Friday, July 24, 2020

Cape nightwell pt 1

The nightwell barony is named after it's founder, baron nightwell.  Which is of course a bit captain obvious.  This section doesn't detail the barony,  but ruler which the name comes from.  Actually funny story, the actual baron has been missing for a few years.  The general populace in the city believe him to be on a retreat.  Some people know the truth but refuse to divulge that information.  The current ruler is the barons nephew, drake nightwell.  A kind hearted man, who stands up for the poor and downtrodden.  

Baron nightwell, the original was a long time merchant SAILOR (possible pirate), who spent many years trading in the lands beyond.  As time went on he grew weary of the rivers, lakes, trade routes.  He decided to take his hard earned money and retire. With his crew accompanying him he started to build a few houses on the north side of a lake.  Using contacts from the past he arranged for merchants to bring goods to his small village.  As time went on the city grew, and so did his family.

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