostalgic and written very well.   The Old Island Fortress will not be very far from Morgansfort.  And is a perfect starting dungeon for players.

Now here is where the whole thing takes a turn to hack!

The keep at Morgansfort is located exactly where the small town is located in the Chaotic Caves module.  The Chaotic Caves comes with a small town that a GM can flesh out, and extremely excellent surrounding lands map.  All of the random encounters on the surrounding lands map are excellent.   As well as the bandit keep!  About the only thing that I think I would leave out in my campaign is the actual Chaotic Caves (As there's going to be more than enough to do).

Now for a few little extra adventures, within Morgansfort there is a "Nameless Dungeon" that you can place somewhere within the Chaotic caves map.  And the "Caves of the unknown" within Morgansfort.

As well, go and grab Tales from the laughing dragon module.  Place the tavern "Laughing Dragon" within the keep at Morgansfort and there yah go!  There are 3 great adventure paths thru out that module.

Now the only slight issue is that a lot of these adventures are built for 1st level players, and they will level up eventually, making some of the dungeons a little too easy.  No problem!  go and re skin em with the Basic Fantasy Field Guide.  Once the PC's get thru all of these messes, its time to grab a copy of one of the Giant Series and work that into the story line.  

Here is a list of rumors to get you started. roll 1d6

1.  Fonkin, the beloved gnome sage is missing. The town guard is busy fighting off brigands and doesn't have time to look for him

2.  Lizardmen raid the local shipping now and then, carrying off loot.

3.   Three witches haunt the roads near a keep further into the wilderness, selling evil potions and petty magic in exchange for souls. [FALSE]

4  Human bandits are causing problems for outlying farms.

5.  People have been killed and eaten by ghouls near the crypt area.

6.   a one-eyed farmer named Bart tells you of the Old Island Fortress. It was built in ancient times by a people long forgotten, and it now lies in ruins. It is said to be home to both fearsome monsters and fabulous treasure.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Creative commons project

As per usual I was thinking about writing, doing some writing in my head last night.  In the last little while I've stumbled upon a TON of excellent creative commons stuff.  So much so that I'm starting to feel a Open CC project coming on.  A few things first about Creative Commons and RPG's (at least this is my opinion).

  • The system would either have to be system neutral, or a new system that would then also be Open CC for anyone else to use.  Or possibly something like Open d6, mini6 
  • The world would be open, and other people could write for it, provided that they themselves release under open CC.  
  • The title would not be pay what you want, or have any $ value to it.  I would of course put it up as a free download. 
  • The note taking would be immense.  Any open CC material I find would have to be stated as such within the text.  Not really an issue, but its about book keeping - find something cool write that shit down. now. 
As far as links are concerned, here are a BUNCH! 

Free Fantasy Maps - There are some super awesome ones here. 

Openclipart - You have to dig, but there's some great stuff here as well. 

Dyson Logos Commercial Maps - Licensed under CC 

Open Adventure - I have to check to see if this is actually CC or not. .

And of course you can find some amazing artwork at

All of the above could get us started on something crazy big! 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Year in review 2015 - 3 Toadstools Publishing

It's been quite an entertaining year sitting under the shade of these toadstools.  In my infinite wisdom I decided to start doing a series of interviews.  These have gone over quite well, and I look forward to doing more in 2016.  If you know someone/or you would like to get interviewed please hit me up at shanepatrickward AT gmail DOT com.  

Here are the interviews from the past year. 

Interview with Thaumiel Nerub of D-oom Products

note:  the use of "It's your turn" comes from the email I send to the interview recipient. 

Thought Eater Contest

Zak S started running an awesome essay contest about a month back.  Great idea!  However I haven't written an essay in about 14 years or so.  I actually had to google "How to write an essay".  Apparently there are prizes involved (Yes I really want a copy of R&PL and now I am going to grab the pdf).  Now that the results are in and I didn't make it thru, I wrote the 2nd post for "realism".  This contest was a great idea, its been so long since I wrote an essay.

A few modules 
I released a few modules this year as well, the recent "Mad God's Jest" and the "Tomb Of Gardag The Strange

Reviews for "The Tomb Of Gardag The Strange" 

The Mad God's Jest - Review 

A few module reviews I've done. 
note:  I need to do more reviews, I really enjoy doing them. 

Netherstorm Core Rules - Review!

Popular Posts
*there are of course a bit skewed as they are the most popular posts for today.

Well that's about it for the time being, please enjoy your holidays! I'm looking forward to all the craziness we come up with next year! 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Pretty sure I'm throwing my nephews in a dungeon tomorrow.

