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The Troubled Well - Blueholme Adventure

This adventure is for 1st - 3rd level characters for Blueholme.  It may end up being part of an expanded set of adventures.  Your comments are welcome.


Strange noises have been coming from the old well.  The local townsfolk have been worried about the water supply.  A rash of farm animals have gone missing, which may be connected.  Hugo the local magistrate wants someone to explore the well and report back with their findings. 

All the underground area below the well is natural caverns, with rocky outcroppings and stlagtites.  A slow moving river runs through most of the dungeon.  Some of the rooms have been carved out by a seasoned miners hand, squaring up walls and flooring.  The map is 10 foot squares.  The ceilings are jagged and the heights vary.  


The well is 60 feet deep.  A rickety basket holds an old corded rope for bringing up the water bucket.  The air from the well smells distinctly noxious, breathing it in makes you cough. 

    • Using the provided rope:  There is a 3-6 chance that the rope will break per PC using it.  Roll 1d6 to see how many feet they fall.  1d6 dmg per 10 feet. 

    • Using torches:  Any torch light in the well or at the bottom will cause a minor explosion of gas.  Anyone in the area of the well shaft, or bottom will receive 1d6 damage on a failed save vs breath.

    • Bottom of well:  The bottom of the well is about 4 feet deep with water, which flows to the east.  


The room is being excavated by large whirring machines that run by themselves.  There are belts, pulleys, levers all over the place.  The north wall has a large hole in it.  In the centre of the room is a pile of rubble that shines in any torchlight.  There are exits to the east and south.  The water flows thru this room, and is six feet deep in the middle.  

    • The excavating machines are magical, they can be stopped by dispel magic or by manually dismantling them.

    • There are a series of 6 tripwires spread out the room, above the water line.  While searching the room there is a 3-6 chance per round of setting one off, unless the PCs are being extremely careful.  Adjust to 1-6.  If any of the tripwires are set off a group of goblins will come to investigate.  

    • 4 Goblins, AC 6, HD 1d6, Att: Dagger, DMG 1d6, DEX 11, MV 15.  The goblins carry 10 SPs between them.  They won’t spill who is in charge of the machines, even if they face certain death.  


This natural cave is filled with rotting carcasses of woodland animals.  A web hangs from the ceiling.  The floor is bone dry.  You can hear nature sounds coming from the west passage.  

    • The west passage leads to the outside, on the outskirts of town. 

    • Giant Spider:  There is a giant spider resting down the west passage.  The passage is filled with webs.  If the PCs spend more than 2 rounds investigating the room, the spider will enter to check on its prized food. 

    • Giant Spider:   AC 6, HD 2+2, Att: Bite*, DMG 1d6, DEX 13, MV 25.  *On a successful bite the spider will secret a vast acting paralyzing venom.  Save vs paralysis.

    • Treasure:  Amongst the remains is the carcass of a human wizard, he carries 3 first level scrolls, 30 GPs in a pouch and a magical staff. 


A ramshackle room containing a cell made of rusting iron bars, a few small cots and an oaken barrel being used as a table.  A few suits of leather armour hang from hooks in the ceiling.  

    • The room contains 6 Goblins, a tied up Gnome prisoner. 

    • The gnome is named “Xveev” claims to have been press ganged into helping the Goblins and a surly dwarf into opening an underground tomb.  He was the one who invented the machines, and keeps them running.  He says that his family is being held hostage deepr in the caves.  (He is lying, he is the mastermind of this operation. The reason he stays in the cell is because he prefers to have a guard near him at all times.) 

    • The goblins will be cautious, but attack if they feel threatened.  They have been told not to give anything away about the Gnome.  

    • 6 Goblins, AC 6, HD 1d6, Att: Dagger, DMG 1d6, DEX 11, MV 15.  

    • Xveev The Gnome, AC 9, HD 1d6, Att:  Dagger, DMG 1d6, DEX 14, MV 25.  The gnome has the following scrolls stashed in his pants.  Magic Missile, Charm person.  He has a key for room G.  It is brass and has a small rune etched into the side of it.  


Rubble and dust fill this room.  The sounds of pick axes striking stone emanate from within.  

    • There are two Gnomes tied up on a poll in the middle of the room.  They appear to be malnourished.  (Save VS Spell.  This is an illusion). 

    • There are two goblins and a dwarf working on clearing an area to the south.  This maybe the door to a long forgotten tomb.   

    • The dwarf wears a metallic collar.  This is a magical device that acts as a permanent charm person spell.  He is exhausted and moving slowly.  It looks as if he’s been working without sleep for days on end.  The collar can be pulled off with a feat of strength, this will cause the dwarf to take 1d3 of damage automatically.  Dispel magic will render the collar inert.  The dwarf has no recollection of how he got here and what he was doing.  

    • 2 Goblins, AC 6, HD 1d6, Att: Dagger, DMG 1d6, DEX 11, MV 15.  

    • 1 Dwarf  AC 9, HD 1d6-1, Att:  Pickaxe,  DMG 1d6, DEX 4, MV 10.


The door to this room is locked, and the door is quite sturdy.  

    • The gnome has the key to this room.  It can be broken down by at least 3 characters.  On a roll of 1 – 8 on a d10 they will be successful.  This will make enough noise to arouse a few more goblins to investigate. 

    • If the door is broken down rather than being unlocked, the pressure plate trap on the other side of the door will be operational.  Anyone stepping 10 feet into the room will cause the trap to go off.  Save vs paralysis for half damage.  A large wooden beam will come flying down from the ceiling doing 1d6+2 damage.  

    • Inside the room are 3 dwarves that are related to the dwarf in room E.  They are emaciated. 

    • The dwarves will happily hand over a treasure map that they found in return for safe passage to the surface.  


Xveev the gnome was trying to find a buried stone that could command elementals.  He was intending on bringing this back to his underground village.  His chieftan had commanded that it would help with their war against the dwarves.  In a previous skirmish the dwarves had killed the gnomish high priestess and this was to be used for revenge. 

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