Thursday, July 11, 2013

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This excellent post -

Which got me to thinking about my own semi mega dungeon plans, and I'm guessing that I might be over extended myself a bit.  Firstly, I've had a few different ideas on how to get the PC's into the dungeon in the first place, but I can't quite decide on which one.  Maybe I should try and wing them all together.

1 - A Wizard needs the PC's to delve into the underworld to find alchemical ingredients
2 - A ancient civilization has been uncovered, are they up to no good?
3 - There is a war happening between the dwarf's of the deep and the Drow.

What I would like to do is have a series of dungeon levels that extend lower, and in different directions.  I would like to include the following, (this maybe becoming a campaign setting rather than a module).

1 - A Dragon far into the deep, as to wether he is a good guy, a evil guy, or just a sleepy dragon on his treasure has yet to be determined.

2 - A few easier dungeon levels, with kobolds & goblins etc

3 - A Dwarfen & Drow settlement, or at the very least a Dwarfen settlement that can be used as a homebase to explore the rest of the Underworld

4 - A ancient civilization

5 - Possibly tied to #4 ancient ruins of a underground city.

6 - Underground lakes and river systems

So this begs the question is it too much?

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