Friday, March 8, 2019


I admit it.  I'm an A.D.D. Gamer. 
What does that mean?
Well what it means is OOOOH SHINY!

I get a great idea for a campaign, and I start working on it.  Then I get a great idea for a new campaign, and I start working on it, THEN I get another great idea for a campaign, and I start working on it.

I've been slowly working on a AFF adventure set in and around Darkwood forest.

THEN I listened to this:

And right around the time I was listening to Tim's podcast, I was also talking with Chris Gonnerman about Iron Falcon.  BTW there's a new iron falcon group on mewe, check it out.

Not to mention the ever entertaining google hangouts thread that I'm a part of with Matt and the crew.

So more inspiration has struck me.

I've toyed with running mystara, greyhawk (recently) and a pile of other campaigns in the last few years.

Here's the problem.  Well 1.  I have a.d.d.  2.  (the most important) I'm not currently running any games.  So instead of focusing on my current game, I keep thinking of new and fun ideas to try.

The latest thing that's on my mind is to finally run Black Marsh.  I even have a starting point.  And of course I'm thinking using iron falcon would be fun.  Even though I've stated often that Whitebox would be handy especially when running a game online.

So I'm off to write a players campaign notes for black marsh.

Maybe I'll get my shit together and run a one shot soon.

That's my friday thoughts!


  1. I prefer Gamer ADD. It implies an affliction specific to gamers, similar in effect to the mental health issue, but not itself a mental health issue. ADD Gamer implies a gamer who has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. Mind you, I qualify as both.

    1. As do i. But you are right Gamer ADD is a better way of putting it. I also have dyslexia lol. I know that term was mentioned in a chat "gamer add", so I may have just switcheroo'd em.

  2. Iron Falcon is definitely my favorite "clone". I applied to the group.

  3. Thanks for letting us know about the IF group. While I am not a fan of Supplement I (sue me), I am a big fan of Chris and his work product. Always clean, efficient and accurate.

    On the topic of you and ADD: yeah well duh, we all are. I call it a “meta-campaign” because it’s like a campaign except it has zero players. It’s okay to enjoy plotting out meta-campaigns! Plotting one a couple of years ago turned into writing my first manuscript.

    My suggestion is to write your own rule set. Not a retro clone and not something radical, but just your own flavor of D&D with the things you like. You will learn a lot and have fun.

    I wrote Mythical Journeys as my commercial rule set. The one I would sell or give away. But then I have another version of the rules as I would run them. It’s like a home brew of a home brew.

    1. I really should write my own rules. It's something I tossed around for a long time It'll be swingy as hell lol. Maybe I'll start on it . I have to finish your book. I'm sorry it's taken me so long. I apologize. I love the term meta campaign. Perfect and so true.

  4. I’m just happy to know that you are doing fun things. This is a hobby. It should be fun. Finish up the layout when it’s fun to.