Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Gamma World Play Reports

Here are play reports 1 & 2 from my Gamma World game. 

We were able to get a character and hireling created for the Graymouser.  
We briefly discussed the setup of the village.  Here are the details

The village is to the north, it is called Beezeldor, and is ran by a group of 5 elders.  The main leader is named "Arlock", he is just but does not tolerate mischief, stealing or unruly behaviour.  The inhabitants of the village are a mix of PSH, Mutated Humans and Animals that are all working towards a common goal, survival. 

The village is located in the tree tops on the edge of the forest (ala Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves).  Nearby are small farms that are tended, and hunting grounds.  generally when working there are town guards out keeping an eye on things.  The PCs have come to the conclusion that there is adventure and opportunities outside of the village, and since they've only ever explored a few miles from home they are very curious as to what is out there.  A few of the PSH inhabitants are guarded around the clock from threats, as they have access to a food dispenser not far from the town.  It is a metallic plastic building with a large window, a robot dispenses food to PSH there.  The villagers are tribesman, not unlike the villagers from the isle of dread with primitive weapons albeit with some technology.  Overall the society is very communistic.  There are no cryptic alliances that you know of within the village, everyone is striving towards the common goal. 

To the southwest is a trading city, no one from the village has been there but traders have come from the city.  It sounds interesting, and a bit scary to the PCs minds.   
We started just south of the village, with the adventure hook of going out and finding some powerful technology to help the village survive and to become "elders" in the eyes of the rulers.  Whether or not the PCs come back remains up to them.  Either which way the plan is to set out and see what is out in the world, for good or bad.  

NOTE:  As far as character creation goes, you are more than welcome to create one on your own.  Once done you can email me a copy at shanepatricward AT gmail DOT com.  If you need some help we can get together via google hangouts or discord if you like.  As well you can create one hireling with one physical mutation, roll 3d6 in order for the hireling.  They are equipped with standard dagger, backpack, bow and arrows. 

Our brave heroes set off on a journey to find tech and other civilizations to help our their struggling village.  The hope is to move up the ranks of the village and one day be able to make decisions for the village and possibly rule. 

Heading to the west the PCs discovered a metallic container that was rusted and baked from the sun.  They noticed a strange chittering sound coming from a nearby long grass and discovered a GIANT beetle eating the carcass of a recently deceased elk.  Using empathy powers Skinner was able to scare the beetle away.  Artie started to cook up a elk roast. 

Carefully they metallic container was opened and building materials including wood, nails and paint thiner were found.  The players hide away their findings for later, and had a nice lunch of elk.  While having lunch they noticed movement in the bushes, and sent Hugo to investigate.  They found some feral tribesman and gave them a peace offering of lunch.  

After lunch the players kept skirting the forest and encountered a greenish haze blocking their way for a few miles to the west and east.  They turned back and moved towards the forest.  
A large rumbling started coming from off in the distance, eventually they were beset by 3 large hungry wolves.  One was blasting with a stunning smell from the skunk and went into a paralytic state.  The other 2 were quickly dispatched by the PCs.   

We left off having killed the wolves, and everyone gained 500 XP. 
Rolo is a mutated skunk, his torch bearer artie is a mutated human 
Skinner is a mutated very large rat and his torch bearer is a mutated human called Hugo. 

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