I've often talked about the "endless tunnels of enlandin".  In fact I really should setup a play by post for it.  You can grab it here btw -

Here's why I like basic D&D,  I'm bringing a bag of dice, my copy of basic, and the dungeon in a bag.  That's it!  No 3 large tomes, no remembering the DM screen, or minis, no having to bring large pools of dice, or a calculator for that matter.  Just the small rules book, the dungeon and a couple of dice and we are good.  Of course add imagination.

Now to the Endless tunnels, honesty a really great module, I dunno how many times I've read it, I started playing it one night after a 5e game with my players.  I believe it has 5 dungeon levels in the nice throw back blue!  There's a dragon in there, a crazy wizard, all kinds of random bad guys, traps, etc.  The module isn't really set anywhere, so by happenstance It will be set within Thunderrift (which I've been having a love affair with).

Now all I gotta do today is wander over to +Dyson Logos  blog  and grab one of the awesome character sheets he has and I'm good to go.

So tomorrow after presents, and a few rum & eggnogs, the boys will be off to battle kobolds in the first level of the dungeon.

Should be fun!

Do you have any plans for Christmas gaming?

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

This just in... I just got a fucking fantastic review

So do I think that the Mad God's Jest worth the the time and energy for down loading? Yes, yes, I do actually.

While you are over at Swords & Stichery, check out the awesome "Retro Reviews" that Eric keeps doing.  Love em.  Some of these modules I've heard of, some I haven't.  I appreciate his opinion.

When Stars Fall

Nights Dark Terror

Temple Of Death

Master OF The Desert Nomads

Vault of The Drow

Descent Into The Depths Of The Earth

Ghost Tower Of Inverness

BTW I'd love to have this collection of retro modules.  

You can grab "The Mad God's Jest" right here. 

Announcement! 3 Toadstools has officially partnered with D-oom Products

Super awesome! In order to spraed more OSR goodness, we've partnered with D-oom Products.  They are putting together & printing some of the 3 Toadstools modules, and selling them in Finland (Why yes my mind is officially blown!).  The cool thing about this is that D-oom are great to work with!  +Thaumiel Nerub has been attending little cons and has converted some of the modules to Finnish as well (also super neat).  I love how small this community actually is.  And the fact that we can work together to do fun things like this.

Here are the links.

As well we have been co-writing a hex crawl, its currently in its infant stages, but here's another little preview.

205  Arena.  Within this hex is a grand gladiator arena.  It is open most days from early afternoon until evening.  PC’s can bet on gladiators from either the red or black team.  The process of betting is as follows:  Players & the GM pick (the GM playing the part of the “house”) which team they would like to win.  They then bet in gold pieces, minimum bet is 5 GP’s.  Everyone rolls percentile dice (d%), whoever is the highest, their gladiator won.  In the case of a tie, the pot is split.  

A very popular gladiator named “Renald The Ravanger” has been out of commission for the past few weeks.  No one has seen him in atleast a fortnight.  His residence is a room within the arena complex.  If the PC’s investigate his room, they will find a handwritten note detailing his absence.  He has left the city of Barcombe in search of his long lost love.  Another note on the dresser points to a extremely expensive ransom for her safe return. It is signed by “Craglex”.  (Craglex is an Orc warlord, who is currently residing in a small cave south of the city in hex 27).  

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Mad God's Jest - FREE Adventure


Deep inside the mind of Captain Sherborne, he's cracked. His dreams haunted by a Harlot. However nothing is what it seems. He wanders the world looking for brave souls to help him. Will you? 

Includes 1 hand drawn map, 4 pre generated characters. And a bunch of fun tables! 

*Note this product will remain free, it is in celebration my of 500th blogpost. Please enjoy. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Intriguing session with new DM.

A few weeks ago we had our first session of "Out Of The Abyss". I've been chomping at the bit to play a character. I rolled up a Drow priestess, then decided against it. After flipping thru the phb I stumbled upon the druid class. I remember having rolled up one at some point during the 2e era, I believe it was an NPC at the time.

So with 3d6 a few times, Zagnap Rustleglonmph was born. I purposely rolled the 3d6 not in order, but just wrote the results down on a paper, and moved them around till he felt right. The reason is, I wanted atleast one negative number. I'm already finding these 5e characters to be way over powered. However even after I got him basically done, I went thru an added all the racial bonuses and he managed to get a little more built up. Oh and rather try and decipher my bad handwriting I just did a typed up version of him in word, rather than use a character sheet.

