Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Those damned bandit

 What are they up to?  Why are they robbing people?

1. Stole a wagon load of ale destined to be delivered to the selfish lord.

2.  Giving money to the poor.

3.  Sowing the seeds of a religious rebellion.

4.  Harbouring an assassin who is innocent.

5.  Feeding a large hungry monster with stolen food stuffs.

6.  Trying to cure their leader.

7.  Being extorted by a rival lord.

8.  Travellers from another dimension who are just trying to survive.

9.  Helping orphaned children whose parents were destroyed by an ogre tribe.

10.  On a mission from God.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Pretty stoked

Wow do I have a lot of things on the go!  First off I'm pretty stoked to be running a gamma world 1e game tomorrow.  Looks like I have 3 players, first game will be character creation.  I'm going to shoot for every other week for games.  

Tonight we raid the dungeons of daghold in Steve C's game, OSE.  This is a weekly old school game that I'm a player in with a bunch of other fun people.  And we are all Canadian! So it's the "BX hoser edition" game eh. 

I started working on Prince's no art contest part 2. 

Hopefully this time around I'll complete it. 

As well I've also started a project called "WB adv.odt"  Which is a collection of adventure's I'm trying to write for WBFMAG using Matt Jackson's maps.

And speaking of Matt if you check out his blog he's been doing a lot of solo games, and writing up his adventures on the blog.  This got me going down that rabbit hole and I downloaded Notequest, which looks like a lot of fun.

I will likely use my laptop and mipiu for mapping.  Something to do on my day's off.

And lastly, I just caught this on reddit, which is a nice video explaining what the OSR is and why it's cool.

Okay I should probably get my butt in gear and go sell some guitars.


Sunday, July 10, 2022

Enconters for Gamma World

 *All of the monsters and items are copyright (c) Wizards of the coast 1979.  All rights reserved.  This is a encounter table for use with Gamma World 1st Edition, published by TSR in 1979.  You will require this book to use this table.  I do not claim any rights over the below content. 

Looks like I'm going to be running a game on Roll20 once a week.  I'll be using Gamma World 1e, with little to no modifications.  The only thing I'm changing is the tech roll, I'm going to use a homebrew percentile roll rather than the tech table in the book.  Which is basically a game within a game.

I'll probably use discord for voice/chat and roll20 for dice rolls.  Typically I don't use battle maps in roll20, and usually stick with theatre of the mind.  The game is however a bit more tactile, so I may have to use a few maps here and there for fights only.   

I have been slowly writing up a few encounters.  While on vacation this week I'm going to write up a few small dungeons.  This should give me a decent amount of gaming. 

Note, that I do not own the copyright for Gamma World, and any of the monsters detailed below.  All rights reserved Wizard Of the Coast. 

Without further ado, here's the encounters thus far. 

1.  Over grown road, huge pile of metal objects covered in vines.  Under the foliage are the remains of a large vehicle (police riot transport).  2 Win Seen cover the area.  HP 46,41 AC 9, SONIC ATT 2D6, CONTACT POISON PARALYZE 14.  Inside the vehicle:  Skeletons with riot gear (sheath armour) AC4, Batons 1d8, med pack (1d6+1).  The Win seen give off a scent that attacks predators to protect them inadvertently.  In 1d6 rounds Dog Pigs show up hungry.  AC 8, 1d6+2 bite, HP 20.  The Dog Pigs are a cross between a wild boar and a rottweiler.  

2.  A large metatlic building with no obvious doors.  There is a computer terminal and a metal window screen.  Figuring out the terminal will require a tech roll of 15%.  A blood tester will open the window with food.  Only pure blood humans can operate the blood tester.  If the PCs wait, they will see a PSH green hman se the computer and leave.  (There is a small PSH colony nearby). 

3.  A plastic building with overgrown bush.  50 ft above is a metalic road (rail tracks).  There is an elevator inside the building that doesn't work and stairs to get to the landing.  This is basically a train station.  There are tracks that lead west to a military installation and east to a trading city.  A very good chance that there will be a half derailed train somewhere along the tracks. 

4.  West of the forest:  The next few miles are open terrain.  A low 3 ft greenish haze covers the area.  Nothing grows, the ground is rocky and treeless.  Radiation Lvl 9 if moving thru it.  Moving around it there will be the following encounters. 

Badders AC4, HD6 - Mutant badgers

Zarn AC7 HD4 spits poison. 

5.  Old car being pulled by a green large oxen.  Two human men walking alongside.  They are heading east towards the trading city.  (merchant & guard).

Guard:  Sheath armour AC4, HD8, stun rifle

Merchant:  Sheath armour AC4, HD6, dagger.  Mutation:  Double physical pain, poor dual brain (second brain takes over once in awhile, speaks slower).

Treasure:  50 Domars, 4 weeks rations, 4 stim packs, 50 arrows, textiles, office copying machine, pocket television. 

Oxen:  Photosynthetic skin, green in colour HD8.

Rumours & Information: Merchant knows of a base to the west, very radioactive but manageable  to get into.  If you skirt the perimeter and  come around from the east.  Lots of humanoids camped nearby.

The rest of their party died, killed by plants in the jungle near a van.

They are willing to pay for guards to get to the city.

6.)    Parn (mutated beetle w/thorns) AC6, HD10, 9 barbed spikes 2d6 dmg, 4 sword arms 3d6 damage.

Parn is feeding on the carcass of a 2 meter long elk.  Nearby is a storage trailer overtuned (semi).  Trailed is locked.  Inside are crates of canned food, jug of gasoline, 100 domars, 2 tear gas grenades. 

7.)  Strewn about are the corpses of humanoids. Chewed body parts are everywhere.  One of them has a hand written note detailing a spy operation on the locals (PCs village).  these were archivists, they were killed by Zoopremists. 

8.)  Frenzied robot building something large & mechanical made out of scrap metal, car parts,etc.  Robot is very busy and won't answer any questions, just keeps working.  It will only answer "no time, there is no time for this".  He can be reprogrammed with a chip.  Worker Bot AC3 HD9. 

9.) Burrowhill:  Large hill with multiple holes, surrounded by wood fencing with spikes.  Home of ground hog mutants, they are standoffish but friendly if offered food.  They can heal players 1d6 hp a day.  AC 9 HD2 daggers/bow & arrows.

10.)  Group of tribesmen - Hiding in trees and bushes, 8 total.  AC6 HD3