Thursday, November 4, 2021

Troika! - ISMs (A sneak peak)

I have 2 projects currently on the go, which I've been trading off writing each.  The following are excerpts for the Troika! project.  


The Cottage of Bullwark the minotaur:  From a distance the cottage is quite noticeable.  It stands on the edge of ploughed fields and is double the size of any normal cottage.  The doors are eight feet tall.  Living here is Bullwark, a minotaur of grand renown.  In the past he was a great adventurer, now in his retirement years he tends to his wheat fields and flock of sheep. He has recently sold off most of his fleece and hay, and is living the good life of a job well done.  He can be found relaxing in a grandiose hammock behind his cottage.

Village Encounters

1)  Drunken disorderly soldier accosting a merchant for more pay.

2)  Thief trying to pawn a mysterious gem.

3)  A street brawl.

4)  Dog chasing a cat.

5)  Building on fire.

6)  Funeral procession.

7)  Merchant having trouble trying to load a cart.

8)  Magical duel.

9)  A lady being carried off by thugs.

10)  Town crier – rumour mill

11)  Preacher.

12)  Fortune teller.

13)  Traveling circus.

Forest Encounters 

Grove of the fore fathers:  4 wooden statues, busts of former leaders.  Fox, Mouse, Badger & Bear.  (Blessings can be receive here by paying one gold piece in an offering plate.  One plate below each statue).  Adds temp stamina and restores luck.

A few backgrounds

Foxian Ranger
You are the last of the famous redwood rangers.  Quick with a bow and arrow.  Your home is the forest, and you have a love for growing things. 
Skills:  Tracking 1, Trapper 1, Archery 2, Sneak 2, Climb 1. 
Possessions:  Bow, Camouflage Cloak 

Bear Brawler
You made a name for yourself wrestling, the reward was always a jar of fresh honey. 

Skills:  Strength 3, Weapon Fighting 2, Swim 1
Possessions:  Club, nice pillow for napping, jar of honey (a luck potion!).  

Raccoon Pilferer
If it’s shiny or smells good (or bad) you want it, usually by nefarious means. 

Skills:  Secret Signs 1, Traps 1, Sneak 1, Climb 1, Awareness 1, Locks 1, Slight of Hand 2, Acrobatics 1. 
Possessions:  Lucky dagger, lock picks, large sack. 


  1. Troika! What is this madness of what you speak?

    1. it's a game based on the fighting fantasy game books. Only d6s. It was the hayday of British RPGs. We've talked about this lol.