Tuesday, November 3, 2020

It's funny how as soon as you get rid of something...

 I lent my 5e books to my nephew as he's currently writing a campaign for his buddies. It's based around the last Airbender with custom monk classes. He's been playing for a while now with his friends. I introduced him to swords and wizardry a year or so ago, playing some Isle of dread.

Since I wasn't really running anything, and wasn't really running 5e I figured he could use them for a bit. From what I gather he's currently at home awaiting results from a covid test. Hopefully everything is fine. Good news is he has a pile of reading and creating to do! 

I've really been loosing my d&d steam lately. I think the anecdote is to run a game. A few of the boys at work want to play a bit. So I should probably just rip that band aid off and start working on silly voices eh? 

I've been a big fan of the basic rules for 5e since I read them. Mostly because I like a few less rules and options. As well since that's all I have now, because I divested myself of the other books, that's probably what I'll use. When I've played as a character I've only used them. Despite other players looking at my odd! 

I have 4 of the Goodman games fifth edition adventures, which are cool and open ended setting wise. I'm going to reread them. I'm sure there's a way to put them all together somehow. 

I'll just have to create a few backup NPCs to fill out the ranks. 

Here's the download for the rules.

Here's the Goodman games stuff.

And I know... I'm an old school guy. Forgive me for this one lol. 

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