Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Am I D&D'd out?

Things I'm not entirely excited about: 

When I first started blogging and found the OSR I consumed everything.  Everything was wonderful, neat and exciting!  The last few years that has waned a little bit.  I"m still excited about playing, and in some cases running games (although I find I get partied out quick running games)*.  

*This might be because I've been running 5e, which requires atleast for me more prep.  A low prep OSR game I could probably run a bit longer. 

So the excitement has worn off, the parade of new things has lost its lustre.  Every time I start writing something I get about 4 pages in, in an hour or so.  Then I bin it and move on.  

I've considered pulling the 3T stuff from drivethru as it's basically irrelevant nowadays. 

I recently purchase Ghosts of saltmarsh, and the essentials kit.  I made it halfway thru both books and was a little meh on them.  Likely because I picked up my guitar and started working on some riffs.  And also because I'm running lmop, and there is only so much room in my brain.  A friend at work is always telling me about his game, and how wildly excited he is.  

I started a game with my cousins, and its wonderful to see how excited they are (first time players across the board, and I handed them the red pill). 

I've joined and left a pile of groups on facebook.  I still miss the colab of g plus but that is gone and long dead.  I'm still in contact with plenty of OSR folks, and game with a bunch of cool dudes on the regular. 

I think it might be time to pick up a new old rule set.  Something that isn't dragons, dungeons, trolls and heroes of the elf, halfling, dwarf variety.  Maybe star wars, or a super hero game.  I dunno. 

Light! I've been spending a lot of time over at the BF forums, reading the posts.  I'm hoping to help out with the project in the new year.  Maybe do some proof reading or something. 

Maybe I'm old? Maybe I have far too much on my mind and really need some escapism but am having a hard time trying to figure out what that is.  Maybe my stratocaster is calling me too often.  

Shit its been forever since I've drawn a map.  As is typical this is a ramble post. 

Things I'm excited about: 

The second edition of Labyrinth Lord

Monkey Blood Design YT channel

Basic Fantasy Adventure Anthology 3.  (It's been up for a bit, just started to read thru it now).   **

**I'd like to grab a bunch of BF adventures and sprinkle them over a perilous shores map at some point.

It's Christmas and I work retail

My guess is the reason for this melon collie post is the fact that I'm friggin bagged out at this point.  Working 6 days a week and all kinds of fucked up shifts. 


  1. Ennui is a bitch. I feel your pain.

    I have a possible solution for you…one that worked for me, at any rate.

    Step 1: rest up a bit; sounds like you have a lot of stress at this very moment. Perhaps a short break will recharge your gaming spirits.

    If not…

    Step 2: acquire copies of the 1st edition AD&D manuals (the DMG, PHB, and MM). They are available in PDF and POD on DriveThruRPG. Read them…of the three the DMG is the most important, the MM the least. These are the cornerstones.

    Step 3: begin building your campaign world. It does not need stories, drama, or plot. It just needs to be a world fit for exploration and adventure. For my own, I use a fantasy version of the Pacific Northwest (retaining all geography and towns, but “D&Ding” everything else). Gygax used the Midwest for Greyhawk. Some folks like Europe or Asia. Urutsk is set in Florida. Don’t over-complicate it.

    Step 4: build your campaign as a labor of love. Invite others to play in it. In your spare time add embellishment. Take old adventure modules (your own or others) and place them on the map.

    Step 5: commit to the long haul.

    That’s it. It worked marvels for me…I’ve been running my world since 2020ish and no ennui in sight. Even when I have to take extended breaks (holidays for instance, or trying a little side game/hobby) it’s always there to come back to, always there to work on. The world…of which I am the master…simply becomes stronger, deeper, richer.

    Anyway. You might consider giving it a shot.

    1. Good thoughts here - especially step 1. No point at all in attempting the others if they feel like a chore, step back, put everything away and do not touch any of it while it feels like an obligation. Only crack those books once you feel positively inclined to do so.

      I found just playing for a while, setting aside the DM's binder and just throwing dice and being at someone elses table was good for me for this too.

    2. Absolutely. I'm taking a DM prep break right now. I have a once a month session but it basically runs itself. Currently am I player in a bx game once a week.

  2. I absolutely will. I've on and off built world's but not a world. I have the 1e dmg. It's time for a reread after I have a brain break. With my next publisher royalties I'll likely grab the 1e phb. I'll start off small

  3. Thank you for the comments JB I appreciate it.

    1. Hey, you’re welcome. Happy holidays. : )

  4. Monkey Blood Design has a YouTube channel?!?