Tuesday, December 7, 2021

The start of a greyhawk campaign

 I just started a new 2nd edition campaign using the Blue greyhawk boxed set. I originally intended on running a 1st level adventure from the book. "tears at the orphanage" where the players need to go out a collect presents for orphans for an upcoming festival. The players totally blew holes in the adventure and didn't take bait Hahahah. I wrote up a few of the 30 artisans they were supposed to visit.

Gran mamier : makes snow globes. It takes 6 knocks before she answers the door. You can see her pulling back the curtains every knock, but disregards the outside. She eventually opens the door but is very skittish.

Brolach the baker : sweet treats for children. The shop is super busy and the PC's are asked to wait. It is suggested they have a sweet treat while they wait. The treats contain a hallucinogens and the PC's trip balls for a half hour.

Cobbler : makes wooden toys. The Oldman is desperately trying to move a large stump from the lane into his workshop. He refuses to give anything to the PC's unless they help him. He complains that the delivery men just left the stump, didn't even wait for a signature! He keeps trying to move it with all his might, but it won't budge.

Tailor : fancy hair accessories and wristbands. The tailor is hard of hearing and thinks the PC's are trying to rob him. He yells till the night watchmen show up.

Merchant : she can't remember agreeing to giving away presents to orphans. It may take some convincing but she will eventually give the PC's money to buy gifts, expecting change back.  She claims she has no time to do it herself. She will feed the PC's biscuits. 

I'll post a rundown of what has happened soon. It's been pretty hilarious. It's become a bit of an evil campaign. 

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