Saturday, February 10, 2024

Points of light

 As mentioned in the previous post, I'm prepping a small campaign.

Likely be levels 1-6.  Instead of using netnir vale and the dawn of war gods I decided to go all in on creating my own spot.  

I'm going to use these gods

A few of these locations have cropped up in other games I've ran or prepped.  

Long tooth I drew up and stated a while ago for the nightwell barony, however I'm stealing my buddy Vance's version of the townsfolk here.

Cape night and the barony could still technically be a thing the way they were originally placed on the night well barony map, however it's now a dead ruin.

Actually maybe not because I stole some names And moved them around the map.

I'm still planning on doing a wayfarers league and short adventures.  I'm going to use Jeff's campaign questions and the my campaign document from Matt coleville to flesh it out a bit.

This still seems like a fun idea.  Maybe one day.

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