Monday, June 8, 2015

On Character Creation

Managed to finally create a character for my wife/with my wife yesterday.  Halfling Wizard named Bree Crackerbarrel (which is awesome cuz she's a cheese fanatic!).  It took us approx about 1 hour and 45 minutes.  Which is obviously a bit of time, however creating characters lets me learn the rules a bit.  Which means a few of the players in the upcoming game are probably going to be pre gens.  One thing I really dig is the archetypes it really helps to flesh out the character.  We decided after rolling randomly (Sage basic rules) that her character is after a long lost dragon, named Queziote.  Her former master hunted it, but was never able to find the dragon.  She also speaks draconic, (perfect candidate for the cult of the dragon).  It interesting how it all came together.  Of course she was also previously an alchemist, and is very intense about collecting power & knowledge.  That made me realize that she should also be a devout follower of Ogmah.  (or however you spell it, god of knowledge).  All of these realizations came about whilst rolling on the random table.  And last but not least she rolled on the trinket table and got a "receipt for a large deposit from a far flung bank".  Awesome excellent adventure seed. 

I starter creating my own PC as well for giggles, what I came up with is a D'artagnan type PC, with obviously an outrageous french accent, a pair of cutlasses, one silly hat with a feather in it and hilarious outlook on life. 

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