Tuesday, March 17, 2020

There's nothing better than this

The parties chips are down, nothing looks good, the future is bleak, the party turns to the Cleric looking for some kinda of miracle....... What does the cleric pull from behind the folds of their robes? 

1.  An orb of light that explodes doing 4d6 damage to any nearby evil creatures.
2.  A teleportation spell
3.  A very large very angry giant,  completely under the control of the caster. 
4.  A mystical rabbit imbued with a charm spell, all evil will follow it down whatever rabbit hole it chooses. 
5.  A torrential rain storm that washes away anything that apposes the party. 
6.  A grand illusion (save at -8) 
7.  Sweet oblivion, the party has been transferred to whatever heaven they believe in to wait out their days in bliss.  (Roll 3d6 in order). 
8.  Gravity decides to take a much needed break. 
9.  Time has rewound, start the encounter from the top.  (tippy! yes tippy top!) 
10.  TIME OUT! Get the GM some snacks.  Roll +4 to any checks moving forward. 
11.  Flash bang! everyone is wearing kilts, they gain an extra 2d8 hit points and add +2 to all attack rolls. 
12.  Everyone gains 200 gold pieces, you are richer, but still slightly in trouble.  

With a wink the Cleric realizes that she/he has saved the party and all will hopefully be well (until these fools get us in another predicament!). 

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