Monday, December 17, 2018

Tonight! is layout city

I've been working on a layout project for a friend of mine (which I've talked about on and off the past few months).  The gist of which was "I can't figure scribus" etc.  I'm using openoffice for this, and it allows me to embed fonts properly.  Anyways, as I've been slowly procrastinating, this evening I'm going to get down to business!

Last week I wrote up a fairly deadly adventure for Matt Jackson's Barrow mounds.  You can get more info here:

After doing a quick proof on Matt's adventure, I was filled with inspiration.  So I started writing.  Which was nice, as I've been in a back and forth slump for a bit.  I have a few maps to draw, and one to redraw for it.  The premise is simple "go get rid of the bandits".

Here's some screen shots.

It'll probably be stated out with S&W I think.  Just for ease of use.

There was a few shane-isms in the first draft that I'm going to have to go and deal with.  But for a creative spurt I'm happy.

It probably won't up being any kinda release other than "here! here's a download, have fun".  Which IMHO I really enjoy doing.  Hopefully I'll get it done by Christmas.  First up though, is finishing out the layout project.  As it is 6x9 I've been looking for inspiration in RPG books.  I've settled on basically looking at anything lotfp I can get my hands on and B/X Essentials.

Wish me luck!

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