Here is his background.

Zagnap comes from a small svirfneblin mining community located north of Daggerdale, (however deep underground).  During a exploratory search of the underdark far from the community he was separated from his group.  Zagnap searched for his group for days, finally coming upon them, they had been slain by a group of monsters.  None were left alive.  Seeing the harsh realities of leaving the confines of the community, Zagnap decided that it was best to see what else was out there.  His adventurous spirit took over.  Carrying with him a staff he made out of a old petrified toadtool, his leather armour & sling made from the hide of a Rothe, he stepped out into the underdark in search of answers.  Answers to the world below.  He set out to write a book about the “Underdark Ecologies”, detailed within is plant & humanoid life.  As time went on he stumbled upon a meeting between a very select group of residents.  “The circle of the 5”, a Underdark druidic order made up of a variety of races.  All of which follow the teachings of Segojan Earthcaller.  Zagnap is currently an initiate of the order, and will not be officially inducted into the circle until one of the five dies.  

My intention for Zagnap is to be very much like Allanon from the Shanara series.

My wife is playing a half elf fighter with a pirate background, she plans to be very much like the "Dread pirate roberts", which I'm rather excited about. A natural born leader.

Alright down to the brass tacks of the session. It was in a word or two, f**king awesome. Our DM +Adam Lerner it was his first time. I'm sure he may have had a few little moments of worry, but he did really awesome! He had different voices for everyone! Different storylines, etc. He did a great job ad-libbing. The key I find to being a good DM is to just roll with it, let the players keep it going, and that's exactly what he did. I need to talk to him about what if anything he was reading before DMing for the first time. Anyways, we started the game off being trapped in a drow prison apparently. Which is a interesting way to explain how all the characters met. Although I know in some gaming circles this is slightly frowned upon because it takes away choice, I thoroughly enjoyed the harsh realities of "how in the hell do we get outta this place????".

After some talk with a few of the prisoners, and being led away to work near a water fall, we decided to make a break for it. Fighting our way thru a bunch of drow (even with our DM apparently rolling crits behind the screen and fudging some numbers). We managed to make it to a outpost, inside was all of our equipment! HUZZAH!

At this point, my wife had promptly fallen asleep on the couch, so her character was basically along for the ride. Note, she had gotten up at 5 am that morning, and we had went to bed quite late. We called it shortly after finding our equipment. Now to figure out what the heck we are doing, were we are going etc.

I have just finished reading archmage, so I have a bit more background to the adventure, of which I'm not planning on using any knowledge within the game. It seems to me from reading the DMG and the Monster Manual, that this new edition of the game, is very geared towards fighting demons. Something that I'm excited about as a player. But from a DM standpoint, I want to make sure that any games I run don't have the overarching demon stuff in it, as part of the story line. I've been slowly concocting a world for my players whenever we run a game that I'm DMing. It should be interesting. That said, I'm very happy with the results from that evening. Playing is super fun as a character, my one and only regret is that I didn't choose a silly accent. Maybe Zagnap will start talking a bit more differently next game.

The really odd ball thing with our group is that out of the 5 of us, we have 3 DM's, which is actually quite cool. I don't think anyone is going to suffer from burnout, we will just switch.

Friday, December 11, 2015

500th Post - Free Adventure! The Mad God's Jest.

The Mad God’s Jest
Written By Shane Ward

Labyrinth Lord ™ is copyright 2007-2011, Daniel Proctor. Labyrinth Lord ™ and Advanced Labyrinth Lord ™ are trademarks of Daniel Proctor. These trademarks are used under the Labyrinth Lord ™ Trademark License 1.2, available at The Mad God’s Jest  is a mid level adventure module compatible with the Labyrinth Lord ™. 3 Toadstools publishing is not affiliated with Daniel Proctor, Goblinoid Games Copyright 2006 – 2009. (Font, layout, style of artwork). Are reserved as Product Identity.
Version 2.0


Download via Google Drive -

Cover image provided by

This adventure will appear in a slightly different format on drivethrurpg shortly.  For Free.  Enjoy

GM Information:
This adventure is intended for 4 players of 6th level.

While camping overnight in the wilderness near the sea, the PC’s are taken hostage by a gang of pirates.  They are blindfolded and led to a ship, where they are met by none other than the  “Captain Sherborne “.  The captain quickly explains that they are not in fact hostages, but that he needs their help.  He has been tasked by a cynical harlequin to find the lost boots of a “Sex Goddess”.  Unfortunately his crew is not up for the task.  He will gladly pay the PC’s 500 GP’s each for his safe return.  A map given to him by the harlequin points to an abandoned cave complex on an island not far from the current location of the ship.  

