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D100 Minor Magical Items

D100 Minor Magical Items
*All items are one shots (one charge)
*This table is for Old School Games

1.    Fishing Hook & Pole - When the hook is dipped in any water, a large fish magically appears.
2.    Ring of Redemption - Allows a player to re-roll any dice once.
3.    Gambling Dice - When rolled this set of six sided dice will always roll 6’s.
4.    Vial of Snake venom - This fast acting poison causes 1d12 damage.
5.    Hair Tie - This intricately designed hair tie allows a character to have night vision for an hour.
6.    Wooden Stick - This stick will cast mirror self for 1d6 rounds, when held up.
7.    Tunic Of Suaveness - When worn this tunic changes the character's charisma to 18 for one hour.
8.    Monster Map - This map when unfolded will show all monsters in general area, for up to one hour.
9.    Ale of Epicness - When drank this ale will allow players a +4 on all saving throws for one hour.  The player will not be drunk.
10.Moldy Barrel - This barrel contains a liquid, if anyone bathes in the barrel, they will receive 1d10 temporary hit points until they rest.
11.Purple Candle - When light the candle casts a darkness spell for 1d4 rounds.
12.Orc Tooth - If the tooth is put in a pocket it automatically casts Invisibility for 1d4 rounds.
13.Censer Of Wisdom -When worn the PC’s Wisdom is 18 for one hour.
14.Tome OfR emembering - Allows a magic user or cleric to remember 4 extra spells lasts one day.
15.Wooden Stake - When placed into the ground, the stake creates a force field that nothing can penetrate for one day.
16.Pocket Lint Of Bless - This pocket lint when carried will add +2 to all saving throws for the balance of the day.
17.Slime of polymorph self - when this slime is applied to someone's legs, they will automatically polymorph self.  Lasts 1d4 rounds.
18.Torch Of Web - When this torch is lit, it casts the spell web.  Lasts 1d4 rounds.
19.Rusted Key Of Detect Evil - This key will glow a very faint orange when evil is near.  One use only.
20.Miniscule Missiles Of Magical Mages Mysterious Mind - One small dart, when thrown casts magic missile spell, however there are 1d12 magic missiles that do 1d4 damage each.  
21.Blue Cheese Of Cure Disease - When eaten this cheese will cure any disease.
22.Stew Of Haste - As spell, lasts 1d2rounds.
23.Slippers Of Sneakiness - When worn this slippers reduce armour class by 1, and add 15% to any sneaking.  Lasts one day.
24.Holy Flint - When carried on person, allows characters to turn undead at 1 higher level than they currently are.  Lasts for one day.
25.Frog Leg Of Resist Fire - When eaten this frog leg will casts resist fire on the PC.  Lasts for 1d4 rounds.
26.Alchemical Notepad - When this notepad is read it will allow any character to identify a potion just by looking at it.  Lasts one day.
27.Goblin Artwork - This strange drawing was done by a goblin using his opposite hand.  When the artwork is laid on the ground it summons 1d6 goblins to the PC’s aide.  When the goblins die of natural causes (or violent), the spell is broken, or one day whichever comes first.
28.Henchmen Mirror - When a PC looks into this mirror, 1d4 henchmen will appear out of thin air.  Lasts one day.
29.Hobgoblin Toe jam - When spread on a player's hands or toes, this toe jam will cast protection from normal missiles for 1d4 rounds.
30.Axe handle Of Door Ajar - If this axe handle is whacked against a door, it will automatically break it down.  Then explode into a gazillion pieces causing no damage to anyone.
31.Backpack Of Loud Mouth - More of a curiosity than anything, when the back pack is worn anything that the players says is repeated VERY LOUDLY! Lasts one day.
32.Giant FingerNail Clippings - A large sack containing Giant toenail clippings, adds a +1 to attack and damage rolls for a day.
33.Old Paper Bookmark - When carried this bookmark will increase a player's Dexterity to 18 for the day.  
34.Cotton Earplugs - When worn these earplugs will automatically resist any charm spells, lasts for one day.  
35.Holey Tent - When setup this tent will protect a PC or 2 from the elements, it is naturally warm, and has a small pool of water within, as well as rations for one day.  The tent disappears after use.
36.Sweet Treats - When digested these treats will allow a player to re-roll any dice results once.  
37.Lock Of Medusa Hair - When this lock is shown to a monster, it will have to make a save against paralysis.  Has no effect on PC’s.  One use.
