Saturday, November 21, 2020

Play report nightwell Barony session 1

 That was a lot of fun! I had a bit of anxiety as I haven't run a game in a long while. And I haven't ran 5e in years. Seems like everyone had a wonderful time. We ended up playing for a bit 3 hours, which is just on the cusp for my brain.

The PC's came to the village of long tooth, because their cousins aunts ex brother in law needed some help with his mill. (hopefully you catch that joke!) 

Apparently the 2 halflings were from the town of "anywhere else", which I'm going to incorporate into the setting.  They notice a wanted poster in town, looking for galrick. Inquire with the guard captain. 

After having a nice supper with their cousin at his mill, he told them about his apprentice who is wanted for being part of a local gang. The gang has been causing havoc with the local merchant caravans. The cousin Andre believes that his apprentice may be caught up in something. Possibly not by his choice. 

They wander off to the one and only tavern for lunch the next day. The town is super quiet. They meet up with some farmers who have been having trouble with wolves and goats going missing. 

The bartender claims he is almost out of ale due to missing his shipment of hops. He hopes the PC's can find him some. 

Upon leaving the tavern in search of the captain of the guard, they find a weird scene. 3 villagers are attempting to get the one horse in the town into a stable but it won't budge. It's scared. 

A shadow flies over the players, a giant bat comes into view zooming towards the horse. 

A fight breaks out. During the fight the PC's see the captain of the guard show up. He's overweight and out of breath. He leans against a pole. 

They finally kill the giant bat and meet with Elgin, he talks about the fugitive and how he wants to torture and jail him. They realize quickly that this guy is useless. 

The PC's decide to check out the farm and figure out the wolf issue. Speaking with the farmer they quickly realized that the farmer doesn't know how to count. One day he has 20 goats, next day 5, next day 46.  

After some investigation, they find a trail. It is however a goat trail. Which is odd. 

They find a small goat in a burrow, it slowly changes into a wolf cub. What is weird is that it has the exact same eyes as one of the halflings child hood pets, a goat. As he as always wanted a familiar, this seemed more appropriate than a wolf battle. 

We left off having met with the Donald Sutherland Esq mayor who promised to pay the PC's for the capture of the fugitive. 


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    1. Yeah I think it's going to be an off the rails kinda game. Loving it

  2. HopHunting and GoatWolves. And now, Hawkeye?

    A very entertaining launch, cheers!