Monday, July 15, 2013

Module Update

I've been working on some plans for a module, mostly just drawing maps and writing things down at this point.  I've had a bit of experience with drivethrurpg, and there affiliate sites, and what is now coming to mind is, "I'm a possible independent publisher that no one has ever heard of, nor have they ever ran any of my adventures".  So that begs the question how do I change that?

1  First I think trying to create a huge megadungeon is still in the plans, but maybe something I can slowly work on myself

2  going with a actual publisher may be a smarter plan from the get go, I've had a few discussions with some publishers. (this gets ride of the who is this guy thing)

3 Create a FREE adventure to see if there is any interest in people actually buying something from me.  (this goes for publishers and the general RPG-ers).

I think 3 is the best solution for me at this point, as it will allow me to test the waters before I get months deep in something that people may not give 2 shits about.

The other option of course is to finish the mega dungeon put it out for free if people like it, then put it up for sale (at that point it maybe to late) however I will still need a play tester or 2.

So alas, I may put the dungeon on hold.

Side note - I'm the type of guy who would do all this work just to give it away, but a little part of me says "hmmm see if people will pay for it".  Unfortunately it seems that there is a LOT of modules out there already, will I bring something new to the table? I dunno.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Idea Web For Mega Dungeon

I love Idea Webs! So friggin handy, I learned this in Language Arts class back in grade 7.  If your trying to figure out how to tie characters to plots etc, this is a great way to look at it on paper.  As I'm visual learner.

Anyways, here's sorta what I got, and obviously its going to be a LOT of work.

Just finished reading....

This excellent post -

Which got me to thinking about my own semi mega dungeon plans, and I'm guessing that I might be over extended myself a bit.  Firstly, I've had a few different ideas on how to get the PC's into the dungeon in the first place, but I can't quite decide on which one.  Maybe I should try and wing them all together.

1 - A Wizard needs the PC's to delve into the underworld to find alchemical ingredients
2 - A ancient civilization has been uncovered, are they up to no good?
3 - There is a war happening between the dwarf's of the deep and the Drow.

What I would like to do is have a series of dungeon levels that extend lower, and in different directions.  I would like to include the following, (this maybe becoming a campaign setting rather than a module).

1 - A Dragon far into the deep, as to wether he is a good guy, a evil guy, or just a sleepy dragon on his treasure has yet to be determined.

2 - A few easier dungeon levels, with kobolds & goblins etc

3 - A Dwarfen & Drow settlement, or at the very least a Dwarfen settlement that can be used as a homebase to explore the rest of the Underworld

4 - A ancient civilization

5 - Possibly tied to #4 ancient ruins of a underground city.

6 - Underground lakes and river systems

So this begs the question is it too much?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I think I was successful

Okay, so drew it on paper with pen.  dumped it into photoshop, redrew all the cavern lines (outside lines) , added a graph paper layer.  (this is going to be hard not to draw with graph paper.  ugh...) then cleaned it up a bit

I think it turned out far better, not perfect mind you but better.

This seems a bit better already.

Just a bit of darkening, I'm going to do a quick test, create something on paper and add the graph paper in after the fact.

Map Help!

I tend to wonder if you guys draw out things on paper, photoshop afterwards and add the grid perhaps? Obviously this is a low quality scan. But I guess if i draw it on graph paper, then add some darker pencil crayon I may get close?