Sunday, March 16, 2014

Writing for LL & other musings

Well I did a little adventure called the Caverns Of Ugard - and I got 156 views and +17's , which must mean that people liked it, or atleast read it.  Which makes me think that its do able to put out little short adventures like this.  And apparently LL- B/X is the way to go!  The caverns of Ugard, only took me about a half hour or so (on lunch).  So as of monday , I think I will print off LL (and probably mutant future as well).  I'll save my bucks to grab a hard copy of LL eventually.

Speaking of mutant future, I rolled up a character a little while ago, and man did I get excited about it.  I just did 3D6 in order, which is quite a lot of fun actually!  My head is spinning with a sandbox idea for it, but I think a quick play test of a short adventure with my group, might be a better start to see if they actually like it.  I tend to think to big half the time, which isn't good.  That being said, I was over at wizard dawn, and the adventure creators and destroyed city creators are quite handy, so I may eventually do something like that.  If you haven't checked that site out, you should very handy -

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