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Stone Stump

I've been slowly working on a home base for my next little adventure.  It's called "Stone Stump", because when my Wife and I were walking our dog, we came across a stump with a large stone on it.  I thought, "well that's a good name for a little village isn't it?".

I'm using Jeff's twenty campaign questions and slowly filling out the details.  (It's a great inspirational resource).

I like to inject a bit of humour into the things I write (see blacksmith).

I was thinking about the adventurer's guild, and I might go with a bunch of old pirates who have decided to form a bit of a guild "on land" guild.  Of course they are all a bunch of greedy buggers.

Obviously this is very fantasy, not dark, just vanilla, which is fine.  I've been wanting to write something like this for a bit.

This is what I have so far....

Meagle Isles

The Meagle Isles are a group of four islands far from the coast of any major continent.  They have got along just fine over the years without much human contact.  The largest island “Marakah”as it is known in elvish, plays host to a very recent human settlement that of “Stone Stump”.  Which was founded approximately one hundred years ago.  Prior to that time humans had never set foot upon the island, or so the history books would have you believe.  In actual fact, humans had previous been here and had built a great city.  They attempted to populate pockets of the island, but failed.  The city which is now known as “the broken city” has now crumbled into near dust, over ran by foul beasts and things that go bump in the night.  Other smaller long abandoned settlements dot the landscape, but for the most part mother nature has overtaken the Isles, bringing them back to their originally vegetative glory.  The previous human settlers were wiped out by plagues and monstrosities.

You would be hard pressed to find an Elf, Dwarf or Halfling that hasn’t heard about the broken city and its previous human inhabitants.  Nowadays the demi humans have trade ties with the humans of Stone Stump, but are very wary of the past.  Deals were struck that were not always abided by, these wounds run deep in the communities.  

The Meagle Isles today are a vast unexplored land, dangers and treasure lurk within every cave, every mile of forest,in old crumbling towers long forgotten.

Demi Human Settlements

There are four demi human settlements on the Island of Marakah.  The Elven settlement of Brindleaf, deep within the Northern forests, the small halfling village of Great Bog, deep under the southern mountains lies the Dwarvish settlement of Proud Holme, and under the village of Stone stump is a small dwarven community of Eriksdale.  

A Brief Overview & History

Stone Stump is a small port town located on the eastern shore of the Meagle Isles.  The town is a relatively new one, having only been formed about fifty years ago.  Human settlers from a far off continent came to the Isles to colonize.  

The village grew into a trading partner with the elves of the nearby sunset woods, and the dwarves of the deep.  As well as the other small villages that dot the isles.  

Over the last fifty years the town has grown from its humble beginnings.  It now has two separate chapels, a few taverns, a large bustling dock, and more than enough eccentric hangers on.  It is the perfect place to start an adventure.

To the west farmland borders the village, supplying the population with wholesome food, and trade.  North of the village are the sunset woods, home to the elvin kin.  Beyond the above listed the island is largely unexplored, although it’s probably inhabited.  

Points Of Interest

The Docks: The docks are a busy place, filled with fisher mongers, scallywags, and merchant crews.  There is almost always a few sea faring vessels in port, some needing a crew, others needing loading.  One of the famous ships that lowers its anchor in the bay is the “Northern Mast”.  a merchant ship said to be one of the fastest.    If you are looking for all the salty gossip, then look no further than the “Three Fins Tavern”, located right along the docks.  The proprietor is a lass named Peggy, known for her sarcastic humour and great luck.  A itchy bedroll will cost you two silver pieces a night.  

Chapels:  There are two chapels in the town of Stone Stump, one is the “Chapel of the plentiful catch” and the other is the “Chapel of the harvest moon”.  As you can tell, both of the chapels are devoted to God’s that fulfil not only the needs of the stomach, but the livelihood of the townsfolk.  Each chapel has its own set of ministers for the congregation.  Interestingly enough they both worship the same God.  

Boring Boris The Blacksmith:  A long time ago when Boris first opened his shop, and young kid strolled by and yelled “Hey you boring old blacksmith, what’s yer name?”  The only thing that you can say about Boris really is that “the nickname stuck”.  Boris is a pretty stand up guy, and is a decent albeit slow blacksmith.  Boris tends to spend most of his time smithing farm implements and new anchors (for the ones lost at sea).  Boris doesn’t have a lot of armour in his shop, but he can special smith something for the right gold.  (Generally he has leather armour and some chain mail on occasion).  


The mighest wizard is an Elf,
A local human wizard named, so and so is quite good he’s trying to start a guild with little success

All of the above text is copyright 2017 (c) 3 Toadstools Publishing, Shane Ward.

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