Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 8 - Blog hop challenge

First set of polyhedral dice you owned and do you still have them? HUH! K this is making me think.  I'm trying to figure time line here.  Did I get "dragonstrike" game first or did I get the AD&D books first? I"m thinking I got dragonstrike or dragons quest first, both of which came with a set of polyhedral dice, of course I have most of those still.  These were the original colors, the orange D20, the blue d8's, d12 was yellow.  etc   The other set I have that's quite old is the original set of really light blue ones that came with kotb.  I actually painted over them really horrible, dark green with gold lettering.  I think I may still have a d4 of those.  (Must take picture).  The other sets I have are clear ones (which I like and are very lucky, I always roll 20's! hahahah, which explains the last TPK I had running kotb).  I also have some weirdo dark green ones with red writing that are super hard to read.  and some grey ones with red writing.  And my brand new set i got for xmas which are green with white writing super easy to read.  I'll take pics and add them to this tonight.  lol

<<<< New set from Christmas.

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