Sunday, August 13, 2017

Siting in dining tent

This is a pondering blog.  While camping this past week, I spent a lot of time reading about Karameikos.  I have a copy of the grand duchy and the b/x rules which have more than enough information to get you going.  My first read thru I was a bit meh on the whole thing, but now I'm starting to get it a bit better.  Second read thru's always seem to get my mind wrapped around things a bit better.

I was planning on running isle of dread with the old school group, but we have decided that we really can't get together that often.  As well no one ever remembers what we were doing, or where we were going.  So the best plan is to run a mega dungeon, with a open table.  Basically whoever shows up is in.  It might be a bit less structured but whatever it'll be fun.

The old school group is going to be based in Castelean's keep (kotb) and there will be a mega dungeon not far away, in Karameikos.

Whenever it becomes my turn to DM again for the 5e group, I think we will also be in Karameikos.  Because why not right? While I'd love to just run the basic 5e dnd rules, I know the players will want to have a few options from the phb.  Here are the things I'm thinking about for that game.

Classes:  All classes from the phb are allowed
Races:  Gnomes, Elves, Dwarves, Humans (thyration, tradaldan), Halfings.  The standard fair.  No dark anything, no dragonborn, tieflings, etc.  Half orcs & half elves will be allowed however.

Gods:  The immortals from Karameikos

I intend to ramp up a fight between the black eagle barony & the duke of karameikos at some point.  Slowly send the players thru 1st level to 5th doing minor little quests, starting with guarding a gnome caravan.  There are some great ideas for adventures in the duchy book.  I would also like to push the envelope on the political intrigue.

I also intend to use the slow healing from the back of the 5e dmg.

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