Wednesday, May 15, 2024

It's been a bit

 Hey everyone, I hope you are doing well!  I've had a lot going on and haven't had much time to blog lately.  Heres a recap of gaming events and other stuff.

My 5e campaign crapped out.  I'm very glad I did no prep whatsoever.

I did download a bunch of free great 5e adventures.  The first one I was going to run was

Murder mystery.

The second adventure I was going to run was

There are a few more freebies I found as well.  Likely make a more detailed post later on.

The first thing I did was try a session 0.  Honestly in hindsight I should have just jumped in and played.

The scheduling questions came up.  We decided once a month first weekend.  If that weekend didn't work we would do the second.  If that didn't work we would call it for the month.

Cue session one

Then cancelations upon cancellations.

By month three I was out.  I'm not spending time working on things with no actual game.

Now we are into summer which is super short.  Will reconvene in the fall likely.  Hopefully play something different.

I joined a game with a coworker.  5e he's running it.  I'm a morally grey fighter who was a sailor.  Owes money to the mob.  

Han solo.

Some of the other peeps are very meta characters, taking advantage of the system.

It was super fun the first game however.  One entertaining moment was during the first fight the gm critted against his gf.  We gave her a pass this time.  

In other news I am spending an inordinate amount of time researching diy guitar pedals.

I still have an overdrive kit I bought during the pandemic to complete.

I have some writing ideas for basic fantasy I need to get together.  Just sketches currently.  Going to pull out the Linux laptop later today.

Oh and I figured out the dumb lead lick to "no time" by the guess who.  Just in time for band practice!

Currently my pedal board plan is a mod11 and a east River drive by ehx.  Going to grab the JHS series 3 distortion and delay.  That should cover most stuff.  Trying to get into a small portable rig.

I did try a read Provo rat and loved it, however the input jacks are on the top which is problematic as the rest of my pedals are on the side.  The JHS distortion is based on the rat.

Oh and damnit the Canadian made Empress effects distortion is also awesome.

Probably need to start a pedal guitar blog.


Rpg blog.

I do miss playing old school games.  I just sent a friend of mine links to osric and the new phb by Charlie white box fame.  He was stoked.

I'm unsure if I have more to contribute to the hobby via blogging at this point.

A lot of what I post is just random thoughts.  No actual useable game able content anymore.

I'd like to focus my writing efforts on basic fantasy for the time being.  Made write a few silly adventures as the muse hits.  Who knows if I will get something done.  I've been dealing with my dad having dementia, lusting after guitar things I don't need, and summer is basically here for 3 months.

I'm not sure what lies ahead for me and the three toadstools honestly.  

If I don't post again, just know that you people are all super awesome and I enjoyed our conversations.

Monday, March 18, 2024

Osr anchorites?

 It's been a long time since I listened to any osr podcasts.  Anchor was a lot of fun.  I'm not sure if the community is still going?  I deleted the app as it was super buggy for recording.  I have released a few podcasts in the last year but they were mostly rambling.

I miss the community it was a lot of fun honestly.

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Session 0

 Started a new game on Saturday.  I actually went thru a did as much of a session 0 as I could.  We created some characters and ate a bunch of food.

I decided on creating my own campaign world, so I can break it if I want to.

Character wise we ended up with a dwarf barbarian, a Elven archer (fighter), a wild whatever sorcerer with crazy high charisma, and a dwarven ranger .

I decided on 4d6 drop the lowest.  The sorcerer somehow managed to roll an 18 and ended up with a charisma of 20.  At first level.  Gotta love 5e hahaha.

First adventure I'm going to run is murder mystery which I'm excited about.

I'm honestly very excited about this game.  The plan is to be super chill and have one shot type sessions.  

I found a pile of great free 5e adventures I'm mining for content.

The sorcerer decided on a human noble background.  Since it's a points of light campaign and there are no real rulers or big cities we decided she was from the ruins of a city.  She had to flee as it was being destroyed.

The dwarven ranger is from runeholme, the dwarven city.  The barbarian is an outlander from a barbarian tribe.

The elf is from a small forest clan that spends a lot of time researching lore etc.  she travelled to a different forest to learn from warrior elves.

Some good world building honestly.  At one point I was asked a question and before being able to answer the player made up something.  And then asked if it was okay?  Yes absolutely, please add whatever you like to my world.

Monday, February 26, 2024

Repost: this isn't dnd anymore

Good article and I agree.  

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Points of light

 As mentioned in the previous post, I'm prepping a small campaign.

Likely be levels 1-6.  Instead of using netnir vale and the dawn of war gods I decided to go all in on creating my own spot.  

I'm going to use these gods

A few of these locations have cropped up in other games I've ran or prepped.  

Long tooth I drew up and stated a while ago for the nightwell barony, however I'm stealing my buddy Vance's version of the townsfolk here.

Cape night and the barony could still technically be a thing the way they were originally placed on the night well barony map, however it's now a dead ruin.

Actually maybe not because I stole some names And moved them around the map.

I'm still planning on doing a wayfarers league and short adventures.  I'm going to use Jeff's campaign questions and the my campaign document from Matt coleville to flesh it out a bit.

This still seems like a fun idea.  Maybe one day.

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Getting back to gaming finally

 My Dad is finally getting taken care of by professionals.  It was a very long ten months.  Now that I have a bit of time to breath, think, sort of relax I've been slowly coming up with some gaming ideas.

I jumped in on my buddy Jeff capes becmi game last Friday, and it was fantastic.  My friend Jeremy from work is playing as well.  He did a great British isles accent thru the game.  I decided to be a extremely talkitive thief, to the point where I barely breathe when speaking.  I'm looking forward to our bi weekly games.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to run ghosts of saltmarsh for my cousin's.  I've decided to fuck it.  We will likely only be playing once a month.  Trying to incorporate a fairly convoluted plot into four hours a month just doesn't seem do able for me.

What I have figured out is something a little bit more "drop in friendly".  The characters are part of a newly formed adventurers guild called the "falkcrest wayfarers league". The patron is a curmudgeonly elf named Hazzar.  He will send them on random 2 to 3 hour missions in the netnir vale.

I may also run this same campaign online for random people on Thursday afternoons, roll20. 

This is a bit easier to manage.

I have found a pile of great free 5e adventures that I'm going to incorporate into this points of light campaign (is points of light trademarked?).

We are going to use the basic 5e rules only or this, and the dawn of war deities.

Should be fun.

I will put up some play reports as time goes on.  It is interesting not having a big bad.  

Further after Jeff's campaign I intend to run a couple of games of gamma world 1e for the group.  I've got a few silly ideas which should be fun.

It's nice to be back after a terrible year.