Background information:
The Harlequin has put the Captain under a permanent charm spell, for the most part he acts normally, but is drawn to find the boots that she seeks.  He believes that it is a life or death situation to find these boots.  The crew believes him to be mad, spouting strange curses in the middle of the night to the stars.  There is talk of a mutiny.  

The adventure is entirely a dream, it's the jest of a mad god, playing with the PC’s minds while they sleep.  The PC’s can die within the adventure, they will earn experience points, they will however not receive any reward whatsoever.  Any gold or treasure will be in a large bag beside them when they wake up in the morning.  Once the PC’s return the Captain to safety they will awake to the rising sun of the new morning.  If at any time the PC’s sleep within the dungeon they will be awoken by a need to keep going.  Alternatively the Captain will wake them up suggesting that they need to find these boots as quickly as possible.  Although the lair of the mad god is located underground in caverns it is a very strange place.  The PC’s may think they are seeing an illusion, they may even be told to save for VS spell, whatever the outcome of the roll is tell them that what they are seeing is in fact real.  The caverns are split up into 2 distinct sides of the mad god's mind, Whimsy & Madness.  The eastern portions of the caverns are whimsy, the western portions are madness, for the most part.  If at any point the Captain dies throughout the course of the adventure, have the PC’s wake up, and then promptly get kidnapped again and met by the very same Captain.  In a sense resetting the entire adventures.  Within the caverns is a mad elven alchemist named  Nerisora Silentread.  She is a minion of the mad god, and spends most of her time keeping the cultists in a stupor with potions.   

Captain Sherborne
8th Level Fighter
Abilities Modifier
Str 17 +2
Dex 15 - 1 To AC, +1 Missile Attack, +1 to Init
Con 11 +0
Int 9
Wis 13 +1 Saving Throw
Cha 17 -1 Reaction Adj, 5 Retainers, 9 Retainer Morale

Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 120’ (40’)
Armor Class: 7 (Leather armour - 1 for Dex)
Hit Dice: 8 (19 hp)
Attacks: 1
Damage: Longsword 1d8+2, Sling 1d4+1
Save: F8
Morale: 8
Equipment:  Leather Armour, Longsword, Sling, 20 Slingstones.  

Random rantings by The captain
from time to the time the captain will mutter random things, shortly after he takes a swig from a flask.  Roll 1d10 and consult the table.

  1. Where is she? where did she go?
  2. I must find them, I must…..
  3. Yes, yes I am looking for them.
  4. Where is my crew? why aren’t they here?
  5. Oh look at the time!
  6. No, no, not the chains.
  7. She says that he must be appeased, who is he?
  8. The world is grey and full of snakes
  9. Why is it raining? I’m so cold.  
  10. Why is the rum gone?

Random rantings by the Madness Cultists
  1. All I see is blood, everywhere.
  2. Without the potions, life would be unbearable.
  3. Skin & bones, skin & bones, skin & bones.
  4. The tiger is real! it jumped right thru me.
  5. I need a bath, I always need a bath, do you know where the bath is?
  6. Confunded? no not likely.   
  7. Jealousy is a state of mine, for example I’m jealous of your pants.  
  8. At the bottom of the pit there is something, what is it? I do not know.  At the bottom of the pit!
  9. I am Henry the 8th! I am!
  10.  In other words, you're not sorry are you? you're just a silly fool.  Like me.  

