Thursday, June 5, 2014

If your friend jumped off a bridge and he told you to do it as well AKA Why I'm not buying 5e

Okie dokie, since everyone else has put there 2cents in regarding 5e, I might as well say why it is I'm not buying it.  Money! hahaha.  granted I'll dload the basic free version just to have a look around and see exactly what it is I'm missing.  The real reason why I'm not buying it, is there are all sorts of other things I'd rather buy (RPG related).  I'd like to grab "Out Of The Pit", "Blacksand" and "Titan" for Advanced Fighting Fantasy.  I would also like to grab B/X D&D off drivethrurpg, (and a few old school modules) and Mutant Future.  I am still toying with the idea of going down to a printer and printing off LL, S&W and or buying them from Lulu in hardcover.  On top of a bunch of modules I'd love to get my hands on, like +Venger Satanis Purple Islands Hex Crawl (it has a cooler name than that),  +Johua De Santo modules -  .Barrowmaze, I've also had my eye on a few older D&D books including a copy of the Holmes rules at my local game shop.  So basically I'm spent! hahaha.

TOTAL SIDE NOTE - The cover's are fucking bad assed for 5e.

Okie I'm done.