Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Get shit done mode

Egad I've spent far too much time doing nothing. Seriously nothing. Here I am again doing nothing. Well that's not true, I'm writing a blog that you are now reading. I am also procrastinating. I'm really fucking good at it. There are countless projects that I've referenced on this blog that never got completed. (in some cases not even started).

I just recently watched this video. (Eric Bloat and diogo Nogueira posted it on Facebook. It lead me down an amazing rabbit hole).

+watch the whole thing. 
++watch it again. 

Which lead me to this video.

Finished not perfect! 

Fuck I wish I'd seen that years ago. Both videos hit me like a metric ton of lard! 

1. I've always been very creative
(with thats comes...)
2.  Being a fucking procrastinator.
3.  I've always compared my work to others. 
4.  It's a not about the product at this point for me, it's about getting started and finishing! 

What I need to do is put my tablet down, block the world out and have fun. 

But first I need a plan on getting it done. I've been excellent at giving advice to friends, just not great at following it myself. 

Non gaming friend who is an author "i really need to finish my book." 
Me:  what time does your wife goto bed. 
Friend: 9
Me:  what time do you goto bed? And what do you do in the meantime? 
Friend : 1am and nothing. 

Two months later he's got it completed. 

So that's what I'll do. As you know, I've been awfully quiet lately. Truth is, I've been busy, slightly bored with rpgs, looking for inspiration, finding the time  between studying, and generally keeping the worlds weight on my shoulders. 

I'm going to get shit done.