Monday, October 19, 2020

Lets just call it a dungeon : level 2 WIP


Level 2

24 rooms

2 big bads :  red dragon, Shrieker (or something similar) 

Level 4 monsters 

  1. Monster no treasure owlbear Neither light nor darkvision can penetrate the gloom in this chamber. An unnatural shade fills it, and the room's farthest reaches are barely visible. Near the room's center, you can just barely perceive a lump about the size of a human lying on the floor.

  2. special , monster - illusionary stairs, werewolf Rusting spikes line the walls and ceiling of this chamber. The dusty floor shows no sign that the walls move over it, but you can see the skeleton of some humanoid impaled on some wall spikes nearby.

  3. Trap, treasure, monster:  arrow trap 1-3, 1 in 20 posioned, yellow mold

  4. Monster, huge spider

  5. Monster, trap:  magic user ring of insect control, 

  6. Trap, monster , trap and empty  shoot to level 3.  Boring beattles, This chamber is clearly a prison. Small barred cells line the walls, leaving a 15-foot-wide pathway for a guard to walk. Channels run down either side of the path next to the cages, probably to allow the prisoners' waste to flow through the grates on the other side of the room. The cells appear empty but your vantage point doesn't allow you to see the full extent of them all.

  7. Monster - no treasure or traps .  gargoyle

  8. Trap, no treasure - 10 foot pit trap You open the door to confront a room of odd pillars. Water rushes down from several holes in the ceiling, and each hole is roughly a foot wide. The water pours in columns that fall through similar holes in the floor, flowing down to some unknown depth. Each of the eight pillars of water drops as much liquid as a stream in winter thaw. The floor is damp and looks slippery.

  9. trap , monster and trap : pit trap, large spider A dim bluish light suffuses this chamber, its source obvious at a glance. Blue-glowing lichen and violet-glowing moss cling to the ceiling and spread across the floor. It even creeps down and up each wall, as if the colonies on the floor and ceiling are growing to meet each other. Their source seems to be a glowing, narrow crack in the ceiling, the extent of which you cannot gauge from your position. The air in the room smells fresh and damp.

  10. Monster, fighter:  

  11. Trap magical pool : transporter 1 -2 up to level 1, 3-4 level 3, 5-6 outside back in town. The room is mostly bare, except for small sliver of fir and a small pile of stones near the room’s northwest corner. The air here is still, but noticeably cold. A pool of what smells like fresh blood, near the room’s northwest corner, causes the room to reek.

  1. Monster Beetle boring The room is mostly bare, except for a bit of hair from a wolf and pottery shards on the floor near the room’s North wall. A strong, constant air current causes a howling sound here.

  2. Special:  wall sliders to close one of the 2 doors. Or door.  Room fills  with gas obsuces vision. 

  3. Special:  

  4. Trap:  anti magic room This chamber holds an odd contraption of metal and wood. It's a 20-foot-diameter circular platform that is tilted heavily to one side. Beneath it you can discern mechanisms that seem to attach to a large crank not far away. Above the platform hang metal weights on thin chains, which in turn are attached to discs and belts that are attached to other winches. It seems as though turning the winches turns and tilts the platform and sets the weights to moving.

  5. Empty A glow escapes this room through its open doorways. The masonry between every stone emanates an unnatural orange radiance. Glancing quickly about the room, you note that each stone bears the carving of someone's name

  6. Monster  bug bear The floor is covered in bits of rock and rubble, as well as a torn banner near the room’s southwest corner. The air here is still, but noticeably cold. A pile of what probably is entrails and gore, crawling with maggots and buzzing with flies, near the room’s southwest corner, fills the room with its stench. Spots of black mold dot the room.

  7. Trap chute down to level 3 Several exits lead from this room, but only one is within the mouth of a man. The door opposite you stands within an intricate stone carving of a man's wide-open mouth. The man's nose and eyes loom over the door while his sculpted hair splays out across the wall on either side.

  8. Empty

  9. Monster blink dog The floor is covered in bits of rock and rubble, as well as a ripped wineskin on the floor near the room’s North wall, dry leaves and twigs near the room’s northeast corner and mold on the ceiling near the room’s North side. Enough of a downdraught flows here that it could be considered slightly windy. Spots of whitish mold dot the room.

  10. Special

  11. Special 

  12. Monster werewolf 

  13. Empty:  The room is mostly bare, except for claw marks in the dirt. There is nothing special about the air here. Slime molds seem to be growing near the room’s northwest corner.