Monday, August 26, 2013

Elder Scrolls Homebrew?

Been doing a little thinking about Skyrim & the rest of the awesome bethseda Elder Scrolls titles.   After reading thru microlite & basic fantasy, I think it would be very straight forward to create a homebrew RPG based specifically on this world, most importantly the races of Tamriel.   To learn more about the races of Tamriel -

Another great thing about the games is the world is already built for you, there is a rich history, especially if you r a fan of the game.  What I find really interesting playing thru Skryim is there are references to Oblivion and Morrowind within the game, same goes for Oblivion and Morrowind.

As far as OSR is concerned, if you take a races like a Khajiit & Argonian , they work quite well as thieves in the games, if you based your ability scores etc on something like a Halfling, that would probably work well.  In the games there are a few different races of Human , Nord (Think Viking) Redguard's, Imperials.  Of course there are a bunch of different types of Elves, one of which is similar to a halfling.  The one stand out thing in all these games is there are no dwarf's, they were erased from existence for some reason.

Most D&D type classes would work fine if you wanted the games to be similar, as well as specialty classes like Assassins.

After stretching my google powers I found this blog with interesting information on how to run a Skryim/Elder Scrolls type OSR game

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