Thursday, August 5, 2021

Nifty OSR products August 5th

I figured it was probably a good time to start promoting neat things I find on drivethrurpg.  I am always quite happy when I find a cool thing that's PWYW or free, so I'll try and stick to those types of things.  

White Box FMAG Referee Sheets

This is super duper handy! 

This are reference sheets meant to be used with White Box FMAG. The various tables and some of the rules from White Box FMAG have been arranged to fit into four A4-sized portrait pages which can be used either as printed pages at the table or as inserts for a customizable GM screen.

Also included is a two page version where the 4-page A4-sized portrait version are placed two-to-a-page in landscape.


Commercial Map Pack 1

This map pack include / Ce pack de cartes comtient:

  • 1 small village / 1 petit village
  • 2 dungeon levels that can be connected together or both as stand alone / 2 niveaux de donjon qui peuvent être connectés ou utilisés de façon indépendante.

For personal and commercial use / Pour usage personel et commercial

If you use one of the map in a commercial product, please give me credit for the map and send me a message (see the link to my website) so I can discover the excellent product you will create!

Si vous utilisez l'une des cartes de façon commerciale, merci de me donner le crédit pour celle-ci et svp envoyez moi un message (voir le lien vers mon site web) afin que je puisse découvrir l'excellent produit que vous allez créer!

Download include: 1 Zip file (16 JPG files)


The Village of Penrath

Created by Jean-Claude ''Raznag'' Tremblay (@tremblay.j)

This map contain the village of Penrath and some description.  It also contain some adventure hooks.

For personal use only. 

If you are interested in a commercial use of this product, feel free to contact me.

Download include: 1 Zip file (1 PDF & 3 JPG files)


The World of Artrusia

“The World of Artrusia has seen much happen in its long history. Many legends have been told by ancient bards, through countless poems and sagas. These provide reminders of the long past before the arrival of the Lords of the Void (also called the Lords of Beyond ), their expulsion, and the birth of science, which even today transforms the world.Two hundred years after the expulsion of the Lords of the Void and the dawn of the era of reason, the rise of science of machines and the advent of mass industry, the world has undergone radical changes. Railroads, analytical devices, medicines and metallurgy have reached levels never seen before. The discovery of Aerolite as the main form of fuel brought changes to the sport of racing in our world."


UNCONQUERED - Free Artless Edition

You hold in your hands UNCONQUERED, a role-playing game. In it, one player takes on the role of Chronicler and presents a world full of peril and wonder; the others take on the role of Travelers, who describe how their characters act and react within that world. We play to find out where drama and dice may lead us.



  1. Thanks for pointing these out. I knew about some of them but not all.

  2. No problem, I'm going to try and get to this once a week if I can.