Tuesday, January 2, 2018

I'm not a seer

Normally everyone does the look back to the previous year, and the looking forward to the New year around this time.  I wish I knew what is going to happen this year, but I really don't. 

I am looking forward to more adventuring with our Fifth Edition group, it seems we will always be  playing once a month, every four weeks.  Unfortunately I was unable to make the last 2 sessions, with holidays and stuff.  Apparently my thief is level 3 now! (Curiously we have played 3 sessions so far).  The interesting thing about the group, is that we are all really on the same page as far as gaming is concerned.  Which is a wonderful thing.  At some point I may end up DMing a game, in which case I'd really like to figure out a way to have a completely open hex crawl game for fifth.  That would require a stupid amount of work however.

I would like to find some time to work on my DM binder.  I've found a lot of wonderful tables this year that I want to add to it.  The players handbook like a fucking boss, "how to hex crawl" are among the top couple. 

Because of playing in Tomb Of Annihilation & Chult, I think I'm going to drop the idea of running Isle Of Dread with my old school players.  (they are very similar thematically)  My intention as it has been for awhile is to have a drop in game.  Basically a mega dungeon with lots going on.  Quite possibly it will be the Serial adventure.  That is the easiest way to not get upset as a GM.  A non prep game.

The return of the blue baron:  I'm still kicking this around in my head, there seems to be a LOT of interest, which is wonderful.  It is also a LOT of work. 

To Do List: 
Update my thief to level 3 for the 5e game
Work on a campaign setting for OSR
Try and release a free adventure once a month

Alright that's all I got this morning, today is my last day of vacation and then I'm back to the grind.  Going to spend the day listening to music and relaxing. 

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