38.Dragons Tooth - While not incredibly valuable (it has extremely bad cavities!) This tooth will increase a player's constitution for day to 18.  
39.Leather Barf Bag - this bag contains exactly what you think it does.  When the contents is poured out, it will allow a character to fly for 1d4 rounds.
40.Fingerless Gloves - When worn these gloves will increase pick pocketing skill + 10% for the rest of the day.
41.Scarf Of Confusion -When worn this scarf will change the appearance of the player to whatever he/she likes.   Lasts 1d4 rounds.  (It just changes appearance,no extra game mechanic bonuses).
42.Jar of hot sauce - When digested the hot sauce will burn the esophagus of the player (1d4 internaldamage), however it will allow the player to breath fire once.  2d6 damage.  
43.Rigged Relocation Nail - When dropped on the ground this nail will relocate all of the players to a safe room/place.
44.Re-roll twice - the players get 2 items,if you get this number on one of the rolls the players get a whole lot of nothing.  Sorry eh!
45.Bat Of Random Death - This bat will add +1 to attack and damage rolls for 1d4 rounds.  It also has a 25% chance of creating a small fireball 1d6 damage every time it is used.
46.Pitchfork Of Plenty - This pitchfork will create 1 day of rations for all the players, when it is placed on the ground.
47.2 Faced Coin - This copper piece will cast the spell Charm when thrown at an opponent.
48.Pebble Of Power - When this pebble is rolled on the ground it will become a large boulder rolling out of control.  Causes 2d6 damage to anything in the way.
49.Well this is awkward - This small piece of paper when shown to a monster will have them re-roll their reaction roll. The note contains a breakup letter.
50.Dancing Dust - When this dust is flung at a monster they will have to dance uncontrollably for 1d4 rounds.  (I’m sorry games master but you are going to have to do the running man, and still roll dice for any other monsters).
51.Stack of old pancakes on a plate - Any PC’s who eat this will regain 2 hit points, but will be forced to switch characters with another player for a half hour of game time. (To be determined by the games master).
52.Incredibly stinky sausage - This sausage smells terrible, but when digested the players receives a +1 to all saving throws for the rest of the day.
53.Ring of true intention - This ring will allow a player to know the true intentions of one NPC for the duration of the day.  (Take player aside and tell them the nefarious plot).  The ring disappears the next morning leaving a strange tattoo on the player's hand.  
54.Cracked Crystal Ball - This crystal ball is cracked, when thrown at an opponent, it will transport them to a random location.
55.Insightful Tankard - When any liquid is drank from this tankard, the player will automatically know about the next trap the players will come across.
56.Wooden Cube - This hand carved wooden cube, will open a dimensional door allowing for a quick escape.
57.Toothpick of incredible accuracy - This tooth pick will allow a onetime ranged attacked at +4 to attack & damage rolls.
58.Helpful Gauze - These blood stained gauze, when wrapped on a PC’s leg or arm, will increase their armour class as of plate mail for the remainder of the day.
59.Black Monocle - When a player gazes thru this monocle they will be able to see any secret doors for 1d4 rounds.  They will however not be able to see much of anything else.
60.Elixir Of Spell Smoothness - When digested, this will allow a magic user or cleric to cast a spell they have memorized twice, without penalty.
61.Belt Of The Deceased - When worn this belt will turn undead at cleric level 6, regardless of player level.
62.Dog Bone - This bone will automatically let a player know where treasure is buried, hidden, etc. Works once.
63.Liniment of Gold - When this liniment is poured on a silver piece, it will turn it into 50 gold pieces. It can only be used on 1 silver piece.  No returns, no exceptions, no shirt, no shoes, no service.  
64.Battered Shield - This shield acts as a regular shield, despite the fact that it looks terrible and almost unusable, it automatically adds 50 XPs to the characters total.
65.Dagger Of Ghostly Tidings - This dagger on a successful attack will create a ghost from the past of the monster.  Allow a saving throw at -2 , if failed the monster flees in terror.  (Could be a relative come back to haunt them).  
66.Metal Flute - When this flute is played, it will automatically play the heaviest metal music ever heard.  Any monster in the vicinity must saves vs spell, or be rendered charmed for 1d2 rounds.
67.Wino Pail - This old pail fills itself with wine, any player drinking it will regain 1 lost hit point (can only be used once per player).  All players must dance around for a minute after drinking from the pail.  (no exceptions)
68.Stone of polymorph other - When this stone is thrown at a monster, it will automatically turn it into a ½ HD Rodent.
69.Plate Of Haggis - When digested the player receives a kilt which acts as plate mail for 1d4 rounds.  
