Tuesday, May 25, 2021

On enjoying the campaign - let it go

Part of me thinks I should put a link to "let it go" here.  That's the silly music guy.

Anyways it's likely in your head.

I just finished up an incredible session of dungeon delving on the isle.   For once I'm not thinking about the next adventure I want to run, or the next rule set I want to try.  I'm just happy to be thinking about the current campaign setting, the players, what might happen next. 

There is a lot to explore on the isle, a lot I've  already thought of, a lot already written.  The place is huge! Every hex the players walk thru, there's new possibilities for adventure.  Not to mention the previous threads they are following up on.

Playing 2 hours a week really makes the whole thing spread out.  I'm honestly really good with it.  Just ride it out.  

While I do miss playing irl.   I like our when it works for everyone,  Monday night games.

It's just enough bandwidth for me, leaving room for other things.


I restarted my podcast, and did one episode.  I have realized in the last few months that I may have run out of ideas to talk about.  Partially because I'm not following the scene , and partially because im not seeking it out.  I may scrap it.

The blog will remain, but it will countine to be what it has become.  Rambly,  less focused, and infrequent. 

I guess I'm just happy playing games, and not talking about them as much nowadays.  Not sure if this is me, an over polarization of content,  the pandemic? Whatever the case, im having fun.


  1. That's one of the most important things. Would you say the game is immersive for you and the players?