Thursday, December 6, 2018

I nominated rotbb for the ennies

I decided to nominated rotbb for the free product category in the Ennies next year.  For the simple sake that a lot of work went into it, and a lot of great writers were a part of it.  I personally don't need any kind of accolades, and I have no intention of spamming people when the noms come out with "hey vote for me" (other than one time).

When sending out the pdf copy, I just dloaded one from drivethru and I got the typical "hey thanks for the purchase" message.  I realized that I've made an oversight.  Here's the message:

Please note: A POD version of this will be released soon.  It will be at cost.  As well a black & white printer friendly no art pdf will also be released.  We appreciate any feedback, reviews and errata information that you can provide.  Thank you very much! 

Well the POD version has been released, and it's on amazon (as I couldn't figure out how to get a pod to work properly with OBS, a thing that I'm finally starting to figure out on another project).  

NO the thing that I totally forgot about was my intention to make a BW Printer friendly copy of the book.   I apologize, I have not done this.  And honestly I don't know if I will.  The baron took a lot out of me this time, more so than the first.   Maybe I'll revisit this idea down the road.  In the mean time I should change that message (along with a few other of my drivethru thanks messages). 

You can get the pdf of rotbb here.

and the pod here. 

The other thing that I wanted to mention about the Ennies is that they ask you to forward a mp3 in case you win (apparently it gets played when you walk up). 

I decided on a solo acoustic version of "The entertainer" written by Scott Joplin and performed by a dear friend Jim Flett, who passed away this year.  I felt like it was appropriate, and that it sticks with the baron's schtick. 

Here's Jim jamming with Patti & Jeremy. 

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