70.Pixie Finger - When carried in a pocket, the player will receive a +5% bonus to experience for the rest of the day.
71.Cow Tongue - When placed in a player's shoe, this tongue will allow the player to understand, speak and read any language for a day.   
72.Sheet Music - This demented sheet music will play a very odd pop hit, when the sheet music is unrolled.  Any monster in the area must saving throw vs spell at a -2 penalty.  If they fail they will run wildly from the room for 1d4 rounds.
73.Apple Pie - This apple pie tastes wonderful, and is still warm somehow? Any player ingesting this will receive +2 to all ranged attack damage rolls. (only once)
74.Rusted Straight Razor - If a player shaves their legs with this, it will allow them to swim and breathe underwater for an hour.
75.Polka dot accordion- when played this accordion will not only make your toes tap, it will cure one person of poisoning.
76.Purple Gorgon Nerple - if this nipple is put in a player's pocket the player receives an ability to remove curse. (once only)
77.Writing ink - using this ink you can copy one spell from a spell book onto your hand for safe keeping (don't wash your hands), and can use the spell once, after which it disappears. There is no extra roll required.
78.Scroll case - when opened the scroll will spit out a map showing a safe Haven within walking distance.
79.Venus fly trap leaf - this leaf will allow a player to speak with animals or plants for 1d4 rounds.
80.2 string banjo - non-musical instrument, however has a onetime fireball charge 1d6 damage.
81.Weird gypsy plate - when placed on the ground it enlarges into a floating disc, which can carry two characters. It lasts for 1d4 rounds.
82.Jade thieves tools - these tools have the ability to let a thief know what person in a room carries the most gold on their person. Other than that they are worthless as tools, and not worth much money.
83.Wooden toy dragon - when thrown this toy will create a illusion of a large pissed off dragon,-2 on saving throw to any creatures in the room.
84.Bag o’ beasties - when you dump the bag out, 1d8 beasties appear.  They are 1d4 hit dice creatures that do 1d2 damage.
85.Icing for a cake - unfortunately there is no cake, however if this is ingested it will cure blindness.
86.Berserker’s Axe - This rather old looking hand axe is quite remarkable magically speaking.  It does 1d12 damage for 1d6 rounds.  After that it becomes an everyday hand axe most appropriately used for chopping kindling.
87.Eldritch Sundial -When held up to the sun (or just up if you find yourself in a dungeon) it will cast “locate object” once.  Appearing on the face of the sundial is the correct direction you need to travel.
88.Ice Pick - When placed into the ground the Ice pick will cast Wall Of Ice.  Creating a large ice shield in front of the character.
89.Witches Wart - This fairly odd wart has managed to stand the test of time, instead of deteriorating like most pieces of skin.  If applied to the skin it will magically seal itself to the character, increases their constitution to 16 for a day.  The wart must then be magically removed using a remove curse spell.  It has no untoward side effects.
90.Scroll of Random Silliness - This scroll is completely illegible, however if a entertaining saying is said aloud in pig Latin the scroll will cast cure light wounds on the bearer. (GM discretion on the silly pig Latin statement)
91.Bowl Of Fermented Cherries - If these cherries are consumed, the player will receive 1 hit point as well as a - 2 Reaction Adjustment on the next encounter.
92.Old Coin With Hole In It -If a thief holds onto this, Hide in the Shadows is increased to 67% for the rest of the day.
93.Inheritance Letter - This letter contains the last will and testament of Hugo Underbrush, when read aloud 16 CP’s, a small jewel worth 5 SP’s and one sock show up out of the blue.
94.Leather Hide Blanket - When a player uses this sleeping, he will receive +5% on all experience gained the following day.
95.Pick Axe Of Telling - When this pick ax is held up, it will cast “speak to stones/stone tell” once, right at that very moment!
96.Keying - This key ring has no keys on it, it may have at one time.  If any keys are added to the key ring it will cast “project image”.
97.Elixir Of Barbarism -This yellowish liquid will increase a player's strength to 14 for the next 1d6 rounds.  (With all the extra added bonuses for attack & damage)
98.Lucky Cap - When worn this cap will allow a player to reroll any saving throw once.  After that, it's just a very nice looking cap.
99.Large Doll - This doll looks like an almost exact duplicate of the person that picks it up!  When a hand is placed in the back of the doll it will cast ventriloquism once.
100.                  It’s Raining Silver! - One hundred silver pieces fall from the ceiling for absolutely no reason!

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