Random rantings by the Whimsy Cultists  (roll 1d10)
  1. The world is so much better with rainbows.
  2. Did I ever tell you about the time I rode a unicorn?
  3. I like dancing, do you like dancing?
  4. I keep pulling on the threads, but I can’t find the needle?
  5. I flew once, it was fun.
  6. I like getting flowers on a monday, do you?
  7. I should tie my shoes.
  8. It puts the lotion on or it gets the oranges thrown at it.
  9. Swimming upside down is my favorite, what’s yours?
  10. Never been there, have you? what were we talking about? Oh yes! I quite like your hair, why is it purple exactly?
Room Changes
Once in awhile a room will change.  After the PC’s have entered, roll on this chart when and if they go back to a room.  Alternatively once the PC’s have spent some time in a room it may just change at will.  Roll 1d8.  
  1. The room is a dark cavern, hollowed out of the rock by natural means.  
  2. The room is brilliantly lit, the walls are lined with huge torches (4 feet tall).
  3. The room is filled with water, regardless of whether there are doors, it is self contained in the room.  The PC’s are able to breath normally within the room.
  4. The room has very large windows, looking out of one you can see very far down to a sprawling city below.  The room is dimly lit with strange circular shaped beams of light that are implanted in the ceiling.  The room is divided with strange barriers, each barrier has a small desk and chair.  (it's a corporate office basically).  
  5. The room is dark and filled with strange computer type devices, they have blinking lights and screens.  There is a neon glow everywhere.  In the corner of the room is a popcorn machine.  (80’s arcade)
  6. This room looks exactly like the last room the PC’s were in, and it contains all of the exact inhabitants of the previous room.  
  7. The room becomes a huge perch for a giant bird of some kind.  There is a large nest, with eggs that are the same size as a human!  Below the nest is nothingness.  
  8. The room becomes a mirror, the floor perfect glass.  Below the PC’s they can see themselves, but they are not exactly the same.  The PC’s below appear to be the darker version of themselves.  They are wild-eyed, grim, with scars, mangy hair.  

Potions Of Madness & Whimsy
Roll 1d6 whenever someone tests out one of the potions.  If a PC tests out the potion more than 3 times, have them rolling a saving throw vs death.  If they fail they become a 1st level cultist for the rest of the adventure.

  1. Loose 1 point of Strength
  2. Loose 1 Point of Intelligence
  3. Loose 1 point of dexterity
  4. Gain 1 point of Wisdom
  5. Gain 1 point of Charisma
  6. Gain 1 point of Constitution.

Random Monsters
  1. 1d6 Madness Cultists
  2. 1d4 Gnomes
  3. 1d6 Dryads
  4. 1d4 Fire Beetle
  5. 1d4 Elves
  6. 1d6 Whimsy Cultists

Rooms Descriptions

  1. Entrance - The entrance to the caverns is a small hole at the base of a cave.  Only one PC can fit thru the entrance at a time, the floor is covered in a green slippery much.  Any PC entering the caverns must save vs spell, or slip and fall 10 feet into the first northern tunnel.  On a successful save the PC takes no damage, otherwise it is 1D6

  1. Is it cold in here? - This room is a large block of ice, it is as if the PCs stepped into the centre of an iceberg.  There is a large fire pit in the centre of the room, tending to the pit trying to get a fire going is a hill giant.  Above the pit is a human strapped to a spit.  The human is the brother of the captain, he is being held captive against his will by the mad god, and maybe eaten very shortly.  Hill Giant (1) AC 4, HD 8,  MV 120’ (40’), #AT 1, D 2D8, Save F8, ML 8 , AL Chaotic, XP 560 Treasure:  Buried under  the ice is the following in a large sack.  5000 GP’s, 8000 SP’s, 100 PP’s, potion of growth, potion of levitation. Staff of healing, Helm of comprehend languages and read magic.  

  1. Hot Tub Party!  This room resembles that of a very large bathhouse.  The floor is tiled and in the centre of the room is a large hot tub.  There are 1d8 cultists lounging in the pool.  All of which are intoxicated.  (-2 to attack rolls).  None of the cultists are wearing armour.  1D8 Cultists  AC 9, HD 1,  MV 90’ (30’), #AT 1, D 1D4 dagger, Save W1, ML 5 , AL Neutral, XP 10 *Note atleast one of the Cultists can cast a Charm spell.  The Cultists have 1d10x10 CP’s and one bottle of madness or whimsical potion on them.

  1. Self Inflicted Torture Chamber - this cavern is a musty smelling dungeon.  Various torture devices fill the room.  All of which are occupied by a Madness cultist.  Some of them are hanging from the walls strapped to manacles & chains.  Others have their heads & arms in stocks.  1D8 Cultists  AC 9, HD 1,  MV 90’ (30’), #AT 1, D 1D4 dagger, Save W1, ML 5 , AL Neutral, XP 10 *Note at least one of the Cultists can cast a Charm spell.  The Cultists have 1d10x10 CP’s one bottle of madness or whimsical potion on them.
  1. Barracks - This room contains a large pool of water, floating on the water are strange magical beds, most of which contain sleeping cultists.  1D8 Cultists  AC 7, HD 1,  MV 90’ (30’), #AT 1, D 1D4 dagger, Save W1, ML 5 , AL Neutral, XP 10 *Note at least one of the Cultists can cast a Charm spell.  The Cultists have 1d10x10 CP’s one bottle of madness or whimsical potion on them.

