Wednesday, July 16, 2014

OGL Help?

It was pointed out to me yesterday that I haven't quite got the OGL thing figured out properly.  At my job I spend a reasonable amount of time looking over and creating Mechanical Licensing contracts, record contracts, etc.  However the OGL is difficult to read and understand.  So not that I am looking for any lawyerly advice here, but exactly what needs to be put on my blog & any of my products to sorta cover my ass.  last thing I need is a lawsuit from wotc.  Any suggestions would be genius! Here is a quote from Jeremy from my post from yesterday, I have revised the OGL slightly in that post, but I still don't think I got it quite right.  I know that S&W has a really good section on how to do it properly which i will need to re-read shortly.

"You have to actually update Section 15. I realize many companies don't do this to the day (cough, Barrel Rider Games), but you have to include the Section 15 of every work you used, which at least would be the SRD and Labyrinth Lord (and the most recent versions of that have a few other things in Section 15), and then the name of your work, like say, "3 Toadstools Assassin. Copyright 2014"