Sunday, December 7, 2014


I am making really good progress editing the maps, I have 6 more to go.  It appears there is going to be 13 maps in total.  Which is more than enough!  As I work on these, the gears in my head have started grinding and I am getting a few more ideas here & there.  I've started working on a few new monsters, and possibly races.  Which should be interesting.

So it's coming along.  I've labelled all the maps alphabetically, and have opened up individual doc files for each map.  I then went in and labelled each doc with all of the room numbers.  This way I don't miss anything.  Also this is going to make the whole writing process that much easier.  Instead of having to write 120 rooms.  I just need to write 20 - 25 entries for each, save the file move on.

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