  1. Giants Stalks Of Mushrooms - The room is very dark, huge mushrooms take up most of the exterior walls of the room.  They stand almost ten feet high, and just barely graze the ceiling of the room.  Within the room are Shriekers blending in with the other mushroom stalks.  On a roll of 1 or 2 on a d6 the shriekers start screaming, alerting 1d8 Cultists who in room 3.  Shrieker (1d8)  AC 7, HD 3,  MV 9’ (5’), #AT *see page 95 Labyrinth Lord, Save F1, ML 12 , AL Neutral, XP 65 *Note see page 95 in Labyrinth Lord for more details.

  1. Jungle Room - This entire room feels like you’ve stepped out of the caverns and into the jungle, complete with large palm trees, immense vegetation and the chirpings of monkeys & insects.  Sitting on a large boulder in the centre of the room is a Phase Tiger, it is sleeping and snoring loudly.  Phase Tiger (1)  AC 4, HD 6,  MV 150’ (50’), #AT 2, Tentacles 2d4, Save F6, ML 8 , AL Neutral, XP 570 *Note see page 91 in Labyrinth Lord for more details.  Treasure:  500 GP’s, potion of healing.

  1. Pool of Lava - There is a large pool of lava in the centre of this room, the pool is man made (amazingly enough the lava has not eaten thru the floor! into the tunnel below).  The room contains 4 madness cultists that are being fed strange colored soup.  A manticore feeds them, and yells when they spit out the food.   Manticore (1)  AC 4, HD 6+1,  MV 120’ (40’) Fly 180’ (60’), #AT 3 (2 claws, bite),1d4/1d4/2d4 , Save F6, ML 9 , AL Chaotic, XP 980 *Note see page 86 in Labyrinth Lord for more details. Treasure:  800 GP’s, 500 SP’s, Potion of speed, potion of invisibility.  Ring of spell storing.

  1. Snakes in a dungeon - This room is devoid of any interesting features, other than a very large chest in the centre of the room.  Written on the chest in common is the word “Snakes”.  If the PC’s open the chest Pit Vipers (1d8)  AC 6, HD 2,  MV 90’ (20’), #AT 1 (bite),1d4, poison , Save F1, ML 7 , AL Neutral, XP 38 *Note see page 96 in Labyrinth Lord for more details.

  1. Potion Master’s Room - The entirely of this room is reverse gravity.  Within the room are large glass casks, with tubing running all over the room.  Strange purple & greenish liquids flow thru them.  A desk in the corner has 15 potions of madness, and 15 potions of whimsy, as well there is 1 potion of healing.  If the PC’s search for secret doors they will find one in the back of the room.  It is however locked with an Arcane Lock Spell.  If the Captain is in the room, he automatically recognizes the Alchemist as the harlequin that sent him on the quest in the first place!  Nerisora Silentread (5th Elf)  AC 5, HD 5 (1d6),  MV 120’ (40’), #AT 1, D 1D8 by weapon, Save E5, ML 12 , AL Chaotic, XP 460  Spells:  1st Level:  Charm Person, Protection From Good.  2nd Level Spells:  Invisibility, Phantasmal Force.  3rd Level:  Fire Ball.  Treasure:  Within a locked chest is the following:  1500 GP’s, 1 Potion Of Healing, 1 Scroll Of Charm Person.  Nerisora carries a longsword +1, and a ring of spell turning and the boots of charisma +3 to Charisma.  

  1. Secret Room - This small room is decorated in strange paintings, there is a chest in the centre of the room.  (The chest is an illusion, have the PC’s save vs spell). The chest is a ruse, if any of the PC’s step into the room, have them make a saving throw vs poison.  If they fail they will fall into a pit trap, the trap is a dimension door, that transports the PC’s to a random room within the cavern.  Roll 1d20+1 and consult the room descriptions for the appropriate room.  

  1. Well that’s a cliff - This very large cavern appears to be the room of a grand king’s hall.  Complete with suits of armour, large tables, a huge crystal chandelier.  The walls are decorated with paintings of what we can only assume is the mad god.  Each picture is depicted with a different strange posing.  The far south portion of the room is open, peering below is a empty nothingness.  To the south is another cliff face, it is about 15 feet from the edge of the room.  The suits of armour are Golems, if any of their helmets are taken off they appear to look exactly like one of the players.  There is one suit of armour for each player, exactly the same height and carrying the same weapon as the player. The golems are guarding the ledge, if any PC investigates the ledge the golems will come to life.  Wood Golem (as per amount of players)  AC 7, HD 2+2,  MV 120’ (40’), #AT 1 (fist), 1d8, Save F1, ML 12 , AL Neutral, XP 59
  1. Let’s Play Some Cards - The door to this room is locked.  Within the room is a very large pile of cards, built into a pyramid.  The cards stand 5 feet high.  The ceiling of the room is very large, spanning approximately 50 feet.   When the PC’s enter the room, they are unwittingly shrunk to the size of 6 inches, making the room appear larger than it actually is.  A successful dispel magic, will break the spell, in turn the PC’ that becomes unshrunk will knock over all of the cards within the room.  Any PC still small will have to save VS poison or risk taking 1D6 damage from the falling cards.  In the room is a treasure chest, with a small deck of cards, a rope that can uncoil to whatever length is needed, and 300 GPs.    

