Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Just looking at my account for drivethrurpg and amazingly enough I have a few credits on there for people clicking thru and buying products! Thank you so very much.  I setup my publisher account this morning and uploaded "Caverns Of Ugard" for pay what you want or free.  I should hopefully be up in the next few days, I'm pretty excited about this whole idea of being able to post up adventures on that site.

<-----Here's the cover.

As soon as its officially available for download I'll do a big blast so you can grab it.

In the meantime I'm still writing and writing a new adventure idea.  Hopefully this one will be in the 3 buck range.  I guess we will see.  Its hard to figure out what to price it at.  I honestly don't mind giving stuff away for free, but if you figure the hours you put into something, well you really should for peace of mind put a little price tag on it anyways.

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