Sunday, March 16, 2014

Writing for LL & other musings

Well I did a little adventure called the Caverns Of Ugard - and I got 156 views and +17's , which must mean that people liked it, or atleast read it.  Which makes me think that its do able to put out little short adventures like this.  And apparently LL- B/X is the way to go!  The caverns of Ugard, only took me about a half hour or so (on lunch).  So as of monday , I think I will print off LL (and probably mutant future as well).  I'll save my bucks to grab a hard copy of LL eventually.

Speaking of mutant future, I rolled up a character a little while ago, and man did I get excited about it.  I just did 3D6 in order, which is quite a lot of fun actually!  My head is spinning with a sandbox idea for it, but I think a quick play test of a short adventure with my group, might be a better start to see if they actually like it.  I tend to think to big half the time, which isn't good.  That being said, I was over at wizard dawn, and the adventure creators and destroyed city creators are quite handy, so I may eventually do something like that.  If you haven't checked that site out, you should very handy -

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One Page Dungeon Contest 2014 - Assault On The Thieves Guild - Revised Map

Deep in the sewers of the city, lies the lair of the thief’s guild.  The local lord has put out a bounty (25 GP per thief) on all thieves located in the sewers.  

1.  This is the entrance to the sewer.  There is a ladder coming down from the streets above.  The room is empty

2.  This room reek’s of feces, there is a large pool of black in the corner; above you is a hole where muck pours in.  Investigating the muck you notice it travels down a long rough passage.   (There is a tripwire on both exits from the room that will alert the guard in room 3). 

3.   Guard room.  – There are 6 thief’s guild guards here.  The room is a makeshift armory with various weapons on the walls.   There are a few barrels that hold provisions and rope.  6 Guards AC 7(12) HD1 Weapon 1D8. 

4.  This room is L shaped.  At the back portion of the room is a statue of a vile looking woman (patron saint to thief’s).  Any good aligned character will have to Save VS Spell or be struck by lighting (2D4).  There is treasure in a secret compartment under the statue.  4 Acolyte Priests (1st level Clerics) AC 7(12) HD1 Weapon 1D8.

5.   The room is lined with chests; this is the horde of the thief’s guild.  An ugly looking Minotaur guards it. AC6 (13) HD 6+4 Attack: Head Butt 2D4, Weapon 1D8.  (There are 6 chests, all are trapped, and the Minotaur does not have a key – Total 3000 GP’s, 1000 SP’s, and 10 Various Gems worth 25GP each).

6.   Jail – This room is a jail, it is guarded by 4 thief’s AC 7(12) HD1 Weapon 1D8.  There are 3 jail cells, each with a beggar in them.  If asked they were taken in their sleep, and have been used in weird experiments by the Acolytes.  The room also contains a cell with 3 Guard Wolves AC 7 (12) HD 2+ 2 Bite 1D4

7.  Entertainment Room – This is a makeshift tavern room, there are 10 thieves in the room.  They are all drinking and carrying on.  There are a few dancers in the middle of the room on a stage, and in the corner a few minstrels’ play music. 10 Guards AC 7(12) HD1 Weapon 1D8. 

8.  Audience Hall/Private chamber – This is the throne room of the leader of the Thief’s guild.  There is a bed in the corner; a few bookshelves filled with books, and a treasure chest (locked/trapped 250 GP’s and Ring of silence).  2 guards guard the leader. 2 Guards AC 7(12) HD1 Weapon 1D8.  Ah'Kar (4th Level Thief) AC 6 (13) Attack 1D8.  Ah’kar will try to escape.  He has the keys for room 5. 

9.  The corridor goes down about 30 feet to a large pool of muck.  The corridor is very small, and only a hobbit or a dwarf can get thru.  A quick search of the room will reveal nothing other than the muck pool.  Black Pudding AC 6 (13) HD 10 Attack 3D8

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 25, 26, 27, 28 - Blog hop challenge - AND DONE!

I figured I'd just hammer the last few questions, I liked this challenge but a lot of it was geared towards people who have never put their copy of the DMG down, some of the questions were difficult to answer for me, and some I just had really no idea about.  So without further ado, here's the last 4 days, and since we are already into March, I think its best to just finish this up.  

Longest running campaign you've ever been in? I'm still working on this.  More often than not its one off adventures, I believe we have re-started a few times with new characters and new scenarios.  Which is probably why I've been doing a lot more writing of adventures than actual playing, which suits me fine.

Do you still with the same group you started with? Nope, just like life, some friends go off and do their own thing, and that's cool.  I mean at first your a bit pertubed about it, but you come to realize that everyone has to find there own way.  The friends I had thru middle school to high school, we gamed a bit back in the day, but after grad we hung out for awhile and then went out separate ways, some still hang out today, but I'm not part of that group anymore.

If you had to do it all over again, would you do anything different when you first started gaming? Hmm this is a interesting question, I think I probally would have started with the red box set rather than AD&D 2e.  2e was a LOT of rules to take in when you first start reading and playing, and the price was probaly a bit much, my parents bought me the 3 books when I first started for Xmas.  It would have been 1/2 that for just the red box at the time.  Thankfully my Mom worked at a book store, so maybe she got a discount.  Now that I find the OSR community, I really like the idea of the stripped down rules, it would have been easier to play at the time I think.

What is the single most important lesson you learned from D&D? You know what I think its just the ability to be creative! You get this set of rules and you start reading and your head is swimming with ideas and possibilities & maps.  Its an awesome hobby, wether you are playing or just sitting down writing out adventures scenarios and ideas.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 24 - Blog hop challenge

First movie that comes to mind that you associate with D&D, and why? - I'm going to have to go with the LOTR series here, which I"m sure some people will say.  Although the first Hobbit movie felt a lot more D&D personally.  Then of course there was the extremely terrible Dungeons & Dragons movie (Which I believe I actually spent money to see, I"ll never get that back ugh).  Any time I start writing an adventure I think of Indiana Jones & The raiders of the lost ark, all the traps and mystique in that movie give me some great inspiration.