  1. Whimsical Cultists Meeting Room  - This room is a meeting place for Whimsical cultists, there are 1D8 Cultists in the room.  The room is decorated in very kitschy colors, on the floor lies a large shag carpeted rug that is orange in color.  Throughout the room there are large circular chairs, where the cultists sit.  The appearance of the PC’s will go slightly unnoticed by the cultists.   Most of which are in a drug induced stupor. - 1D8 Cultists  AC 7, HD 1,  MV 90’ (30’), #AT 1, D 1D4 dagger, Save W1, ML 5 , AL Neutral, XP 10 *Note at least one of the Cultists can cast a Charm spell.  The Cultists have 1d10x10 CP’s one bottle of madness or whimsical potion on them.
  1. Old Nerisora Had A Farm -  As soon as the PC’s step into this room, they find themselves in a farm yard.  Chickens, cows and pigs wander around.  Some are eating from large troughs.  (There is nothing in the room).  There are 4 exists.  

  1. Pool Of Whimsy - The door to this room is locked and trapped.  (2d6 damage).  Within the room is a very large pool of water.  A small altar stands to one side of the pool.  On the altar is a large jug and a cup.  Note: The PC’s can only take one drink from the water, if they take anymore have them save VS poison on a fail they receive 1d6 damage.  
Pool Effects (Roll 1d6 if any of the PC’s test the water).
  1. Regain 1d6 hit points, regardless of maximum hit points.
  2. Lose a hand, -2 Dexterity for the remainder of the adventure.
  3. Charmed! for 1d4 turns.
  4. Gender change! (for the rest of the adventure, armour does not fit correctly, +1 to AC for remainder).
  5. Inspiration! The PC becomes fully aware of exactly where the boots are located within the dungeon.
  6. The PC is unable to speak for 1d4 turns.  Any speech is garbled.

  1. I like getting flowers on a monday.  The door to this room is locked, and trapped.  The trap is a dart trap that will inflict 2d4 of damage if the PC is  unsuccessful.  Inside the room is a small cave, there is a stream of water that is purplish in color.  (It is drinkable however).  In the centre of the room is a large treasure chest with the words “flowers” written in common on the lid.  If the PC’s open the chest, many flowers will spring out into the room, covering the floor.  The PC’s will regain 1d4 hp’s from the magic of the flowers.

  1. You call that a Tavern? - The room is filled with tables, a small fire burns in a hearth along the southeast wall.  A large bar stands on the eastern wall.  There are many cultists in this room enjoying ale.  Near the hearth is a gnome playing a violin.  The PC’s can order a wide variety of beverages here, including potions of madness & whimsy.   1D8 Cultists  AC 7, HD 1,  MV 90’ (30’), #AT 1, D 1D4 dagger, Save W1, ML 5 , AL Neutral, XP 10 *Note at least one of the Cultists can cast a Charm spell.  The Cultists have 1d10x10 CP’s one bottle of madness or whimsical potion on them.  Gnome (1)  AC 5, HD 1,  MV 60’ (20’), #AT 1, D 1D6, Save D1, ML 8 , AL Lawful, Neutral, XP 10
Tavern Rumours (1d6)
  1. I spent some time yesterday relaxing in a forest, there were strange elves all around me.   (true)
  2. Everytime I see her, I willingly walk up to her, despite the fact that my mind screams no!  Something calms me.  (true)
  3. There are a massive amount of Orcs camped out to the south, I have no idea what they are up to!  They are strange though, a different color than usual.  (false)
  4. The other day the weather turned unseasonably cold.  (false)
  5. I saw what looked like a fat man carry a fairly large red sack, he was wandering around looking for a chimney, apparently.  (Whatever you would like to believe)
  6. The other night while I was sleeping, I was attacked by a very large chicken.  (false).  

