Sunday, September 18, 2022

The young kids wanna play 5e

After having given the group a choice of different versions of dnd, they have unanimously decided on 5e.  Which I expected.  

I've been reading thru a few modules and coming up with some ideas.  First up I'm going to pass on the sword coast.  Although I'm likely going to port adventures, gods etc from it.  

I've decided not to restrict races or classes other than phb only.  Whilst I'd prefer not to have dragonborn I'll make do.

First up the world, I'm going to use Elsir vale.

Adventure wise I think I'll start with defense in phlan.

And then likely the starter set, phandelver.

I've also been reading queen of the dragon hoard, and the keep on shadowfell.  As is usual one too many modules and ideas are running around my head.

I even thought of porting to geeyhawk.  

I like Elsir vale and netnir vale as they are very sandboxy without a ton of Cannon written for them.  I can basically send the players that link if they want some background.

I will likely have the Harper's and the cult of the dragon as factions in the game.  Not the zhentatarim however.   It's not that big of a place, and sticking all the forgotten realms factions in would likely get confusing.

Whilst running phlan, I am going to make a point of introducing gundren rockseeker as a patron of the players.   This way they can get a bit of backstory before the starter set.

Got a few weeks to prepare!  

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