Monday, January 8, 2018

Part Deux - Return Of The Blue Baron

Here's the community if you want to get in on it.

Should be fun! I have to talk to a few people about creating maps.  Shooting for 2 levels of craziness!

1. I think 2 dungeon levels would be fantastic
2. I'll create a google doc that we can work from to make it easier on myself to edit.
3. I'd like to stick to the Blueholme Rules (Prentice and or Journeymann)
4. I'm hoping I can find 2 maps to use for this.
5. This will be released on OBS for FREE. With an add for a product of yours in the back of the adventure.

In my infinite wisdom, last year I decided to do a collaborative dungeon project. I created a map and numbered it. It was a blind dungeon, where everyone picked a room and then emailed me. I put the whole thing together and put it out. The rule set was Blueholme (Which is a retro clone of the Holmes edition rules for D&D).

Here's the link to the dungeon

And here's where to find the rules:

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