  1. That’s no fireplace! -  If the PC’s check for secret doors have them also roll a save vs spell, if they succeed they realize that the fire in the hearth is an illusion.  Behind the fire is a small room.  Inside the room are 4 large casks of madness/whimsy potions.  As well there are 4 scrolls, (Cursed, Read Magic, Phantasmal Force, Mirror Image)

  1. Beautiful Forest - The room is a large forest, the PC’s can only see trees and they appear to go on forever.  Above the PC’s is a dark night's sky.  In the centre of the room is a small fire pit.  Dancing around it are a bunch of Elves.  The Elves are deep in ritual pray to the mad god.  Elves (1d4)  AC 5, HD 1+1,  MV 120’ (40’), #AT 1 weapon, D 1D8 or by weapon, Save E1, ML 8 , AL Neutral, XP 15 *buried in the hollow of a tree is 200 CP’s, 50 SP’s and a gem worth 15 GP’s.  The Elves carry 1000 GP’s, 500 SP’s, and 1 Elven Cloak and 1 Elven Boots.

  1.  All that glitters - This large cavern is on the other side from room 20.  The entire cavern floor is covered in mounds of gold, silver and treasure!  (Have the PC’s save vs spell, regardless of what happens, tell them that what they are seeing is real, even though it isn’t).  The room is guarded by Dryads, who happily play amongst the treasure.  The dryads guard a small treasure chest lumped under the illusion, within it is:500 CP’s, 300 SP’s, 800 GP’s, 1 potion of healing, 1 potion of treasure finding, Potion of Giant control, Sword +1 Luck blade.  1D6 Dryads AC 5, HD 2,  MV 120’ (40’), #AT Charm, D 0, Save F4, ML 6 , AL Neutral, XP 29

Pre Generated Player Characters
Droverson Battleheart Human Male
6th Level Fighter
Abilities Modifier
Str 15 +1 modifier to hit, damage, forcing doors
Dex 8 +1 To AC, -1 Missile Attack, +1 to Init
Con 17 +2 Hit Point Modifier per hit die
Int 16
Wis 11 +0 Saving Throw
Cha 9 +0 Reaction Adj, 4 Retainers, 9 Retainer Morale 7
Equipment:  Magical Chainmail Armour+1, Boots Of Speed, Longsword, Backpack, 6 torches, flint & steel, 3 days iron rations.

Quiatris Gellantara Human Female
6th Level Magic User
Abilities Modifier
Str 10 +0
Dex 9 +0 To AC, +0 Missile Attack, +0 to Init
Con 14 +1 Hit Point Modifier per hit die
Int 12
Wis 10 +0 Saving Throw
Cha 12 +0 Reaction Adj, 4 Retainers, 9 Retainer Morale 7
Equipment: Wand of fear, Scroll of magic missile, travelling cloak, staff, backpack,3 days iron rations.
1st Level Spells:  Charm, Detect Magic, Magic Missile, Shield
2nd Level Spells: Detect Evil, Knock, Mirror Image
3rd Level Spells: Dispel Magic, Fireball

Nerislove Silverkin Human Female
6th Level Thief
Abilities Modifier
Str 14 +1 modifier to hit, damage, forcing doors
Dex 11 +0 To AC, +0 Missile Attack, +0 to Init
Con 5 -2 Hit point modifier per hit die
Int 8
Wis 11 +0 Saving Throw
Cha 12 +0 Reaction Adj, 4 Retainers, 9 Retainer Morale 7
Equipment: Dagger +1, Crossbow +1, Leather Armour, Backpack, 3 torches, flint & steel, 3 days iron rations.
Thief Skills:  Pick Locks 45%  Find & Remove Traps 43%  Pick Pockets 43%  Move Silently 43%  Climb Walls 92%  Hide In Shadows 37%  Hear Noise 1 - 4

Waleak Milner Human Male
6th Level Cleric
Abilities Modifier
Str 9 +0
Dex 8 + 1To AC, -1 Missile Attack, -1 to Init
Con 11 +0
Int 11
Wis 17 +2 Saving Throw
Cha 8 +1 Reaction Adj, 3 Retainers, 6 Retainer Morale
Equipment:  Magical Leather Armour +1, Mace +1, Backpack, 2 torches, flint & steel, 3 days iron rations. Scroll of heal.
1st Level: Cure Light Wounds, Detect Magic, Light, Protection From Evil
2nd Level: Hold Person, Snake Charm, Speak with animal
3rd Level: Remove Curse, Cure Disease, Dispel Magic
3,3, 2