Tuesday, January 23, 2018

It's all a learning experience

When I first started writing, I wrote ugard. Honestly it's terrible. Still is. I thought I did a not bad job with Lizardmen, got better at layout. But still learning. I felt like I did a good job of gardag (I still believe this is the best adventure I've written). Mad God's Jest had its moments, but all in all was as bad as ugard, a step back honestly. Which is why I took some time off. I got reignited working on the blue baron. Prior to that I released "troubling Events" which was a adventure culled from a few random tables, mostly a writing experiment to get myself out of a funk.

Currently I'm working on the serial dungeon and it's not really turning my crank right now. 

I just released version one of Dusty door, I will probably do an edit on it and put it out soonish. 

Eventually I keep thinking I'd like to go back and rewrite everything. Maybe figure out a way to tie all the adventures into a world. Write the world. Add some tables and things from my blog. 

Put it out as a compilation, pwyw pdf, and pod (where I make a bit). I don't want to be the guy that re sells something. So all the individual adventures would get new uploads. I would also add to the book so there's new content.

As far as layout goes, I'll have to figure a better way to present it. I dislike boxed text.... I might have to re read motbm. Although I know some people prefer older 1e looking adventures. I would rather not ape someone else's style though (in either case).

It's all a learning experience. 

I think id figure out a somewhat standard way of writing out monster stats that are compatible with most osr. More reading is required. 

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